Will Good Nutrition Beat Any Supplement?

Clean or not clean, you have heard debates on both sides of this long-standing internet battle. Some of us don’t want to take anything that isn’t natural or an actual food. Others want to have a couple of aces up their sleeves, so to speak, and use supplements, along with the food that they already eat. I don’t want what I’m about to say to be taken the wrong way but so much of your success in exercising boils down to willpower. If you have started a fitness program and stopped, I’m not saying that you are weak, you just haven’t found the right system yet.

food or supps

People call out various supplements for being risky and getting recalled, while the same thing happens with food we eat. Sure, the supplement industry is under a ton of heat, currently but it doesn’t mean that every piece of food that you eat is safe. To be honest, I have gotten food poisoning three miserable times in my life. That being said, I have never been seriously ill at the hands of a supplement. Perhaps, I made smarter decisions and did my homework when it came to getting the latter, or maybe I was just lucky.

The debate between what is a clean workout program and what doesn’t meet those qualifications will always be a highly contested series of arguments. I would always put food first, above using supplements, for many reasons. For one, food is almost always going to be cheaper and you have a lot more options. Being seemingly endless, there will always be a food that you haven’t tried. I would also have to tip the scales in favor of food for sustenance because it is going to taste better. There is a big difference between being full and feeling full, one is healthy and normal and the other could end up damaging you permanently. Looking at the other side of the argument, supplements (only the best ones) will be far more effective than a cheeseburger.

I think that a healthy combination of food and supplements will keep anyone on the right sports nutrition track. When discussing the use of supplements, even though not as many as food would have, you will still notice that there are an astounding number of options. I recommend using D-Bal for immediate strength gains. Below is a video of a reviewer who actually takes the time to tell you WHY it works, instead of just trying to talk about how strong he is and wasting time.

Review of Pre-Gro by iSatori

I’m so happy to be bringing you a new review of a pre-workout made by iSatori. Known as pre-gro, this supplement is primarily designed to be used before a work out. As far as I know, there are two flavors currently available for this product, one is mixed berry and the other is blue raspberry. I was able to try the mixed berry option and I’ll now present to you why I really thought of it. What nearly brought me to the floor, when I took my first drink of the pre-gro, was how close it had tasted to a certain red beverage that I had grown up with. I’m speaking of red cool-aid and I felt that the mixed berry pre-grow really seem to hit the nail on the head, as far as taste accuracy is concerned. Upon further mixing of the pre-gro, the supplement did seem to thicken up a bit in my cup which made the beverage less runny. When it comes down to energy, this one about knocked my socks off! I wasn’t sure if the quick hit of sudden energy would ever fully wear off, which it did in about four hours. The energy slowly tapered off, aligning perfectly so that I could still get to sleep that night.

The energy that I felt with pre-gro kicked in at about the 30-minute mark and didn’t let up for hours growafterwards, even after completing an intense bout of weightlifting! Talk about tunnel vision, as a testament to how potent this pre-workout is, I’ll tell you a quick story about what happened when I took it. When I was getting ready to start my work out I had felt like I could handle anything that was thrown at me. When I was doing some barbell rows, I felt so compelled to finish this lift that I had worked out through a song that normally I would’ve turned off right away. Although the previous sentence, may seem like a small perk to taking the supplement, I’m always checking what song is on so the fact that it was able to help me zoned out that much is heaping praise for pre-gro. Previously, I had never checked out many of the iSatori supplements and I now regret it because of how head over heels I am about pre-gro.

I’ve not gotten to check out the blue raspberry flavor yet but from what I’ve heard it is very delicious and I look forward to being able to try it soon. Apparently, it is said that the blue raspberry flavor tastes like a snowcone and I’m a big fan of those! One other item that I really want to brag on, as far as pre-grow is formulated, is that I had no crash after taking that supplement. After checking out the ingredient profile and seeing how much caffeine was in this supplement, I was nervous that I might end up calling it an early night but I was able to push on throughout the rest of my day, hours after my workout. I couldn’t quite decipher which berries were more apparent in the pre-grow product but the flavor was delicious. If you miss the days of having a nice glass of cool-aid, as an adult that isn’t always something happens very often, reach for a container of pre-gro. You won’t have a giant red man burst through your door but you may become bigger due to trying this supplement.

Being Everyone’s Favorite Gym Goer!

So, you’ve just been asked to go to the gym with someone you know and are panicking. Follow these rules and everyone else that goes to that fitness center will be loving you in no time! I’ll often see how to spot someone get very confused. The key to being an effective spotter is that you’re helping the person and not doing all of the work for them. It can be very tough on anyone’s morale to not be able to push the way that they need to, but knowing where strength and balance lie and it is a big part of effectively creating new strength.

When it comes time to spot someone, place your hands around the weight so that you’re ready to take it from the other person, at a moment’s notice. However, you don’t want to push or pull the weight for the other person, giving them a false sense of strength. I’ve seen bad spotter backfire quickly, once they leave and the person has to put up the strength for themselves. Needless to say, it wouldn’t take long before you heard weights clanging around and someone was in a panic because they needed help getting a heavy barbell of their chest. If you’ve got someone you know who is putting up the weight that you’re not sure you will, alone, could accurately spot and recruit other gym members to help out.

Likely, many will understand the situation that you are in as no one wants to see any kind of serious injuries occur. Another rule that I wish more gym members would follow is this one, even if you’re not with anyone else, help those around you/ I know that I’ve had to ask for help, and few awkward situation, while most have been generous to help, I’ve also had a few look at me like a deer in headlights. Last time I checked, we’re all here to try and get bigger so I figure that we might as well help each other during the process. You always want to encourage every lift that your partner completes, it’s really great to help keep them motivated.

Also, it is likely that when it comes time for you to do your lifting, that somebody will be able to motivate you to go further than before. This next role sounds a little bit idiotic but you would be amazed at the people I’ve dealt with before, make a schedule that works for other gym goers. You won’t get too much done, when dealing with a person that can’t commit to meeting you at a set time and date.

I used to work out with someone who would constantly run late or not even show up, often doing both without so much as a courtesy phone call. It really aggravated me to be dealing with someone that could not keep up with such simple commitments, if you can’t follow a simple schedule and you really don’t want to commit to the other person. What will likely happen is that too many commitments will come up and it will likely end up causing some damage to a friendship that could’ve been avoided just by being honest with the other person. if you are a good gym goer, it will create more instances where other people follow the good example that you’ve set. It’s likely your buddy is really excited that you have chosen to go and exercise with them, so you should definitely be a supportive friend. Finally, be happy about making the gym trip with a friend, you don’t want to hurt their feelings but acting like they are putting you out by asking a simple favor.

Weight Training Can Make You Happier

Having had dark thoughts that have been a regrettable part of my past, I never thought I would find a happy life. It sounds a little over dramatic but for anyone who has depression, you know it seems like a battle that is extremely tough to win. I know that depression is going to come back, it will likely never fully leave my side but I now have systems to manage it. You name it and I likely tried it, just to make me feel happy but it was difficult to find something that consistently alleviated those dark feelings. What I had found was that the more I would go and workout, the happier my brain felt. I had to liken it to watching myself undergo a task and seeing myself complete it brought me joy. After I had got done setting out to lift what I wanted to, it was like telling my depression that it couldn’t keep me down.

Each morning that I awoke to go and exercise was another time that I shut down those depressing thoughts, before they could even enter my mind. In times where I had the least to do was when I often felt that depression kick in, the more I noticed it the less of a coincidence it seemed to be. If you are prone to depression, having a lot of time to yourself can be a double edged blade.

You’ll think that with absolutely no obligations that this is where you would find happiness. In my life, not having a task to complete or a goal to focus on would leave me bedridden, waiting for what was around the corner. It was during those darker times where I would be lying in bed, in the middle of the afternoon that I looked for what my story would become. When you do live with depressions, often your own thoughts will start to try and wedge their way in front of your goals. I remember many days where it felt like there was an invisible force keeping me away from enjoying the world. I never try to cater only one method of coping with and beating depression, this is only what I have had success with. I am not of the profession to be making medical recommendations that you should follow every word of.

Depression is a fickle beast, whatever helps you combat it is what you need to keep doing. Don’t take up lifting weights because you are sure it will end being depressed, only choose to start that up if it sounds like an interesting way to fill your time. I found solace in weightlifting because it kept me busy, brought new self-confidence, and led me to meet people who I have called friends and family for the larger part of the past decade. A good weightlifting routine will have you continually pushing yourself past your limits. If done properly, you should be able to lift heavier barbells, proving that you are rebuilding yourself, a big feat in its own right! I’ve had the pleasure of watching me transform into a man I never thought I could be. I went from avoiding every mirror I would pass to occasionally being caught checking my own reflection out, I’m not proud of it! If the depression you have comes from loneliness, working out can introduce you to new people and get you some attention from the gender you like!

Natural Ways to Increase Your Eating Rate

Wanting to provide some advice to chew on this weekend, here is how you can better release your inner hungry beast. You might have heard one of these techniques before but put your best foot forward and get ready to start eating like there’s no tomorrow. These three techniques that I’ll show you have been what has gotten me past the initial blockades that come with trying to eat more. I’ve been in those dark times and thinking that you can just change habits that have been formed for years instantly isn’t what I’m here for. I’m a big supporter of continual progression, after learning the importance it from exercising as long as I have been.

1. Working Out
I know some will think that I’m making it up, just to try and get you to start taking up exercising but it’s true. To help drive this point home, I’ll tell you about when I had only started exercising. I was never a guy who had a really good appetite. In the past, I would be your average eater, nothing past the usual three meals. It was like someone had flipped a switch because, after I took up weight training, my hunger skyrocketed. I remember that, for a brief amount of time, no one liked eating with me because of how long it took me to finish my plate. Stopping short of licking the plate clean, I never left any scrap bits.

2. Browsing images of your favorite foods
This sounds weird, but hear me out, go to the page of your favorite restaurant. It won’t matter if you are currently hungry or not, just spend a couple of minutes checking out the site. After seeing a few nice menu pictures, do you feel that your stomach is starting to growl? It has been proven that even seeing pictures of food, or smelling a favorite meal being cooked can stimulate new feelings of hunger. Chances are, if those food pictures are engaging your visual sense, other senses will pick up on this, stimulating hunger.

3. Eating earlier in the morning
earlyI’ve often shunned breakfast, until hearing from someone complaining about how hungry they always were. This was someone that I would sit by all day, I could practically prepare their meals for them, that’s how close we were. One fine day, I had to inquire how she was able to have an appetite. As any guy can attest to, you have to really choose your approach when asking a woman how they are eating so much!

Fortunately for me, I had built up quite the rapport up with this woman, she told me since she had begun eating hard boiled eggs in the morning, it felt like she would have to keep eating all day and couldn’t understand why. When you starve yourself, whether intentionally or not, the body has no new source of food so it starts going after anything in sight. If you’re a breakfast hater like I used to be, getting past the initial feeling of rejecting eating so early and it will go away on its own.

Summoning the hunger that we all need to get by should never be impossible. The mind is capable of amazing things when we focus all of our energy towards an achievement. If you take the techniques and apply them to your day, you will be clocking in more meals incredibly soon.

Coffee and Protein Are Being Paired Together

In the mornings, there isn’t any drink that I crave more than a hot cup of coffee. The fresh aroma, mixed with the caffeine and temperature of this classic drink wakes me up like none other. A legitimate gripe that my love for coffee has given me is that it kills my appetite. Unlike normal people, I don’t just stop at my one cup, in the morning hours. Instead, I will easily drink two to three cups, just to feel like I am able to start my day! Consuming large quantities of caffeine can leave you feeling restless, with no hunger in sight. Being that my love for caffeine can play a part in me being short on protein, it is one of many struggles I face, throughout a given day.

To me, an artificial protein source that is flavored to taste like coffee won’t cut it, I would be needing to get my caffeine in, as well. My letters to a supplement Santa have seemingly been answered, as a quick check of what’s new in the lifting word, I came across a hybrid coffee and protein supplement. Being that this is actual coffee, with protein blending in with it, you get a caffeinated morning, along with a good size serving of protein. Those big cups, heaping over the top with protein powder will usually have me feeling sluggish and ready for a nap. There is something about dense foods that have me needing to sit down, I’ve always been that way. Even though I would consider it to be in the earlier stages of development, there are no shortage of manufacturers willing to slap together a coffee, layered with protein. I even saw there a commercial on, during those nighttime channel surfing sessions, that showed that 5 Hour Energy is set to add protein to their already crazy popular mini-sized drinks.

Double check, in order to realize that you need a base of coffee, not all protein that is coffee flavored, otherwise you won’t have the added energizing bonus of a caffeinated supplement. Whether it be in ice cream, blended with milk and sugar, or just about any other way you could think of, I will always be a huge coffee fan. I’m now even able to cut out certain supplement, as what I need is already in most of the coffee proteins that are available. With the protein being caffeinated, you will need to avoid going over the limit, regarding how much caffeine you are able to handle.

As long as you aren’t scooping out drinks all day, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. If you feel that you are over-caffeinated, pour out your glass and fill it up with water. Scitec Nutrition knows what makes a great combination of protein and coffee, as their aptly named Protein Coffee meets and exceeds all of the marks. I’ve been curiously awaiting what it would be like to combine the caffeine goodness that my favorite cup of joe gives me, when blended so well with protein powder. Taking getting used to, at first, this new protein-filled java has got my blood pumping and is slowly replacing that old standby coffee tin, what can I say? Once you have found that you are adjusted to cold coffee, knowing that your muscles aren’t being starved is a good enough reason to deal with it and down that protein.

Should You Be Jumping More Rope?

Way back in the 80’s, Sylvester Stallone made a jump rope look really cool. You can picture that training vignettes where the Italian Stallion was training like a madman. Part of this training included busting out the good old fashioned rope. After binging these boxing classes, it got me to thinking, how useful is jumping rope, as part of a training regimen. Let’s learn together, as I bring to you the benefits of using a jump rope. Jumping rope is going to be perfect for anyone looking to add more cardio exercises into their routine. If you’ve never witnessed it, you get your work in by jumping repeatedly. I remember having to do some program in school, that required our entire gym class to have a big jump rope competition. Being that I was much skinnier back then, than I am now, I always enjoyed that special week.

If you were to stand two people, one using weights and the other using a jump rope, you would think that it would be safe to assume which one is straining themselves harder, however, looks can be deceiving. With the continued leaping you will be doing, it makes sense to think what toll this exercise is taking on your knees. Although it doesn’t appear so, jumping a rope is a very low-impact exercise for the legs, yet it still is awesome for burning off your caloric intake. As we all worry about how big our muscles are, we forget the main player in keeping us going, the heart.


Being a kind of command center, our hearts need to be exercised to stay in the best condition possible. While the heart is vital, when in our corner, when it isn’t getting treated in a good manner, it will let you know right away. If you are on board with trying some rearranging of your current sets, you’ll help to shock the body into adapting to this new event. Once you have learned how to properly jump rope (not something we all practiced), start out at a slower pace.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you aren’t able to keep that rope going for more than a minute, there is always time to improve and you will. I’ve found that the standard of what a jump rope is has changed, compared to what I grew up with. It’s news to me, but I’ve even seen metal jump ropes. To me, having something tossed around, while jumping in the air, seems like that is an accident waiting to happen. Wouldn’t you be upset if someone whipped a long metal rope into your eye, while you were walking to a juice stand? I rarely run into anyone using a jump rope while I’m visiting my fitness place that I go to, it’s as if the jump rope is from a by gone era.

I have to admit, within the confines of my own garage, I will still proudly jump rope. I don’t have to set aside an hour to get things going, like it would be if I hit the weights. While the rope I have, does collect dust from time to time, I still enjoy hopping up and down, just like my heart does! I’ll be insanely jealous of you if you learn that trick, where the rope goes from side to side, I’ve always found that exercise fascinating!


Reducing HDL and LDL Chloesterol Gradually Today

Recently, I had a big scare happen to me, when I found out that someone I cared for very much had low HDL cholesterol numbers. I had been under the assumption that lower cholesterol numbers were great, incorrect! As it turns out, the bad cholesterol, which is the LDL, is the kind that you want to keep an eye on, making sure it doesn’t get too high. However, there is a good type of cholesterol to be aware of and, as I’ve learned, you can end up needing to add more of it. Freaking out over the weekend, I started to learn about what can be done to raise that good cholesterol. If you are having this happen right now, you do have my utmost respect and sympathy. Seeing the side effects that can be caused by something that seems so treatable has been a grind, to say the least. I wanted to bring you the two main recommendations, when it comes down to getting those HDL numbers where they need to be.

The range for what is considered to be a good HDL number is anywhere from 45, into the thousands. Here are some foods that you implement into your week, all great for increasing your HDL (high-density lipoprotein). Fruits are great for many reasons but for anyone suffering with low HDL, select ones will get those levels back to where they need to be. Apples, namely, are loaded with good sugars and fibers, also. While being great for weightlifters, flax seed is another critical food to include into your diet, if you want to see those that HDL spring up and into action. Besides foods, exercise is usually recommended, to help lower the LDL in your system. The exercises that you do don’t have to be anything that is strenuous, you won’t have to start some ridiculous program that wears you out constantly. If you live in a decent neighborhood, open up that front door, and get to walking.

hdl and ldl comparsions

It is said that even a small investment of time in aerobic exercise, like starting out for only ten to fifteen minutes will help to get rid of LDL, and bring the better cholesterol into your body. Sadly, there isn’t just one fix-all that will eliminate all of that bad cholesterol, however, there are many options that, when done together, can bring your labs to more normal levels. Not wanting to forget some extra foods that you eat to re-align your cholesterol numbers, now we are getting into the meat of this topic. Sorry for the cheesy and lame pun, let’s cover the meats that you will want to implement, for those with not enough low-density lipoprotein. Fish is great for getting those omega 3 fatty acids, one of the best consumables you could find.

You can still go to the average supermarket and walk away with a nice selection of fish, without having to feel the pain of an empty wallet. If you are in a monetary pinch, check your frozen freezer section for any sales on fish. To me, frozen fish tastes great, just like it would if I were to have purchased it fresh. Although, you may choose to get frozen meats, the essential byproducts of lowering cholesterol will still be contained within the food. Don’t think that this kind of cholesterol issue is your fault, it isn’t. We all have our own battles to fight and this is one that I know you will win. Sure, it will come with some changes but those small inconveniences will be much better than suffering.

Crock Pot: Preferred Method of Bodybuilding Meal Prep

I have been wearing out my own slow cooker, not wanting to stand over a hot grill. The more manly men of us will love getting outdoors and feeling the heat of the warm sun on their necks, not me. Give me a cool air conditioned home with a cooker that I can turn on and leave alone. If you find that preparing a bodybuilder’s diet to be daunting, let me change your mind and show you just how easy eating for muscle can be when you use a crockpot.

One of the simpler to prepare meals would be a kind of spicy chicken meal that can do double duty, either as lunch or dinner. Only needing three ingredients, the preparation of this chicken dish won’t have to needing to write out a long list. Simply get some chicken (frozen or thawed, 2-4 lbs) and put it into your slow cooker. Along with the meat, pour in 2 containers of your favorite brand of picante sauce and add two cups of water. I will set my slow cooker to high and cook it for four to six hours, depending on how hungry I am. I drew an odd stare from my dinner guests, after the meal, when I answered a question of how simple the food was to prepare.

Chicken doesn’t have an extremely long shelf life, once in the refrigerator, you’ll want to consume this within two to three days. What I’ve found to pair well with the spiciness of this chicken dish is a nice chocolate dessert. Now, the strictest diet requirements of some will not make this a meal that can be had by anyone, it isn’t going to be a healthy choice, by any stretch of the imagination. However, this is great for getting in extra calories, as this crock pot chocolate cake will have you wanting seconds. There are more ingredients that you will need for this dessert but the sweet aroma that will linger throughout your home will more than make up for the ingredients list.

For this sweet treat, you’ll need to get cake and pudding mix and basically prepare them individually, before pouring into the slow cooker. As far as cooking times go, you won’t want to forget a bread dish, which is what this cake consists of. I prepare the cake on low for about 4 hours, with monitoring times where I get up and open the lid about every thirty minutes to an hour. If you are bored with bland meals, repeated endlessly, this dinner and dessert combo is a great way to knock some life into your meal planning. Men and women, this can also be used as a great way to impress a date, let them think that you are a master chef when it only took you minutes of preparation. The last meal is one that I hold very near and dear to my heart and not one that I give out easily.

For the last recipe, you will need a store bought ham, made ready to eat, brown sugar, water, and spices of your choosing. Throw that hefty ham in the crock pot, with the rubs and brown sugar on low for as long as your nose can stand it. Another simplified take that, with a slow cooker, can be done in hours while you sit and relax. I don’t lie when I tell those I know that my crock pot is the most used kitchen gadget in my home. You can’t beat the simplicity of being able to throw your food into a slow cooker and being able to go on about your business.

5 Gym Bag Must-Haves for Good Arrangements

Do you have a gym bag? If you say no, I am judging you. Having a bag to bring with you can make all of the difference in the world. Do you want to pay the high costs of needing to get a simple drink? I didn’t think so, best of all, these bags are easy to find. I would choose a bag with more durable straps, but that is just my opinion, they seem to make it easier for carrying around. If you do choose flimsier straps, the moment that your bag flies free and smashes on the floor, everyone will know it.

Being in a busy part of the subway, only to have sweats and supplement fly everywhere is agonizing. Getting a gym bag that is as strong as you, with think sturdy shoulder straps will keep all contents contained. If you are pickier than others, choosing to get a bag that has more compartments for carrying would serve you well. For those who have to customize every item of apparel that they come into contact with, there are an insane color and pattern choices for you to make. Women may want to get gym bags that are floral patterned and pink, while the men could pick a bag that is plain, with no girly patterns. Once you have said bag all empty and ready to be taken care of, here is what I would put into mine, as listed ahead.

1. Water Bottle -This is more of a safety tip but you should also have this in your bag because it’s just good for you. Don’t go cheap with the bottle/cup that you use. I have gotten deals on a cheaply-made shaker cup, only to have it leak in my bag, ruining all of my clothes.

2. An Extra Set of Clothes – What would happen, if you were needing to be somewhere, only to be stranded because you have nothing to dress up in? Bringing an extra shirt and pair of shorts can get you out of many tricky situations. Have you ever spilled a smoothie you got, after hopping into your car? Another scenario that you don’t want to run into is being stuck with only the stinky clothes you had from the previous outing. Especially if you are wanting to impress someone special while you are exercising, you can kiss that goodbye in clothes that are riddled with the smell of body odor. I will be told that I’m weird for wanting to have an extra change of clothes, it doesn’t bother me. I’d much rather be prepared in case of a spill, than sitting in stained workout wear.

3. Extra Set of Headphones – The earpiece, something that you will be left without, at the worst possible time. Fear not, get a cheap backup pair of headphones and you can ensure that you will never have to exercise in silence.

4. Deodorizer – Albeit, not the easy selection to make, as it doesn’t have much to do with your actual training, having a substance to keep your bag smelling fresh should always be a priority. Smells can take over your bag and their odor can linger into your car and house.

5. Extra Bag Straps – I’ve covered this one earlier but I need to stress how important that it is. Always carry another set of straps for your bag, if the old one goes, it could potentially ruin everything that is inside.

strapping solution

Smoothies that are Supposed to Energize

Traded out to lonely mall stands, the smoothie has been neglected for far too long. Maybe a beverage that fits into the girly, there is nothing wrong with anyone being able to enjoy a delicious and nutritious smoothie. I am an avid kitchen experimenter, here are some smoothies that I have enjoyed the most. One of the more versatile drink categories, you can load up a smoothie with everything but the kitchen sink. No matter whether you prefer fruits or vegetables, if you know how to use a straw, there is a smoothie with your name on it. If you are new to blending drinks in your own home, most household blenders have become affordable, once you have that, you are ready to rock.

Blueberry and Banana Energy Boost
Mix some blueberries, bananas, ice all together and let that machine run for about thirty seconds and you have heaven in a glass. Not just for taste, the mixture of healthy fruits will give you natural sugars, leaving you in a frenzy of energy and ready to take on what lies ahead of you. If you enjoy one fruit over the other, you can always adjust the ingredients to your liking.

Strawberry Orange Delight
If you like your beverages a bit thicker, you can easily add milk to the next smoothie of choice, without having a nasty aftertaste. Already welcomed by the world as a morning starter, you can’t go wrong with adding oranges to any smoothie you come across. Loaded with vitamin C, you can give the old immune system the care it requires, while having a drink that you will want seconds of! I toss in strawberries to add a flavor to the milk base, while cutting out the bitterness of the oranges.

Hulk Juice
This particular beverage was my own special creation. More of a dare than a treat, I came up with this because of how difficult it was for me to eat vegetables. I suppose that I never grew up because I can’t stand most vegetables, at an age that I’m too embarrassed to admit. Mixing spinach, celery, carrots, and apples for the sweetness, this smoothie is all about getting those leafy greens. Those with the tastebuds for it shouldn’t have to use any apples at all in this recipe, I just do to help with the vegetable taste.

Red Drink of Strength
Made from an old inside joke, while on vacation to Mexico, this drink will is great for another kick in the energy department. Load the blender up with the following: strawberries, apple slices, raspberries, and a tomato. I know it is gross but you need to get antioxidants and the tomato is full of them. Better yet, all of the sugars in this fruit blend will overpower the tanginess of a tomato.

When it comes time to choose a blender, you don’t have to have all of the bells and whistles. You can select a juicer, which is better for strictly making smoothies. I have chosen to get a blender in my home because I also enjoy making milkshakes as well. You can be as creative as you want with the smoothies of your choosing. A great way to sneak in the foods that we should all be eating, blending them into a drink just makes it much easier to get the vitamins and minerals that we can miss out on. No longer for the rich or health nuts, making smoothies in the home is a viable option.