Crock Pot: Preferred Method of Bodybuilding Meal Prep

I have been wearing out my own slow cooker, not wanting to stand over a hot grill. The more manly men of us will love getting outdoors and feeling the heat of the warm sun on their necks, not me. Give me a cool air conditioned home with a cooker that I can turn on and leave alone. If you find that preparing a bodybuilder’s diet to be daunting, let me change your mind and show you just how easy eating for muscle can be when you use a crockpot.

One of the simpler to prepare meals would be a kind of spicy chicken meal that can do double duty, either as lunch or dinner. Only needing three ingredients, the preparation of this chicken dish won’t have to needing to write out a long list. Simply get some chicken (frozen or thawed, 2-4 lbs) and put it into your slow cooker. Along with the meat, pour in 2 containers of your favorite brand of picante sauce and add two cups of water. I will set my slow cooker to high and cook it for four to six hours, depending on how hungry I am. I drew an odd stare from my dinner guests, after the meal, when I answered a question of how simple the food was to prepare.

Chicken doesn’t have an extremely long shelf life, once in the refrigerator, you’ll want to consume this within two to three days. What I’ve found to pair well with the spiciness of this chicken dish is a nice chocolate dessert. Now, the strictest diet requirements of some will not make this a meal that can be had by anyone, it isn’t going to be a healthy choice, by any stretch of the imagination. However, this is great for getting in extra calories, as this crock pot chocolate cake will have you wanting seconds. There are more ingredients that you will need for this dessert but the sweet aroma that will linger throughout your home will more than make up for the ingredients list.

For this sweet treat, you’ll need to get cake and pudding mix and basically prepare them individually, before pouring into the slow cooker. As far as cooking times go, you won’t want to forget a bread dish, which is what this cake consists of. I prepare the cake on low for about 4 hours, with monitoring times where I get up and open the lid about every thirty minutes to an hour. If you are bored with bland meals, repeated endlessly, this dinner and dessert combo is a great way to knock some life into your meal planning. Men and women, this can also be used as a great way to impress a date, let them think that you are a master chef when it only took you minutes of preparation. The last meal is one that I hold very near and dear to my heart and not one that I give out easily.

For the last recipe, you will need a store bought ham, made ready to eat, brown sugar, water, and spices of your choosing. Throw that hefty ham in the crock pot, with the rubs and brown sugar on low for as long as your nose can stand it. Another simplified take that, with a slow cooker, can be done in hours while you sit and relax. I don’t lie when I tell those I know that my crock pot is the most used kitchen gadget in my home. You can’t beat the simplicity of being able to throw your food into a slow cooker and being able to go on about your business.

5 Gym Bag Must-Haves for Good Arrangements

Do you have a gym bag? If you say no, I am judging you. Having a bag to bring with you can make all of the difference in the world. Do you want to pay the high costs of needing to get a simple drink? I didn’t think so, best of all, these bags are easy to find. I would choose a bag with more durable straps, but that is just my opinion, they seem to make it easier for carrying around. If you do choose flimsier straps, the moment that your bag flies free and smashes on the floor, everyone will know it.

Being in a busy part of the subway, only to have sweats and supplement fly everywhere is agonizing. Getting a gym bag that is as strong as you, with think sturdy shoulder straps will keep all contents contained. If you are pickier than others, choosing to get a bag that has more compartments for carrying would serve you well. For those who have to customize every item of apparel that they come into contact with, there are an insane color and pattern choices for you to make. Women may want to get gym bags that are floral patterned and pink, while the men could pick a bag that is plain, with no girly patterns. Once you have said bag all empty and ready to be taken care of, here is what I would put into mine, as listed ahead.

1. Water Bottle -This is more of a safety tip but you should also have this in your bag because it’s just good for you. Don’t go cheap with the bottle/cup that you use. I have gotten deals on a cheaply-made shaker cup, only to have it leak in my bag, ruining all of my clothes.

2. An Extra Set of Clothes – What would happen, if you were needing to be somewhere, only to be stranded because you have nothing to dress up in? Bringing an extra shirt and pair of shorts can get you out of many tricky situations. Have you ever spilled a smoothie you got, after hopping into your car? Another scenario that you don’t want to run into is being stuck with only the stinky clothes you had from the previous outing. Especially if you are wanting to impress someone special while you are exercising, you can kiss that goodbye in clothes that are riddled with the smell of body odor. I will be told that I’m weird for wanting to have an extra change of clothes, it doesn’t bother me. I’d much rather be prepared in case of a spill, than sitting in stained workout wear.

3. Extra Set of Headphones – The earpiece, something that you will be left without, at the worst possible time. Fear not, get a cheap backup pair of headphones and you can ensure that you will never have to exercise in silence.

4. Deodorizer – Albeit, not the easy selection to make, as it doesn’t have much to do with your actual training, having a substance to keep your bag smelling fresh should always be a priority. Smells can take over your bag and their odor can linger into your car and house.

5. Extra Bag Straps – I’ve covered this one earlier but I need to stress how important that it is. Always carry another set of straps for your bag, if the old one goes, it could potentially ruin everything that is inside.

strapping solution

Smoothies that are Supposed to Energize

Traded out to lonely mall stands, the smoothie has been neglected for far too long. Maybe a beverage that fits into the girly, there is nothing wrong with anyone being able to enjoy a delicious and nutritious smoothie. I am an avid kitchen experimenter, here are some smoothies that I have enjoyed the most. One of the more versatile drink categories, you can load up a smoothie with everything but the kitchen sink. No matter whether you prefer fruits or vegetables, if you know how to use a straw, there is a smoothie with your name on it. If you are new to blending drinks in your own home, most household blenders have become affordable, once you have that, you are ready to rock.

Blueberry and Banana Energy Boost
Mix some blueberries, bananas, ice all together and let that machine run for about thirty seconds and you have heaven in a glass. Not just for taste, the mixture of healthy fruits will give you natural sugars, leaving you in a frenzy of energy and ready to take on what lies ahead of you. If you enjoy one fruit over the other, you can always adjust the ingredients to your liking.

Strawberry Orange Delight
If you like your beverages a bit thicker, you can easily add milk to the next smoothie of choice, without having a nasty aftertaste. Already welcomed by the world as a morning starter, you can’t go wrong with adding oranges to any smoothie you come across. Loaded with vitamin C, you can give the old immune system the care it requires, while having a drink that you will want seconds of! I toss in strawberries to add a flavor to the milk base, while cutting out the bitterness of the oranges.

Hulk Juice
This particular beverage was my own special creation. More of a dare than a treat, I came up with this because of how difficult it was for me to eat vegetables. I suppose that I never grew up because I can’t stand most vegetables, at an age that I’m too embarrassed to admit. Mixing spinach, celery, carrots, and apples for the sweetness, this smoothie is all about getting those leafy greens. Those with the tastebuds for it shouldn’t have to use any apples at all in this recipe, I just do to help with the vegetable taste.

Red Drink of Strength
Made from an old inside joke, while on vacation to Mexico, this drink will is great for another kick in the energy department. Load the blender up with the following: strawberries, apple slices, raspberries, and a tomato. I know it is gross but you need to get antioxidants and the tomato is full of them. Better yet, all of the sugars in this fruit blend will overpower the tanginess of a tomato.

When it comes time to choose a blender, you don’t have to have all of the bells and whistles. You can select a juicer, which is better for strictly making smoothies. I have chosen to get a blender in my home because I also enjoy making milkshakes as well. You can be as creative as you want with the smoothies of your choosing. A great way to sneak in the foods that we should all be eating, blending them into a drink just makes it much easier to get the vitamins and minerals that we can miss out on. No longer for the rich or health nuts, making smoothies in the home is a viable option.