Tuna Cakes: A Great Bulking Snack

The name might not sound the most appealing, but if you give this meal a try, your muscles will be thanking you! Tuna is a bodybuilding superfood, there is no doubt about that. However, for someone who has been eating tuna for most of adult life, it gets a bit boring. I went ahead and bought some different spices and sauces to make this food more palatable but I would always find myself sick of it by the third helping. I am not even someone who started off hating tuna, like some will say. I have enjoyed this food for most of my life, let it be known that a bodybuilding diet will test just how much you really love a food. Eating something like chicken for dinner once a week is one thing but when you have to eat it 2-3 times a day, that favorite food could end up being a chore.

It’s time to break up the monotony of preparing another boring can of tuna with this recipe for tuna cakes, a great way to load up on protein throughout the day.

How I Personally Make this Meal:

Here is my take on this Tuna Cake Recipe, what you will need:

  • 2 cans of tuna
  • 2 eggs
  • Panko bread crumbs (1 cup)
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • Spices, various (I recommend a pinch of salt and pepper)

All you will need to do is mix all of the ingredients into a bowl. After that, make smaller sized patties, this recipe will probably make 4-6 good sized patties. From there, turn on your stove to medium and put those patties onto the pan, cooking for about four to five minutes, on each side. You should now have golden brown tuna cakes, congratulations!

Loaded with about 40 grams of protein, depending upon the size of the patties, you now have an easy to make snack that will bust down those daily protein limits. If you aren’t a big fan of tuna, which I wouldn’t blame you on, substitute that meat with another, like salmon or crab. Don’t expect this recipe to end up making you a fan of tuna, if you don’t like it right now, but it certainly will beat eating tuna out of a can! One way that I found to make these cakes easier to eat would be to add a dipping sauce. You don’t want to undo all of your hard work by picking something high in fat, like ranch. I would recommend using ketchup, if possible, as it is lower in calories and fat than most other dipping choices. If you do want to put a little less slack on your sauce choices, try Miracle Whip or tartar sauce.

There you have it, a quick way to prepare a protein-packed snack that will kick those cravings to the curb. As long as you pack some mints with you, there should be no problems with this snack that is loaded with the good kind of nutrition that an exercise enthusiast will love. The only drawback to this recipe is getting out that old and rusty can opener, think of it as a pre-meal workout! The next time that you are struggling to eat enough calories to effectively meet the requirements that you have to have, reach for a tuna cake. This food is quick to prepare, great for daily food cravings, and is very good for you!

Could Barcoding Lead to New Findings?

Scientists have been working hard on telling us what exactly is in the foods and supplements that we ingest. Normally, these barcodes were used to track food. The very thought of tracking food could sound kind of weird but there are important reasons that this would need to be done. For one, food is a product that makes companies money. The food made by these manufacturers is how their business turns a profit, so it makes sense why tracking of said product would be so widely used. However, it is getting to the point where we can not only track where food goes but also what is in it.

The latter part of what food tracking can be used for has some companies in upheaval. Even some consumers are giving a resounding no to this idea. As you look at some drawbacks to this technology, I can see why some are against this kind of tracking. First, the DNA barcoding system isn’t just a thing that you can peel off, like you would a sticker on your favorite fruit. Tests have determined that the barcoded food could be tracked, even after it was used to be only a base component of a mixed food product. As an example, this would be like putting a tracker into an apple and still being able to track it, after it had left another plant as an ingredient within a frozen apple pie! I personally think that we all we hear about contamination stories, we have all most likely ingested worse than a DNA tracker. I still think that certain groups of people will be up in arms over having edible tracking devices in their food.

Why there are opponents of this safety measure

I am still learning about all of this but I can’t imagine that they would stay in the system. I have to imagine that any kind of DNA barcode would pass through the system, as naturally as the food would. On a positive note, this could also bring about the end of supplement companies lying to the public about either: what is in their product or what their product can REALLY do for the user. There is still not enough concrete evidence to be able to tell what the final verdict on these tracking devices will be. It would definitely have a huge impact on both the food and supplement industry, it is just a matter of getting everyone to agree with making these changes actually happen. Personally, I wouldn’t mind worrying about consuming something made to track food, if it meant that I could know what I was getting. I have been fooled numerous times, especially when getting supplements, that I feel some liability should be of importance. This technology, in my opinion, will be about as big of a shock to me as those laser-etched codes on fruit and vegetables. We live in a world where we can go to one building and buy all of the food that we need, from sources all over the world.

Come on, is a little tracker really worth getting so upset over? Be thankful for all of the privileges that we have in the modern world, if we have our food changed a little bit, it isn’t the end of the world. If we take into consideration all of the conveniences we have, at this current point in time, dealing with a little change will not hurt anyone.

A Simple Shake to Make You Tip the Scale

One of the easiest ways to get as much nutrition as you can, would consist of a shake. First, drinks are an easier way to get the macros met that you need to, without have to prepare a meal. Being someone who is challenged, when it comes to cooking, it also helps me to avoid messing up cooking an actual meal. I have never been a great cook and preparing meals in the kitchen has always brought about difficulties. I like making shakes because they are easier to make and take less time, another important issue. I don’t do well when I have different things to be cooked at once and am infamous for burning one thing, while the other sits undercooked. Let’s just say that my family certainly doesn’t call my phone to prepare any big holiday meals!

mass gaining homemade shake

Being that I don’t have a great track record and will never be a chef, I love whipping up these shakes when I am in a bind. For starters, grab a jug of protein powder, this will be a key ingredient into these shakes bulking you up. There are countless options, if you choose to go about getting the powder online or you can even attain some in a store, whichever you prefer. As for flavor options, go with what you know that you like. If you have never drank a protein drink but know that you are buying chocolate ice cream, choose the chocolate flavor. Some are turned away from buying these powders because they are worried about the taste. Normally, this would be a big deal but when you mix them within these shakes, they will taste awesome, no matter what! As far as blenders go, you don’t have to break the budget to get one. I would just recommend picking up a cheaper model, as long you have the basic buttons, you should be in good shape. You will also want to get some fruits, whether from frozen or fresh, is your choice. Everyone will have different tastes, so I wanted to put a foundation in place. By following this, you can feel free to substitute whichever fruits, juices, and proteins that you would like.

How Do You Make it?

Here is an example recipe, that you can adjust at your choosing:

12 ounces of your preferred juice flavor (Example: Orange juice)

½ cup of yogurt (any is good, Greek is preferred but can be pricier)

2 scoops of protein powder (Example: Double Chocolate)

1 heaping scoop of peanut butter is always good

If we aren’t being strict on our diet and you REALLY want to bulk it on up, throw in a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream!

This is just a guideline to follow, the beauty of recipes is that you can change them to your taste. If you want to get everything organic, go for it! If you aren’t as obsessed with tracking every calorie, grab what is on sale. The crucial thing that has got to happen is that you stop reading and start doing. Mix up one of these shakes, even if you don’t like it first time, make some adjustments and fine tune that bad boy. While not being the most ideal shake for gaining every pound that you can, it is simple enough to do two things that we avoid by not cooking all of the time. First, this shake won’t have you scrambling to the store with a huge list. Also, you won’t have to spend an extra ten minutes just getting everything into the blender.

How Strength Training Can Improve Lives of Diabetics

Being diabetic can be tough work. For one, you have to constantly monitor your blood sugar. Also, getting used to getting shots will become a thing of the past because you administer your own, on a daily basis! Dealing with eating certain foods and the amounts that you have portion out can be a lot of work. Symptoms of being diabetic are well known by the people that have this disease, but there is some hope, as a new study shows. As it turns out, there is something to be done that can help manage everything that comes with being diabetic and that is weightlifting. Having the right levels of blood sugar is the main issue that those with diabetes suffer from. The old way of managing these levels was to draw your own blood and get more insulin into it. The amount of glucose that is taken throughout the body has got to be closely monitored, to ensure that the diabetic person keeps their levels in check.

When you are lifting weights, levels of glucose and insulin start to stabilize and stay where they need to be. Weight gain, not the good kind, is something that diabetics can have happen to them. It is sad when this happens because, most of the time, this gained weight comes on suddenly, even if eating habits stay the same. A byproduct of doing something where you are going to sweat, like exercising, can cause people to shed body fat. This rapid sort of weight loss that comes from being new to exercising can really clear up the majority of diabetic symptoms. Not being a complete cure for this disease, it is good to know that it improves quality of life, generally speaking. I remember, when I first started exercising, the rate at which fat would drop off of my frame. I was never anyone who started out being obese but I was a little bit pudgy and it showed, when I looked at my face.

I had puffy cheeks that had always been bothersome to me, it made me looked like I weighed more than I really did. I was so excited to see my face finally start to thin out. As some weight that can be retained could be primarily made up of water, sweating can help to reduce water bloat, like what can happen with anyone who suffers from diabetes. Having a family member who is diabetic, I know the toll that it can take on your daily life. You can also be at a higher risk for other, more serious diseases from being diabetic for a long amount of time. This plays into another reason why you should be picking up a weight, lifting weights is known as a way to reduce those other diseases that can come from being a diabetic. I have heard from people that eating too much candy can bring about diabetes, I don’t think that this is the only factor.

Changing your eating habits becomes easier once you have a reason to do it. To see that your body shows off all of the effort that you have put into it, this is a great reason to watch your intake of sweets. I used to want to eat candy all of the time, until I started hitting the gym. The funny thing was that it wasn’t even that hard to change my eating habits, it just kind of came with the territory of living in a better way.