Will Good Nutrition Beat Any Supplement?

Clean or not clean, you have heard debates on both sides of this long-standing internet battle. Some of us don’t want to take anything that isn’t natural or an actual food. Others want to have a couple of aces up their sleeves, so to speak, and use supplements, along with the food that they already eat. I don’t want what I’m about to say to be taken the wrong way but so much of your success in exercising boils down to willpower. If you have started a fitness program and stopped, I’m not saying that you are weak, you just haven’t found the right system yet.

food or supps

People call out various supplements for being risky and getting recalled, while the same thing happens with food we eat. Sure, the supplement industry is under a ton of heat, currently but it doesn’t mean that every piece of food that you eat is safe. To be honest, I have gotten food poisoning three miserable times in my life. That being said, I have never been seriously ill at the hands of a supplement. Perhaps, I made smarter decisions and did my homework when it came to getting the latter, or maybe I was just lucky.

The debate between what is a clean workout program and what doesn’t meet those qualifications will always be a highly contested series of arguments. I would always put food first, above using supplements, for many reasons. For one, food is almost always going to be cheaper and you have a lot more options. Being seemingly endless, there will always be a food that you haven’t tried. I would also have to tip the scales in favor of food for sustenance because it is going to taste better. There is a big difference between being full and feeling full, one is healthy and normal and the other could end up damaging you permanently. Looking at the other side of the argument, supplements (only the best ones) will be far more effective than a cheeseburger.

I think that a healthy combination of food and supplements will keep anyone on the right sports nutrition track. When discussing the use of supplements, even though not as many as food would have, you will still notice that there are an astounding number of options. I recommend using D-Bal for immediate strength gains. Below is a video of a reviewer who actually takes the time to tell you WHY it works, instead of just trying to talk about how strong he is and wasting time.

Aerial Yoga Bringing New Flexibility

If you are a fan of the singer Pink, you’ve likely see one of her amazing concerts. Why am I speaking about this amazing musician, on a website that is supposed to be about fitness? One aspect of her amazing live performances is flying across the audience, suspended by a sash-type material. It was only until I was looking at a new workout class that I wanted to attend that I learned what she was doing, a form of aerial yoga. Picturing this form of yoga, you might imagine people flying all around the air, miles above the ground. While it is easy to picture something insane, the roots of aerial yoga will have you more grounded than you think. With aerial yoga, you still get the well-known perks of yoga including: stress relief, increased mobility, and much more! As someone who gets uneasy climbing a step ladder, I’m not sure I am the best candidate to try out aerial yoga but from hearing about it from my friends, it sounds like a cool experience.

You will have to check your local fitness spots to see if they offer any aerial yoga and provided you aren’t shaken up my lifting off the ground, you will most likely love it. Unlike Pink, you won’t be flying around, hundreds of feet in the air but you may feel like the superstar, once you are risen up a few feet, just don’t start singing! The biggest help that you will receive from aerial yoga is almost in the name, gravity takes care of most the effort. If you’ve seen any recent infomercials, there are plenty of products that use suspension as a way to relive body pain. For those that don’t want to spend the better part of an hour doing those same old stretches you’ve seen in every yoga class, the inclusion of being aerial does add quite a twist to this age old from of exercise. One aspect of aerial yoga that I truly enjoy is that it allows beginners to quickly advance their knowledge. Being suspended in the air allows you to move more freely, without the limitations of having the ground directly below you. These classes will have you upside down here and there so be sure that you eat lightly before attending a class. The last thing that you want to do is yoga on a full stomach, I’ve made that mistake before and I had to leave the class early. I really expect to see more aerial yoga classes starting to appear, all across the country.

in the air It’s important to realize that aerial yoga is still something that is newer but that doesn’t seem to have any of their classes being empty. I live in more a smaller town but in the large city that I live by and frequently visit, I see billboards for these classes all of the time. One friend that has done the aerial yoga loves it so much that she continues to go to her class every single week and she leads a busy life, if that tells you how essential some are finding this experience to be. Don’t sit and wait around at ground level, if you want to hop on to one of those yoga ropes, it seems like classes are filling up by the minute.

Amputee Sets Record, What’s Your Excuse Again?

We all know the heroes that we often hear so much about. Yes, they are fictional but they still carry a level of interest that keeps us all wanting to see their latest movie or comic book adventure. However, in Illinois there is a man that I would definitely call a superhero, he might not have a cape but he doesn’t need one. The superhero that we are talking about wasn’t born on another planet, he has no arch enemy but he still inspiring millions to take the right steps in life. For most men, the bad energy that comes with receiving word that you have been diagnosed with cancer is the start of the finish line. I would imagine that it would be hard not to feel completely hopeless, in the face of such a devastating illness.

Brad Vinyard had to hear those painful words that no person should ever want to hear, that they have cancer. While some would take the doctor’s words as a death sentence, this is where Brad knew he needed to fight back. Dedicating himself to weightlifting, not only did Vinyard beat the cancer but he would also go on to set weightlifting records. Now, while setting a record in the sport of weightlifting is certainly no small accomplishment, something made Vinyard’s path there that much tougher, he only has one leg. If you are under the mindset that having one leg eliminates the quality of life that you have, you might need to have a talk with Brad Vinyard, his has done things that we all wish we could do, never letting a disability hold him back.

There is no arguing that Brad Vinyard is a fighter, while he may practice the good word, he has won battles that would break most men. Not one to take his story and not use it to inspire others, Vinyard also speaks around his home state. If you haven’t heard about this man before, his story is one that does require a thorough reading of. Speaking of reading, Vinyard has also made into a book called Superheroes Are Everywhere. Learning about everything that Brad Vinyard has had to endure, in order to live the life that he has now was a journey that was filled with roadblocks. Writing this out, I do need to say that I have spent the better part of last week in a mental fog. Do you ever just have those weeks were things feel so out of place, even though nothing has changed? I have lived this way quite a few times and reading the story of Brad Vinyard has snapped me out of it, as you read this. I hope that maybe this post helps you too, someone in life always has it tougher than you do, it’s important to keep that in mind when something doesn’t go your way. Of course, I wouldn’t go giving Brad any special treatment, he is getting along much better than a lot of people I know, he is a true inspiration. If you want to know more about Brad, I highly suggest that you give his book a read, it is great for the entire family. Nothing is wrong with watching every Batman and Superman film but it is also good to be grounded and realize that people all around us are doing some amazing things.

Why Starving Yourself Isn’t that Great

It seems like an easy trap to fall into, if you stay busy enough, you can just not eat and be fine, which is totally wrong. I get it, we are all busy people and sometimes sitting down for a meal is just not in the cards. I’m not one to preach about anything, as I am one of the worst people, when it comes to scheduling my meals. My problem comes down to focus, when I am working on something, it is almost like I can’t rest until I know the project is done. Being that I am naturally on the hyper side, I tend to develop a lot of projects that need to be worked on, throughout the day. Sure, I will never miss a dinner but sometimes lunch and breakfast are meals that I have to admit I skip. I’ll be sure that I quit making those past mistakes, after reading about just how bad starving yourself can be. I want to note real quick that I am talking about occasional missing of meals, if you have a condition that is worse than this, please consider talking to someone and getting help.

stop starving

Anorexia can be a really dangerous disease to have but it can always be beaten! Back to the task at hand, when you do not eat those all important meals, your brain can suffer from lack of fuel. Like you wouldn’t get into a car and drive to work on an empty tank, you shouldn’t be starting your day out in a state of nutritional deficiency! Have you ever been aware of feeling like you were in a fog on days that you skipped some meals? It wasn’t just your brain playing tricks on you, not having enough food can keep you in a state that is less than what it would be, had you been properly fueled. For anyone that spends their time building up muscles, not eating can actually eat away your muscles, not just fat.

I’ve ran into so many different weightlifters that thought the perfect way to lose fat, since they weren’t doing any cardio, was to eat less, big mistake. When you choose to not eat, as opposed to eating a small portion of something healthy, you are jeopardizing your health, slowly but surely. What happens when you decide that you don’t want to eat breakfast is that vital nutrients that your body wants, they don’t end up getting. When the body revolts against this is through keeping you not on the top of your game, it’s a trade type of situation where no one wins. I know that after finding out just how bad it is, I won’t be missing out on any important meals, with only the sound of a growling stomach to keep me comfort. In a situation where you aren’t eating, there isn’t anything bad with keeping your favorite foods around, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your habits. Sometimes, having your favorite meal nearby could be the only way that you are going to eat that breakfast. Take some time to find out what foods you really love over the rest and get to eating them so that you stay healthy. Just make sure that you aren’t resorting to constantly skipping out on meals, as this can lead to bigger issues down the line.

New Supplement Released to Help Video Game Players

Being someone who enjoys both video games and working out, I was a little stunned to see news of a new supplement that was made to help gamers. The landscape of how the masses view gaming has changed dramatically, over the years. I remember a time where it wasn’t cool to let other people know that you knew anything about video games, let alone being good at them and playing them all of the time. Nowadays, video games have become big business and there are many more players who are welcoming this new avenue of entertainment into their lives. You know that I never try to do half the work, when it comes to anything, so why should video games not be put on that list.

I’m sure that for weightlifting purists, they will likely roll their eyes at hearing about this new supplement but I think that it is poised to do very well. I do remember that, years earlier, Gamma Labs had tried to offer their own preworkout supplement as something that gamers could use to get the win but there has never been, as far as I know, a preworkout of sorts that has been made specifically for anyone that plays video games. For most of those of us like me, who really only play video games as a personal hobby, you could still find some value in using CFX to get past that boss that is tying up your game. I have to imagine that the CFX is going to be primarily used for gamers who are competing professionally and win these levels as their job. When money is on the table, I can definitely understand a gamer wanting to use the CFX so that he can place higher in a tournament. What this new supplement is made of is going to be components that help you to become a better video gamer, let me explain how that can happen with the right ingredients. No one lifting a controller is going to need to waste their time and money on building bigger muscles, it’s an unnecessary element that will offer gamers any extra incentive to use CFX but it does have what people that play these games will need.

As any person who plays video games knows, you have to get your vision in order, as seeing is a big part in being great at these games but it goes deeper than that. Some of the professional gamers of the world are in that position because of their natural reflexes. People seem to think that becoming a professional gamer is all about practice, which I think is a big part of it but you can’t deny that there has to be some natural talent to really rise up to the elite status that some of these gamers have earned in their industry. You can have split-second reflexes and still need a little more to get you to the world of super gaming and for that you need more energy. Luckily, CFX has the tired game player in mind, from dashing all of those enemies, across multiple levels. I, for one, welcome a gaming supplement to the world, as I think that this could really help those of us who are game inclined to become masters of the controller.

Reasons You Should Have More Milk in a Diet

While it might not be the drink of choice for most of us, milk should be a very important piece of your food plan. I hear you saying that milk is high in calories and fats, how could it possibly help me achieve a better body? Milk is a beverage that is full of calories, this is true but looking closer at what makes up this dairy product, you will begin to see why milk is a better choice for you, than you have previously thought it was. The main reason why I love drinking as much milk as my stomach can handle is, in part, due to it being a great way to gain weight. People who say that are sick of being scrawny are likely consuming large quantities of soda, when the answer is right in front of them.

I enjoy a great cola as much as the next person but if you don’t want to be small, ditch the soda for a big glass of milk. When compared to soda, both drinks will be high in calories but milk adds protein and fat, whereas soda only adds carbs and sugars. If you don’t like the taste of regular white milk, there are many various syrups and powders you can use to make the drink taste more like something you want to have. You know about the chocolate and strawberry flavors but there are some more wild ones that I’ve seen, including: banana, cotton candy, and even blueberry! Regardless of what flavor you choose to have, what should be taking place is that you are drinking milk, in one form or another. Besides being a great way to get extra calories and an excellent source of protein, milk also contains many different vitamins.

One that I’ve heard many arguments over is Vitamin D. It almost seems like the entire public opinion has shifted, from once loving this vitamin to it now being seen as something of a troubling ingredient. I would hate to talk up a vitamin that is being studied so closely right now, so I will instead mention some other vitamins in milk that you should be getting the right amount of. Naturally, it makes sense that milk is usually recommend at a top way to get bigger. You have likely heard for years that milk will do nothing but make you fat, of course, this isn’t entirely true. To say that any food or drink will make you fat is kind of a nonsensical thing to say, anything can fatten you up, provided that you have enough of it. If you want to limit your intake of milk, that is entirely possible to do. A great thing about milk is that you won’t need to drink glass after glass to reap the benefits that it will give you, one serving does pack quite a powerful vitamin and nutrient punch! Whether you prefer as part of a shake, to help get down the taste of milk, or, if you prefer to have it straight up in a glass, either option will be great to make use of. One thing that I would suggest to those who are wanting milk but can’t stomach drinking it would be to make a milk cake. I’ve only had this delicacy once before, so I have no clue how to make it. Perhaps, the cooks that are reading this can whip up a nice little recipe. I wanted to bring up the milk cake because it tastes amazing and can be an easy way to sneak some beneficial milk into your diet.


Picking A Box for the Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life

If you don’t know much about them, the subscription box has taken off like wildfire. At first, I only remember seeing these monthly boxes of goodies being catered to the nerdy crowd, of which I proudly consider myself. Now, there are boxes and crates loaded with monthly goodies for just about every subject you could think of and probably some none of us could imagine. While I could spend all day talking about the different kinds of subscription boxes, I want to get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the fitness themed boxes, that is what we are here for, after all. With that in mind, I’ve picked my personal three favorite boxes for you to have a look at. I chose the three picks below mainly due to the quality of the products, pricing, and different options that were being offered. Women, stick around as I have selected a special box for all of you below.
1st pick – Jacked Pack
One drawback of most of the subscription boxes out there would be the price. Sure, there are many different subscription services that offer their customers goodies at a reasonable price but many have me wondering if I want to pay that price every month, not the Jacked Pack, as it is very well priced. You’ll only have to spend about $15, in order to get 5-10 samples, provided by some very big named supplement companies. It’s important to note that all supplements will be sample sized, usually good enough for one or two servings. However, you are allowed to select which flavors of supplements you prefer, which is great, plus you also get to tell them what your fitness goals are. By knowing your goals, you won’t be getting supplements that don’t help you but products that are tailored to your goals.
2nd Pick – Strength Crate
If you have more of a budget to work with, you could want to go with the Strength Crate. While this box does carry a larger monthly price tag, you also get more with this crate. The first crate starts out at $59.95. The first crate that we mentioned had everything to do with supplements, the strength crate does offer a wider variety of products for you, not just limited to supplements. In one example crate that a friend of mine got, there was some really nice merchandise within it. You’ll have to forgive but not knowing much about Crossfit, some of the items were a mystery to me.
3rd – Barbella Box
As promised, for the women there is the Barbella Box. Loaded with monthly items that are only made for women to use, this gives all fitness-minded females awesome stuff delivered straight to them each month. What I really liked was that there were certain options made to where you could know the contents of your box, before receiving it. The biggest complaint that I see with certain subscription box companies is getting bad product or stuff that you don’t want. With the system put in place by the Barbella Box, you shouldn’t have to worry about what you’re going to get and if it will be good! Women all across the country don’t need to keep scrounging around, hoping to find something for them in stores, when you can use the Barbella Box and get cool stuff delivered right to your front door.

Understanding What Niacin Truly Does

By now, niacin is certainly leading the way for many canned items that you will see at your local gas station. What isn’t as well known is that this mysterious niacin ingredient is actually a form of a B vitamin. For anyone who assumes that vitamins aren’t strong enough to fully get you ready to start the day, think again! What you should know is that you can get too much of this energy booster, it’s always important to know when you could be heading for disaster. There are many benefits that niacin is responsible for, while a vast majority of people don’t even realize how much healthier this vitamin is making them. For anyone who might want to ensure that their brain is in good shape, niacin provides increased mental clarity. I prefer sometimes using video games, as a form of improving my hand to eye coordination. There are even games that you can play now that help with only improving your brain, many of the popular ones can be found on mobile phone application stores.

Niacin can be found in a vast array of assorted food and drink products. While niacin can help you become more energized, you won’t want to end up taking too much of it. One bad side effect that can come with using pre workouts is that you get both itchy and tingly, some look to these symptoms as signs a product is effective, while others hate those feelings. You should get some small degree of comfort from knowing that not everyone using niacin will feel tingling and itchy. The last thing that you want anyone to think of you, while in the gym, is that you are someone who is bouncing off of the walls while scratching your neck. It is likely instead of the next best lifter, you’ll appear more like Tyrone from Chappelle’s show. It is nearly impossible to fight off such urges to want to scratch at phantom itches that come up quickly, you need a good brand of niacin to use to avoid all of that.

feelings when you have niacin

Tyrone can lift anything!

What I would advise you to do is to look for a niacin supplement that is time-released, you don’t want a full dosage of niacin to rush into your body. In other cases, it is perfectly acceptable to need a supplement that is going to hit the body at a fast rate. You could be shocked to learn that vitamin B3 is just another name for niacin. You can put down those energy shots, as you can get actual vitamin B3 from many foods. It is always wise to take a close look at what you are eating daily right now, this way you can ensure that adding more vitamin b3 into your regimen will be safe for you. The last thing that you want to do is end up getting way more niacin that what is required for proper daily functioning.

Most of the capsules that contain niacin will be completely vegetarian safe but it is important to double check your labels, always take heed that you are not going to compromise your own personal beliefs, all in the name of being energized. Be aware that another effect of too much niacin will be headaches, sometimes ranging from slightly troublesome that can lead to full on migraines. Provided you watch what you’re doing, you are likely to gain the ability to tackle tasks with niacin.

Symprove is Destined to Take Over

It isn’t often that I speak about supplements for your skin but I figured that I can make an exception here. I’m not talking about those jars of skin cream that you likely have all over your bathroom counter. Neither am I talking about any sort of capsules that are promoted to being The best thing since sliced bread. Taking its foundation more from science and studies than it does from catchy gimmicks, Symprove is really starting to make waves in the fitness community. Primarily made for helping with stomach discomfort, this new supplement has been shown to take leaps and bounds over helping your symptoms. The wonders of Symprove don’t just end with helping your stomach feel better, there are also findings that show the supplement could have a wide array of benefits for its users.

For most supplements, we usually measure their success related to what they can add onto you. With Symprove, it’s effectiveness is solely based on the bad ailments that this product can take away. If you’ve spent any time reading about this new supplement, you’ll be aware that there are really good viewpoints being shared, in regards to the effectiveness of Symprove.

Skin issues can affect anyone, to make matters worse, they are usually something that can be hidden, especially when they are on parts of you that are seen by the entire world every day. Probiotics are an ingredient that you most likely skipped over on your yogurt container but these forms of bacteria are actually good for you. What are usually see in probiotic supplements is that they are made to make digestion become much easier. Symprove has stepped up to the plate by including not just one, but four forms of bacteria and it’s ingredients, making it pack quite the probiotic punch. Many people have to bear the brunt of the blow of having stomach digestion problems.

It is hard for someone to find a good balance of eating the right foods and staying happy, when you throw digestive issues into the mix. I remember that I used to have an odd problem with being able to digest my food that left it coming up in the form of vomit. After having some unbearable mornings, where I would be having food come up that I had him last night, I knew something needed to be done. Ever since those fateful mornings where I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, I found probiotics and I have enjoyed being able to have normal mornings.

What If I Need other ways to heal myself?

If you find that you are a bit strapped for cash, I would still recommend just getting the probiotics from a container of yogurt. However, if you feel that you need to take your digestive problems to the next level and get them fixed, you could easily noticed that Symprove could improve your life. Especially as we have just all taking our Thanksgiving time to spend with our family and friends, having a good probiotic in your bag could make you feel extremely pleased. Having a supplement that will regulate, not just how you digest, but the way you mentally feel is truly a sight to behold. In the past, I have shrugged off probiotics as a fad that would soon pass. Now, I find that I cannot go a day without enjoying how much easier I am able to digest my food, thanks to wonderful probiotics.

Electrical Pulses Shown to Cut Fat

Do you remember watching the old videos and seeing men and women stand on those machines that looked like human buffers? With a long piece of stretchy rubber, it would rapidly move the person standing in the machine. Often drawing howling laughter, I could never wrap my mind around how a machine like this could really help someone actually lose weight! Currently, there is a new fad among us, which involves using electrical pulses to do the exercise for you. I’m someone that always has my guards up when I hear of actual exercise being performed in a process that is too simple to believe. In my mind, I’m of the mindset that if there is no pain there is rarely any gain. However, early reports on the electrical pulse machines and how they can be used to help people lose weight are quite revealing. What is even more astounding would be the figures behind how much benefit you can get from a muscle stimulation machine experience. You can likely imagine what one of these machines would look like, with the sticky adhesive pieces that you’ll need to place in certain areas, in order to really get your muscles moving. Also, you shouldn’t think of this like you would a sauna, where you could just have a 30 minute session every day. Being that this is a new innovation we are staying, experts are wanting to take it slow which is something that I really agree with. Here is where it gets really strange, the muscle stimulation machines are not like the ab belts of the past, an invention only designed to slim you down. Being that you are stimulating your muscles, just like you would with weightlifting, the end result is the same and you would create an anabolic environment internally.

What this innovation of science and fitness combined could hold for the future of us all is amazing to even consider. Gone could be the days of workout centers and lifting weights as we know it, what a scary thought that is! The use of these machines aren’t widespread quite yet and it still does carry a pretty hefty price tag to actually try one. I hope that soon I will get the chance to try one of these machines for myself and I will immediately let all of you know how it went. Much remains to be seen on the long term effects of these machines. When we begin to see some really good before and after pictures, I will be more onboard to actually give this a shot. What I am optimistic for is that there could be a potential revolution and how we attain true fitness!

We could be seeing the bygone days of weight machines, instead loading up buildings with these electrical pulse devices, looking like something more out of the Matrix than anything else. Could we soon be faced with a world full of people who are in perfect shape, just from sitting in some machine for thirty minutes, that remains to be seen. If you have seen how much it costs to use one of these electrical muscle machines, it would likely be far more cheaper to just sign up at your local gym. With the machine device being so new, I’m sure that the prices will drop eventually.

Review of Pre-Gro by iSatori

I’m so happy to be bringing you a new review of a pre-workout made by iSatori. Known as pre-gro, this supplement is primarily designed to be used before a work out. As far as I know, there are two flavors currently available for this product, one is mixed berry and the other is blue raspberry. I was able to try the mixed berry option and I’ll now present to you why I really thought of it. What nearly brought me to the floor, when I took my first drink of the pre-gro, was how close it had tasted to a certain red beverage that I had grown up with. I’m speaking of red cool-aid and I felt that the mixed berry pre-grow really seem to hit the nail on the head, as far as taste accuracy is concerned. Upon further mixing of the pre-gro, the supplement did seem to thicken up a bit in my cup which made the beverage less runny. When it comes down to energy, this one about knocked my socks off! I wasn’t sure if the quick hit of sudden energy would ever fully wear off, which it did in about four hours. The energy slowly tapered off, aligning perfectly so that I could still get to sleep that night.

The energy that I felt with pre-gro kicked in at about the 30-minute mark and didn’t let up for hours growafterwards, even after completing an intense bout of weightlifting! Talk about tunnel vision, as a testament to how potent this pre-workout is, I’ll tell you a quick story about what happened when I took it. When I was getting ready to start my work out I had felt like I could handle anything that was thrown at me. When I was doing some barbell rows, I felt so compelled to finish this lift that I had worked out through a song that normally I would’ve turned off right away. Although the previous sentence, may seem like a small perk to taking the supplement, I’m always checking what song is on so the fact that it was able to help me zoned out that much is heaping praise for pre-gro. Previously, I had never checked out many of the iSatori supplements and I now regret it because of how head over heels I am about pre-gro.

I’ve not gotten to check out the blue raspberry flavor yet but from what I’ve heard it is very delicious and I look forward to being able to try it soon. Apparently, it is said that the blue raspberry flavor tastes like a snowcone and I’m a big fan of those! One other item that I really want to brag on, as far as pre-grow is formulated, is that I had no crash after taking that supplement. After checking out the ingredient profile and seeing how much caffeine was in this supplement, I was nervous that I might end up calling it an early night but I was able to push on throughout the rest of my day, hours after my workout. I couldn’t quite decipher which berries were more apparent in the pre-grow product but the flavor was delicious. If you miss the days of having a nice glass of cool-aid, as an adult that isn’t always something happens very often, reach for a container of pre-gro. You won’t have a giant red man burst through your door but you may become bigger due to trying this supplement.