Which Meal Plan Matches Your Sport?

No matter if you are someone who plays sports, merely for fun, or an experienced professional athlete, what you eat is what you fuel your body. As vastly different as one sport can be from another one, you have to make sure that you are following the right meal plan.

Let’s use football, for example, the defensive players will need a high amount of both protein and calories in their meal plans. Most defensive will want to gain as much weight as possible, provided that they can still run for a fair amount of time and don’t get winded easily. Things change a little bit when we look at the offensive line. Offensive players will do more running across the field, and will need to change their meals accordingly. Defensive players will want to mix protein and carbs in a way that they have enough energy to not burn off their muscle, but not eating so much that they gain fat and start getting slower.

You can start to figure out the base plan of what you need to take in, just by looking at popular athletes and their respective sports. Basketball players are almost always leaner than people in most other sports. Basketball players will not be tacking anyone (at least they shouldn’t be), and their diet will consist more of carbs and have less fats and protein. If you were under the impression that swimmers don’t need to eat very much to do well in their sport, take a look at Michael Phelps (pictured below).


If you haven’t heard about it yet, go and have a look at his diet while he was preparing for the Olympics. Phelps was on an infamous diet that consisted of around 10,000 calories a day! This is because swimming, while being one of the best exercises you can do, works so well because it burns a ton of calories. Throw in the fact that Phelps was competition at the highest level possible, and you can see why he needed the calories that he did! It is important to know that not everyone who consumes a mass amount of calories matches the image that might come to your mind. The image of some overweight person who has a food addiction cannot be more far from the truth. Due to the activity level that some athletic types can be under, they will always need a larger amount of calories, in order to maintain their shape versus the average person that really doesn’t exude the effort needed to burn off said calories. If we look at amateur wrestling, this is a sport where the wrestler will need to stay at a set weight level.


For this, you have to really take note of almost every calorie, especially before a match is set to happen. I actually knew someone that was a star in high school wrestling, he would actually wear hoodies in the summer if he needed to cut weight. Some of the methods that he used to make weight were more than a little bit extreme, so I can’t say that I want to mention too many of them, in case someone read this and wanted to try them. No matter what sport that you could be competing in, set yourself up for success by picking a meal routine that is matched up well for the sport that you choose.

The Debate on Sports Nutrition in Varsity Sporting Events

Growing up in a smaller town, our high school sports team was the main attraction throughout the year. Every week you could find our high school stadium packed, as it was the thing to do on a Friday night during the warmer months. Being that we were surrounded by many other small towns, the football scene was the most popular one of the whole year. You would commonly see everyone in their respective little town full of pride for their local team, not that there is anything wrong with that at all. I think that sports in school programs are great. I, personally learned so many lessons while practicing and in games that I could never have quite learned in a classroom. With the will to win that small town people have, as far as sports are concerned, has arisen an issue. The issue that I wanted to discuss was that of how much those students are pushed to succeed, and therefore might make the wrong choices to gain the approval and victory that they want.

This will to succeed is, for the most part, just wanting the players to all do well. For some players, this desire to want to see their team win and carry that glory and accomplishment that comes with victory may have them getting real serious about their training. In most cases, this will be nothing more harmful than a proud person wanting to get that edge over the competition. In other cases, this can lead to the students getting supplements made to help them play better. I can definitely remember seeing someone on the football team in my high school weightlifting class and I couldn’t believe how much he was lifting. The funny thing is, he wasn’t even that big of a guy!

So the question becomes, should supplements be such a hot topic issue among varsity sports players. One thing I think that should be mentioned is that most of these products are not to be used by anyone under the right age. Sadly, most of the athletes that would be using any of the supplements that are under such debate should even be using. If you look into those players who are of the proper age, I think that they should be allowed to use CERTAIN products, if they want to. I don’t see anything wrong with a quarterback taking something to give him some more energy before a game. If this was such a big deal, the same thing could be said for anyone going to the gas station and getting an energy drink.

Looking forward, I think that the main issue should be how people who are not of the right age are getting their hands on sports supplements to begin with! Something is going very wrong when younger people are using things that they have no business with to impress their local schoolmates. As anyone who has used a before workout product knows, it isn’t going to give you superhuman strength, or anything close to that. Mostly, these kinds of nutrition products give me a strong boost of energy that comes and goes in about 45 minutes. Sure, you might be a little bit stronger than normal and have more energy, but I would not consider anyone using these in a football or basketball game to be cheating.

Big Nutrition Changes Coming to the EU

In the United States, there seems to be steps being taken that lean towards increased regulations nearly all of the time. One big way that people were getting nutrition products that they wouldn’t normally get in America was to break the rules and get it through another country. Although it does happen, it is not something that I would advise that anyone go about doing, especially now. Usually, people would hop on their computer and get something from Europe. Well, it looks like that, for anyone who is brave enough to take those risks, that may soon be coming to an end. We have heard different things all across the board about the recent bad press that the nutrition world has endured. I would have thought that we world see changes elsewhere, but nevertheless, they have finally arrived in Europe.


Recently, there has been talk of getting around to increased regulations for Europe. Now, it looks like what is starting to take place is more than just talk. This does seem like something that could really start giving the average consumer more reliable information over what they are taking, but it does hurt a small group of people and that would be the store owners that sell these kinds of products. With these new laws going into effect, they really change the way that a supplement can be advertised. For example, certain products will have little to no regulation over what can be said about them. However, other products, like intra-workout products, will have to be highly restricted altogether about what can be said for them.

I think that these tighter regulations will be a good decision. Although, I do understand that some stores may have to adjust to this, for everyone else we start to get more truth. There have been so many different kinds of products that just do not do whatever they are saying that they claim to. From the odd before and after shots to the amount of weight you will lose within a week, it is easy to see why something had to be done. I also think that this is just the beginning of what will come as far as the changes to be made by Europe. Also, this could be just the start of other countries tightening up what will continue to happen in the supplement world. I look forward to us really being able to achieve total transparency for the world.

One reason that it is to be said that these regulations are occurring might not be the reason that you think. It turns out, that some are feeling that athletes being heavily injured could be a cause for concern. I would not think that this could be something that was such a main factor in these regulation increases. There have been so many cases of people suffering from long-term side effects that I was almost positive that this would be the main reasoning behind these decisions. No matter what might have been said to lead to the decisions that were made, I am happy that they have occurred. Hopefully this will be the year that the number of unnecessary hospitalizations and worse fates occur. If you want to find out more about what is going on be sure to check the website of your proper department to check what regulations are relative to where you live.

Why Women Are Worried to Workout

There has long been some information being handed out around the world that is just not accurate. My girlfriend has heard this information and it made her hesitant to want to start getting into shape. I didn’t know what to tell her. I knew that, whatever I said, I was going to be walking a pretty fine line. After looking around to see where this myth had started, I found out more and more about why she was so worried to start lifting weights.

What she said was that she had heard that if women lift weights, they will change their body far too much. She also mentioned that she was scared that she might lose some of her features. I had to let her know that this simply was not true. This would be like saying that all men that workout would start to turn into looking like pro bodybuilders within a very short time. I am sure that there would be a lot more men in the gym if this were true, but it is not. The same holds true when we discuss the female gender. The women that do look like bodybuilders only look this way because they have spent a long time putting in the hard work needed to create that appearance.

I have never seen any kind of case where a woman picks up a dumbbell and instantly turns into some sort of muscled up giant, it just does not happen. I think the problem would be that women usually concentrate on the results of working out. However, the results that they are looking for are the ones that pull up women who are at the height of the muscle that can be built in their body. Women, if you decide to workout I can assure you that you will not end up looking like a female bodybuilder by just lifting for a couple of weeks or months. What you will notice, though, is that you will lose fat and tone up. Toning up is something that happens when your fat is reduced and you are able to see more of the muscle that is underneath.

I could see how women can draw confusion between toning up and looking like you should be on the new cover of a bodybuilding magazine. The truth of the matter is that it will take you years and years before you when come close to looking like a female bodybuilder. Some women will get immense joy out of reading that last sentence, while others might be in need of those very goals. If you are wanting to get into bodybuilding as a female, there has never been a better time. Luckily, the fitness community has been very welcoming to having females compete for all kinds of big weightlifting titles in the world.

Again, I want any of my female readers to rest easy in knowing that it is perfectly fine to be lifting weights and that you will not change your body in the beginning. For the women who are wanting to get much more strong and reach their peak levels of physical fitness, it will take some time. However, this is something that even the guys have to accept and come to terms with. If you are looking for a specific kind of look that you want to obtain, check out some workout routines of someone famous that you like!