What Benefits Does Kettlebell Training Offer?

Looking like something out of an old-time bodybuilding book, the kettlebell is one of the most underrated ways to really feel the burn. Sure, they look like what an old cartoon villain might use to the old fashioned hero but get the preconceived notions out of your head and you might find a new way to strength train. Why we see so many shy away from proper kettlebell training, as part of ones lifting regimen is because of a big misunderstanding. I’ll speak from my perspective, I never even thought of using a kettlebell because I didn’t know how to. I mean, I can look at this device and see how to hold it but from there, I never really knew how to perform the actual kettlebell exercises.

kettlebell pair

Beyond that, I was far too experienced of a lifter, in my own mind, to ever ask someone around me for their knowledge. I wished that I didn’t have that attitude and would just learn that it is normal to ask someone for help, a mistake that had me missing out on using a kettlebell for years. I thought that using something like a kettlebell was so overwhelmingly confusing that I would never see myself sticking to using it regularly. Another point that I made to myself was that some of the exercises I would see people use the kettlebell for looked downright painful. Later on, I realized there was really no pain associated with lifting with kettlebells, another irrational fear that I had created for myself. Core training is one of the most essential types of strength to have, it is sad how many of us don’t utilize it in our own training.

More than just a hype train!

I used to think that training your core was some silly gimmick made to sell magazines, I was wrong about that. Not just for the elite, core training is a type of muscle groups that, when targeted, can reap benefits for almost every other muscle that you train. If you are one of the macho men that rule out training with a kettlebell as too “out there” for you, you really are missing out on a fun change in pace to the same old mundane workout. Versatility keeps folks coming back for more of the type of training that is old school, while still offering so many different movements to carry out. A drawback of traditional weightlifting with using a barbell is that it is hard to move around. I have lost track of the times that I would have to bend down and take all of the weight off of a big and bulky dumbbell, only to end up bumping into a wall or machine, how embarrassing! With a kettlebell, it is still heavy enough to where it takes a bit of elbow grease and sweat to move it but you don’t feel as tied down, like you would with a long barbell.

The next time that you are perusing a sporting goods store, in desperate need of something to reignite your love for training, check out a kettlebell. Take the time needed to learn how to do some of the exercises that are specially made for this underrated piece of workout equipment, you will be happy that you did. There are some great books that detail all of the ways that you mix up different kettlebell methods, to get the most of this classic way of training that has been building champions for decades.

What is Up with All of the Recalls?

I have been spending a lot of time talking about, and trying to defend the world of supplements. Lately, it seems like something is being removed or is in finding itself in hot water. I have to wonder what is going on with this, I have been lifting weights for about ten years. I rarely remember hearing so many news reports condemning supplements and what they have done to people, what has changed from that point until this most recent year? Rising almost exponentially, more reports come in, with a recent report claiming that it lowers blood pressure to dangerously low numbers, especially when old people get a hold of the recalled products.

I keep hoping that we will see change happen but I am starting to lose hope. I want to see things go back to the way that they were about ten years ago. It is sad when I am scared to try as much new stuff, certainly not without doing my proper research on it. I also don’t enjoy feeling worried right after I try a new pre workout, fearing that I might be having an adverse reaction to another in a long line of mystery blends.

The FDA continues to bring about new regulations on business and I am ready for them to really get started on supplements, there has got to be measure of safety enacted that prevents the fearful stories we keep tell all of you. There has to be voices heard to stand up and say you can not get away with sneaking ingredients that are shady into your supplements. I don’t care if it takes me longer to lift weights, I would rather be safe than have to fear that I could end up throwing up or something gross. I also fear that too and I don’t believe that this fear is going to fully go away until I know that we have eliminated all or most of the shady products, it has to be tough to keep them all from popping up.

What really struck a chord with most of us was when some big name supplement companies start to draw the ire of the public. After that, we all became scared to fully invest our trust within the big name brands out there. After the major companies started to follow suit and take better precautions to show the public what they were doing, we all thought that it was safe. The mom and pop manufacturers were where a new challenge began to emerge, as they were being able to hide under a smaller brand.

Now, it is almost as if supplements were in the Wild West days again where it tough to find a proper law figure to strike down the hammer on the companies. The future does looks bright, as the FDA is bringing in more regulations to businesses like these that operate under practices that are causing dangers to the public, regardless of who is doing it. It is far too hard to pinpoint one business, this way the public can completely rest safe.  I miss the more boring days where it was hard to even find recent news about supplements, where you felt like you were in your own special little club. Nowadays, people are turning their nose up at people like us, who enjoy taking what we do to get results that others dream of. However, we continue to keep our head up.

Herbalife Grows Regardless of Claims

Herbalife is one of the most popular supplement brands out there, at the moment. This slow but steady rise to the top was not always something that would’ve been seen for this company. I remember some people going business-to-business trying to sell things from a catalog that had all kinds of Herbalife products in it. I didn’t take the bait, at first, and wondered what would become of this brand. I hadn’t heard anything about this company for a little while, until recently when I began to see a new supplement store pop up in my hometown. The store seemed different than other supplement stores, it was one that made smoothies ready to drink at their location. I noticed that they didn’t have a lot of products but most everything there was something that you could get on the go.

It took me a couple minutes to put two and two together but when I did I realized that this was a Herbalife store. Mostly, I had heard of them doing orders online or through catalogs and then never seen an actual store for this business before. As it turns out, Herbalife may be onto something as there has been another store pop up about 10 miles away from the first store that I talked about. The two stores, as far as I know, seem to be relatively successful. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not others who are so supportive of Herbalife. Questions were raised recently weather Herbalife was all it says it is when someone had accused it of being a scam. The future doesn’t look as bleak as you might think for Herbalife, as shares are actually starting to increase for the company. I believe this is due to more of the physical locations, as this is a big step forward for the company.

My Thoughts after trying their meal replacement

My wife had actually bought some of the supplements before and I had a chance to try them. I wasn’t really blown away by anything but I did like the protein powder. I have no idea what the prices were so I can’t really say if it was a good deal or not but being that my wife likes to hide things regarding finances from me, I’m not surprised. As Herbalife continues to grow, while facing such harsh allegations, the future for them still looks good. As years go by, we will be able to get a more accurate picture over how Herbalife plans to hold their own in a market filled with other supplement companies. I can’t speak for everything that they have but I really enjoyed the cookies and cream meal replacement shakes. I’m still not sold on them being my favorite supplement company, far from it, but I am curious to see what the future of Herbalife will be.

I think that if they can beat the allegations against them and continue to build more stores, they could really have a foothold in the supplement world. As more people continue to try out the increasingly large line of Herbalife products, we will have a better idea of the overall satisfaction of the people. I think that if you are a supplement company how people perceive your brand is one of the most important things that you can work on. Where do you stand on the issue of Herbalife, currently?

Oregon Football Players Know How to Eat Right

When I played high school football, I thought we had it made. With an awesome weight room and a nice little practice field, me and my fellow football players felt like champions. However, that was quite a few years ago and after reading about Oregon’s amazing collegiate eating program, I think we were ripped off all those years ago. Recently, Oregon faced a problem concerning which players are needed for which positions. As you know, offensive players are usually much smaller than their defensive counterparts. Needing to bulk up the offensive players fast, the state had a few tricks up their sleeve for how to get this accomplished.

Oregon knew something had to be done and they got into the budget to do it, with a huge sum of money at their disposal, they started an amazing program for their athletes. Looking like something out of a movie stars plan to look good for a new superhero role, the team had nutritionists to help keep the players on a meal plan. Also, at their disposal, was a group of cooks whose job it was to prepare meals for the players. If you had asked any of the players, I’m sure the consensus would be that this program is working well. The first players that I would ask would be the offensive players that I spoke about earlier who needed to become defensive players, due to conflicting player plans.

eat this way

This might as well be Oregon’s new meal plan!

As it turns out, these offensive players had no problem at all with being able to bulk up to meet the defensive requirements. Back when I played football, this is not something that was so easily done. We had no budget for food outside of our own money and certainly no nutritionist to help create meal plans tailored to our bodies. I do have to say that I love their current mentality, when it comes to their meal regimens. Their plan is simply to eat and this is one reason why I think simple plans always work best because their easiest to remember. People who are looking to have that body that they dream about would do well to take this advice, do like the Oregon team does and just eat. You don’t have to bust your belly every time you go sit down for a meal but come up with a plan and increase the amount of food that you eat gradually.

I promise you, the small improvements that are made to increase gradually will end up working out for you. Timing your meals and setting them to a schedule is another great component to any successful diet plan. By planning out your meals and setting alarm timers to them, you will condition yourself to follow this diet with complete accuracy. Back in the day, some low-budget pizza party would be as close as we could get to our school paying for our food, needing to grow a team of football players. I think that a lot of other schools had the same sort of plan in place as well, it looks as if Oregon’s is something seen as a revolution for its players. With so many people looking to have donations in place for uniforms and field maintenance, maybe we should be putting that money into some sort of meal budget for our players!