New Food Management Apps I’ve Been Using

Even though, talk of various fitness apps have been spoken of, don’t you agree that there are always new apps for better lbschanges being made? It is crazy to remind myself that, not even ten years ago, a cell phone played no real part in exercise. I can recall seeing signs hanging up, wherever I would go that wouldn’t even allow cell phones to be on your person, while around equipment. Fast forward to today, where the cellular phone is now the king of how we live our life. From checking your emails, texting, you name it and there is probably an app made for any purpose. We don’t want to know about every app ever made throughout the history of time, we want to know what will be true aids in your corner.

The first app I have to mention is called Buddy, well that is how it is pronounced anyway. To be more proper, the Bvddy app will help you to get you a friend, woo hoo! Not really my cup of tea but I could see the usefulness of this application, matching you with like-minded fitness enthusiasts. I can remember times where I had wished for this app, while I was lifting on an odd schedule, with no one around to spot me. What makes this app unique is that matches are based on different criteria. For example, wouldn’t it be awkward to meet up with another person, but neither of you even do the same exercises. Matching up a bicyclist to train with a 20+ year weightlifting veteran is a situation where those two probably wouldn’t have a lot in common. Flipping things around, if you match up two runners, you already have a major hobby locked down. Even going as far as to match based on workout experience levels, the company behind Buddy should be seeing a larger following. Use this app to get partnered up with a person who knows that they concentrate on their diet, no risk of going out for fast food.

Next, is an app that offers a transformative approach, being called Couch to 5k. As you can guess, the concept behind this app is to turn anyone from a couch potato to being able to compete in a 5k run. Not primarily running, I have only just now started to use this program and it is great at being able to work with any fitness level. I hate when trying to run different running applications, only to be feeling like I was being silently judged. Remember developers, sometimes beginner really does mean that one could be just first beginning to attempt a way of fitness because of downloading your app. I really have a greater sense of what I am capable of, when I am provided with the kind of detail that Couch to 5k has. Integrated are impressive trackers, a big plus of this app is that works with all levels of familiarity with this hobby. Over the course of time that I have spent with this program, it does start to seem like you have your own personal trainer. Goals are attainable and I never feel like I am being pushed too hard or having it all be too light, just the perfect blend of variety for me. Keeping your diet in check can also start to be accomplished with this app, which you know I am all about.

With these awesome programs, you shouldn’t be in short supply of interesting updates to implement to your next update. Be on the lookout for more notifications on how innovations continue to give us the joy of easier (almost effortless) management of all the activities that we do.



No, You Don’t Have A Fast Metabolism

Having been under the impression that I had an easy way out, I was a long-time proponent of someone that thought he was being sabotaged. As it turns out, many others think that they have a metabolism that is too fast for them to gain weight. While a small percentage of human beings have fast metabolisms, all the rest of us have to deal with a normal metabolism and a forgetful mind. I mention forgetfulness because it is the number one reason why aspiring weightlifters aren’t packing on the pounds. If I asked you to recall to me, every food and beverage that you consumed over the course of yesterday, you would probably have a difficult time reciting that information back to me. There is an old saying that talk about doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome, as being the root of insanity. It is important to remember that meals will have to reflect upon your new lifestyle choices. When needing excess calories, try making an awesome shake that will add around 1,400 extra calories. Best of all, just supplementing this shake as a breakfast will add a hefty amount of fats and carbs to your morning. By choosing to gulp down a specialized shake early in the day, you set yourself up for victory because you now have extra nutrition to carry you through. If your stomach can handle it, try blending a shake to consume more than once per day. Here is the recipe for a mass gainer shake that is cost-effective and easy to make:

4 tablespoons of peanut butter
2 scoops of whey protein
1 scoop, vanilla ice cream
1 cup of rolled oats
2 cups of milk

You are going to need a blender for this shake, as the consistency will be very thick. When speaking about how the finished product, I do need to say that this shake will not be like the ones you would purchase at an ice cream shop. The taste is good enough to drink but the mixture will be hard to chug down, at first. You are going to need to summon willpower to get down to the last drop of this drink, not because it has an unpleasant taste but how dense and full you will feel.

scalefile002As a last ditch effort, if you have problems with textures of drinks, try freezing the contents of this shake to make an edible treat. No matter how you choose to consume these ingredients, you will have a base of five of the highest calories foods, necessities for gaining weight. I left a couple of ingredients a bit vague but that is only because there is a lot of room for experimentation with this shake. For example, you can choose whichever flavor of protein powder and ice cream you would like to. If I am feeling sick of vanilla, I can switch it up and get chocolate or strawberry flavors to shake up how I gain the weight that I need to.

Versatility is how you adjust to having to meet new requirements. What makes this shake great for needing to gain fat is that you can adjust flavors. Grab the ingredients needed, load up the blender, and drink your way to slowing down a fast metabolism. To all beginners trying this shake, it is not a race, you should sip slowly as not to irritate your stomach from such a heavy meal.

Newer Composition Scales Tracking Body Fat Indexes

Wow, technology has really helped to cause some major eases of life! I remember having to watch an old red line and an analog set of numbers, now it seems like that they have thought of everything. I had seen word of scales that were futuristic coming out for release, I was positive that it would take decades before I ever was able to buy such crazy technology. I was on Amazon and when I saw how cheap scales were going for, I had to reconsider not grabbing one right away. The problem that I have with the scales of yesteryear are that, while providing an accurate measure of how much you weigh, they leave out crucial details.

If you are taking the scales word for the truth, you are going to be missing out on other important measurements that need to be taken. Going by weight, as your sole indication of how your body is responding to exercise and diet is a broken system that won’t get you too far. Using body mass index is another measurement but don’t use this system if you are a weightlifter, or have a lot of muscle on your person, it will recognize you as overweight or, even obese! A good indicator of how well or poorly your fitness efforts are being used would be body fat percentages. Just a short while ago, you would have had to get some funky looking mechanism to read how much body fat you had, now they are putting the technology seamlessly into these newer weight scales. I welcome the addition of such cool findings when I go to weigh myself.

The more that I have learned about the right ways to gain weight, the less I have found myself heading into the bathroom to get on that old scale, it is starting to not be able to serve a purpose for me. Yes, I do like to see how bulks are going by weighing myself but when it comes to trying to drop some blubber, old scales don’t work the same way for me. I can’t wait to try and order up one of these newer models of weight information technology and see how my body fat measurements fluctuate. By knowing more than I did with older scales, it would make life much easier to see new layers of detail that weren’t there before. What else I have been blown away by is how scales can now track your weigh ins, on a basis that you choose.

Don’t obsess over a couple of pounds.

I could see this spelling disaster for those who are tempted to keep weighing themselves all of the time, those folks will need to take it one day at a time. However, if you can keep the times per day that you are weighing yourself under control, the tracking capabilities are an informative touch. This isn’t the norm but I have also viewed scales that can tell you how much water you have in your body, notifying you of where your own percentages lie. The person who has the most information about how themselves will be the ones that can change up their routine on the fly, without it meaning that they will have setbacks to worry about. Most every scale that I was pulling up was going for a fair price, another great bonus to owning one of these. I had a tough time managing to see one or two of these weight measuring devices that went over fifty dollars, I’m not exaggerating about that. If you have a spare thirty dollars and want to have a new digital coach for your weight management, go and check out what the new school of scales are all about.

Influential Fitness Names that are True Greats

Sifting through all of the dirt that gets dug up on the famous stars, it is a welcome change of pace to hear a more positive side to life. I want to bring that to you with some big time names that have performed some monumental tasks, all in the name of charity. These great and nice people should be a reminder to all of us as to what is truly important in life. With all of the wild things that are happening right now, we could all use a bit of their spirit.

I wanted to make sure that the three names you are about to see aren’t ones that you would expect. I tried my best to highlight the people that I thought would fit this little list perfectly.

Dolph Lundgren

Not only does he possess an extremely high IQ, he also has a massive amount of kindness in his heart. Known for hosting various big time charity events for various causes, he is a great example of the fit people still having time to take out of their day for causes that have a different degree of personal importance.

John Cena

Cena has been a big figure in promoting just how kind the world can be. Almost since the beginning of his career, Cena has become someone that the younger generation looks up to. I don’t know how he does it but John Cena has fulfilled more Make a Wish requests than any other prominent figure. If the previous example isn’t an example of an awesome guy, I don’t know what is! With over 500 wishes granted for those in the program, I can’t say enough good words about this man, what an inspiration. True story, about ten years me and a few buddies were eating at a restaurant in Oklahoma and John Cena was a table or two down from us. My friend had to make a run over and get his autograph and said that Cena was super nice and friendly, even while eating, I couldn’t say the same for me in that situation.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone is an icon in the world of film, with a legendary physique, as can both be seen by watching any of his blockbuster films. Stallone is a frequent contributor to many charities and has also auctioned off movie memorabilia of his, with the proceeds going to charities. If these giant names can take time to provide help to others that could be less fortunate, shouldn’t we all try and do the same?