Amputee Sets Record, What’s Your Excuse Again?

We all know the heroes that we often hear so much about. Yes, they are fictional but they still carry a level of interest that keeps us all wanting to see their latest movie or comic book adventure. However, in Illinois there is a man that I would definitely call a superhero, he might not have a cape but he doesn’t need one. The superhero that we are talking about wasn’t born on another planet, he has no arch enemy but he still inspiring millions to take the right steps in life. For most men, the bad energy that comes with receiving word that you have been diagnosed with cancer is the start of the finish line. I would imagine that it would be hard not to feel completely hopeless, in the face of such a devastating illness.

Brad Vinyard had to hear those painful words that no person should ever want to hear, that they have cancer. While some would take the doctor’s words as a death sentence, this is where Brad knew he needed to fight back. Dedicating himself to weightlifting, not only did Vinyard beat the cancer but he would also go on to set weightlifting records. Now, while setting a record in the sport of weightlifting is certainly no small accomplishment, something made Vinyard’s path there that much tougher, he only has one leg. If you are under the mindset that having one leg eliminates the quality of life that you have, you might need to have a talk with Brad Vinyard, his has done things that we all wish we could do, never letting a disability hold him back.

There is no arguing that Brad Vinyard is a fighter, while he may practice the good word, he has won battles that would break most men. Not one to take his story and not use it to inspire others, Vinyard also speaks around his home state. If you haven’t heard about this man before, his story is one that does require a thorough reading of. Speaking of reading, Vinyard has also made into a book called Superheroes Are Everywhere. Learning about everything that Brad Vinyard has had to endure, in order to live the life that he has now was a journey that was filled with roadblocks. Writing this out, I do need to say that I have spent the better part of last week in a mental fog. Do you ever just have those weeks were things feel so out of place, even though nothing has changed? I have lived this way quite a few times and reading the story of Brad Vinyard has snapped me out of it, as you read this. I hope that maybe this post helps you too, someone in life always has it tougher than you do, it’s important to keep that in mind when something doesn’t go your way. Of course, I wouldn’t go giving Brad any special treatment, he is getting along much better than a lot of people I know, he is a true inspiration. If you want to know more about Brad, I highly suggest that you give his book a read, it is great for the entire family. Nothing is wrong with watching every Batman and Superman film but it is also good to be grounded and realize that people all around us are doing some amazing things.

Why Starving Yourself Isn’t that Great

It seems like an easy trap to fall into, if you stay busy enough, you can just not eat and be fine, which is totally wrong. I get it, we are all busy people and sometimes sitting down for a meal is just not in the cards. I’m not one to preach about anything, as I am one of the worst people, when it comes to scheduling my meals. My problem comes down to focus, when I am working on something, it is almost like I can’t rest until I know the project is done. Being that I am naturally on the hyper side, I tend to develop a lot of projects that need to be worked on, throughout the day. Sure, I will never miss a dinner but sometimes lunch and breakfast are meals that I have to admit I skip. I’ll be sure that I quit making those past mistakes, after reading about just how bad starving yourself can be. I want to note real quick that I am talking about occasional missing of meals, if you have a condition that is worse than this, please consider talking to someone and getting help.

stop starving

Anorexia can be a really dangerous disease to have but it can always be beaten! Back to the task at hand, when you do not eat those all important meals, your brain can suffer from lack of fuel. Like you wouldn’t get into a car and drive to work on an empty tank, you shouldn’t be starting your day out in a state of nutritional deficiency! Have you ever been aware of feeling like you were in a fog on days that you skipped some meals? It wasn’t just your brain playing tricks on you, not having enough food can keep you in a state that is less than what it would be, had you been properly fueled. For anyone that spends their time building up muscles, not eating can actually eat away your muscles, not just fat.

I’ve ran into so many different weightlifters that thought the perfect way to lose fat, since they weren’t doing any cardio, was to eat less, big mistake. When you choose to not eat, as opposed to eating a small portion of something healthy, you are jeopardizing your health, slowly but surely. What happens when you decide that you don’t want to eat breakfast is that vital nutrients that your body wants, they don’t end up getting. When the body revolts against this is through keeping you not on the top of your game, it’s a trade type of situation where no one wins. I know that after finding out just how bad it is, I won’t be missing out on any important meals, with only the sound of a growling stomach to keep me comfort. In a situation where you aren’t eating, there isn’t anything bad with keeping your favorite foods around, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your habits. Sometimes, having your favorite meal nearby could be the only way that you are going to eat that breakfast. Take some time to find out what foods you really love over the rest and get to eating them so that you stay healthy. Just make sure that you aren’t resorting to constantly skipping out on meals, as this can lead to bigger issues down the line.

New Supplement Released to Help Video Game Players

Being someone who enjoys both video games and working out, I was a little stunned to see news of a new supplement that was made to help gamers. The landscape of how the masses view gaming has changed dramatically, over the years. I remember a time where it wasn’t cool to let other people know that you knew anything about video games, let alone being good at them and playing them all of the time. Nowadays, video games have become big business and there are many more players who are welcoming this new avenue of entertainment into their lives. You know that I never try to do half the work, when it comes to anything, so why should video games not be put on that list.

I’m sure that for weightlifting purists, they will likely roll their eyes at hearing about this new supplement but I think that it is poised to do very well. I do remember that, years earlier, Gamma Labs had tried to offer their own preworkout supplement as something that gamers could use to get the win but there has never been, as far as I know, a preworkout of sorts that has been made specifically for anyone that plays video games. For most of those of us like me, who really only play video games as a personal hobby, you could still find some value in using CFX to get past that boss that is tying up your game. I have to imagine that the CFX is going to be primarily used for gamers who are competing professionally and win these levels as their job. When money is on the table, I can definitely understand a gamer wanting to use the CFX so that he can place higher in a tournament. What this new supplement is made of is going to be components that help you to become a better video gamer, let me explain how that can happen with the right ingredients. No one lifting a controller is going to need to waste their time and money on building bigger muscles, it’s an unnecessary element that will offer gamers any extra incentive to use CFX but it does have what people that play these games will need.

As any person who plays video games knows, you have to get your vision in order, as seeing is a big part in being great at these games but it goes deeper than that. Some of the professional gamers of the world are in that position because of their natural reflexes. People seem to think that becoming a professional gamer is all about practice, which I think is a big part of it but you can’t deny that there has to be some natural talent to really rise up to the elite status that some of these gamers have earned in their industry. You can have split-second reflexes and still need a little more to get you to the world of super gaming and for that you need more energy. Luckily, CFX has the tired game player in mind, from dashing all of those enemies, across multiple levels. I, for one, welcome a gaming supplement to the world, as I think that this could really help those of us who are game inclined to become masters of the controller.