Could Pickle Juice End Muscle Cramps?

Don’t be sour, we are only speaking about a connection between pickles and cramping, achy and sore muscles. I am someone who had their first pickle at 28, if you can believe that! I can’t believe that I was missing out on such a tasty and healthy food this whole time. As someone who likes doing research (as you can probably tell by now), I wanted to learn more about what kinds of pickle flavors were out there. It was during this hunt, I found some mini bottles of pickle juice, said to be some kind of instant relief for muscle cramps. Looking further into this cure, there were even pickle flavored ice pops that were offering that same relief. Recently, my father was very ill and became dehydrated.

Thankfully, he is doing well now but, when the sickness got bad, his legs and fingers would violently cramp up. I believe that, due to the lack of water he was drinking, his muscles did not have what they needed to function properly. He has always loved drinking pickle juice and tried some to help alleviate what had become a scary symptom of his illness. One big bonus to using pickle juice to treat muscle cramps is not having to worry about extra calories and sugars, as pickle juice is usually calorie free.

pickles in bowl

As I have recently learned, the juice of pickles is high in electrolytes, essential for giving your entire body ready to stay moving. Certain brands will even contain higher amounts of electrolytes than many of the big sports drinks you will find. I have seen the mini bottles of pickle juice available online, although I wonder if it would just be cheaper to buy a big jar pf pickles and save the juice. If you are someone who suffers from muscle cramps, having a big jar of pickles nearby could get rid of that pain quickly. Before all of the information was released about pickle juice being such a sought after option for protection from aches and pains, I had another use for this wonder drink. Suffering from headaches, that often will progress into migraines, you know that I have tried many different home remedies.

Whereas most of these remedies couldn’t do too much to touch my headache, pour out the juice from some pickles that were in my fridge knocked out the pain in about ten minutes. If I hadn’t known better, I would have falsely assumed that this craze of pickle juice was all a bunch of hype. You aren’t just reading about one man’s discovery that pickles are great for anyone who is always on the go, science backs up these claims. It has been shown, in many different studies, that pickle brine is great for a remedy from sore and aching muscles, often resulting in painful cramps. If you are like I was for most of my life and have never tried a pickle before, be warned, it could be an acquired taste. One thing is for certain, you have got to be prepared that you will not be drinking a sugary sweet type beverage. If you do reach for a pickle flavored beverage to cure your cramps, be ready for a salty and sour tasting product that is best when drank quickly. You don’t have to be under the weather to enjoy this sort of treat, it will carry the most value for long-distance runners and hikers but can be used by just about anyone.

Being Vegan and Still Meeting Requirements

Even if you are avoiding eating any kind of meat, that doesn’t mean that you won’t gain as much muscle as the carnivores. I am not a vegan, personally, but I do know many folks that are, and I am all for it. Truthfully, I have seen some of my vegan friends working out at a pace that I can barely keep up with. The old sayings that you have to eat meat to be anywhere close to being a good weightlifter are full of you know what. Looking into the eating habits of a vegan, your selection will be limited. One aspect where the vegans of the world gain ground over the meat eaters is that their food choices will be safer. I love meat as much as the next person but we carnivores have to agree, meat isn’t always the food that is best for you. I honestly wish that I could go back in time and become a vegan but I know that I am too far gone. I simply enjoy eating meat, even though it isn’t the smartest option for my long-term health. Although the food selection, among vegans, is somewhat limited, there are plenty of foods to utilize in growing muscle and keeping your body in working condition.

First, we have lentils. I had not tried a lentil until I was already an adult and I wished I had started eating them sooner. Don’t be fooled by their smaller size, this food packs a nutritious punch and is amazing for any weightlifter to try. Loaded with both protein and fiber, you can easily down some lentils after a workout to ensure that your muscles are eating right. One big drawback that I get from people who don’t want to be vegan is that they would miss out on their all-important milk fix. This attitude against not wanting to make a change was all well and good decades ago, but let’s get with the times and learn about an awesome vegan option, where you can still enjoy milk. Soy milk is what I would suggest trying, loaded with the same nutrients that any aspiring exerciser needs, the vegans have a great option to get some faux dairy.

I had known someone who was lactose intolerant and would later become vegan, this person showed me what I was missing out on, by not incorporating soy milk into my diet. If you still need more convincing that you have to consume meat to get truly large, look at some of the leading vegan bodybuilders out there. Whether they be huge international superstars or some local bodybuilders vying for their big break, you don’t have to look far to get that vegan doesn’t have to mean small. If you are thinking about starting a vegan lifestyle, you can still combine those new choices with the same old workout program that you have been using. Maybe my parents were right when they always preached about the importance of vegetables. Even after trying to blend a little more vegetables on my dinner plate, I have lost about 10 pounds of fat. I have always heard about people talking about eating healthier and feeling better and I never thought that could be true. It could be the weight that I have lost but I do have to say that vegetables are really making me feel much better and more energized. Who knows, perhaps one day I could see myself becoming vegan?

Certain Nature Valley Bars Have Been Recalled

Hey, it’s me again with another update on a recall that is going on that I needed to tell you about. There are a couple of varieties of Nature Valley bars that are currently being recalled due to possible Listeria being contained within them. This is a type of recall where the manufacturers are doing everything possible to fill in the public on this so that we can all be safe. I have been a big fan of the Nature Valley bars for quite some time and know that these recalls aren’t the best thing but they do happen. Don’t give up on the company itself because of something that was most likely out of their control. As far as I know, this recall is only affecting certain flavors of the Simply Nut and Protein chewy line.

Don’t Let a recall sour you, try these other flavors

If I hear any additional information about other kinds of bars being recalled, I will post it here for you. After all of the recall speculation dies down, I wanted to present some information about the bar flavors that I like, as you might end up enjoying them too! I will often grab some of the oat and honey variety of these bars, as you can get a variety pack for pretty cheap and they taste awesome. Nature Valley even offers a sweet and spicy chili bar, I am not quite adventurous enough to give those a shot. If you have had the chance to try the sweet and spicy chili granola bar, let me know how that tastes.

I know that a recent trend of chocolate being added to peppers has become popular but I don’t have the guts to combine sweet and hot, it’s just not a taste that I would be into. Adding to that, they are loaded with fiber and protein, which are two essential ingredients that anyone who cares about nutrition should be getting enough of throughout the day. Don’t let one story like this one, sour you from trying anything from this company. I have been purchasing these nutrition bars from the store, since around ten years ago and have never had so much as a single problem after I have eaten them. I also know that any company who puts the recall information out there, to be on the safe side, that this is a company that you can trust and stand behind.

I have heard it mentioned that the Clif bars have also been under a similar type of recall. I would have to say that the same is true of the Clif bars, as well as the Nature Valley bars, both companies make delicious and healthy options for those of us who need that on the go type of nutrition. I have seen some people go about making their own granola bars at home but this seems too tricky for me to attempt, I am just not that good of a cook.

yummy granola

I’m not as good as the pros!

I had actually tried making these bars in the past and I failed miserably at it. It was funny because the final results of my homemade granola bars looked like something out of a science fiction film, like an alien!  Let’s all put the pitchforks down and let these companies get this recall resolved and we can all go back to enjoying those delicious and nutritious treats before we know it!

Will Good Nutrition Beat Any Supplement?

Clean or not clean, you have heard debates on both sides of this long-standing internet battle. Some of us don’t want to take anything that isn’t natural or an actual food. Others want to have a couple of aces up their sleeves, so to speak, and use supplements, along with the food that they already eat. I don’t want what I’m about to say to be taken the wrong way but so much of your success in exercising boils down to willpower. If you have started a fitness program and stopped, I’m not saying that you are weak, you just haven’t found the right system yet.

food or supps

People call out various supplements for being risky and getting recalled, while the same thing happens with food we eat. Sure, the supplement industry is under a ton of heat, currently but it doesn’t mean that every piece of food that you eat is safe. To be honest, I have gotten food poisoning three miserable times in my life. That being said, I have never been seriously ill at the hands of a supplement. Perhaps, I made smarter decisions and did my homework when it came to getting the latter, or maybe I was just lucky.

The debate between what is a clean workout program and what doesn’t meet those qualifications will always be a highly contested series of arguments. I would always put food first, above using supplements, for many reasons. For one, food is almost always going to be cheaper and you have a lot more options. Being seemingly endless, there will always be a food that you haven’t tried. I would also have to tip the scales in favor of food for sustenance because it is going to taste better. There is a big difference between being full and feeling full, one is healthy and normal and the other could end up damaging you permanently. Looking at the other side of the argument, supplements (only the best ones) will be far more effective than a cheeseburger.

I think that a healthy combination of food and supplements will keep anyone on the right sports nutrition track. When discussing the use of supplements, even though not as many as food would have, you will still notice that there are an astounding number of options. I recommend using D-Bal for immediate strength gains. Below is a video of a reviewer who actually takes the time to tell you WHY it works, instead of just trying to talk about how strong he is and wasting time.