Why Your Fitness Class is Going to Get Quieter

Have you ever been to those fitness classes where it feels like your ears are going to start bleeding? The music is pumping so loud over the sound system that you can barely hear yourself think! It’s frustrating to try and tune out the music for just a second to hear the instructor. I’ve embarrassed myself many times trying to make out what my instructor is saying, over the music, only to fall behind the rest of the class and look like an idiot. I hate standing near the front of my classes to hear the instructor behind me as I have a weird issue with large groups of people standing behind me, it just makes me nervous. Yes, I was that student that always sought out the coveted back of the class seat! One company wants to make sure that each person in a fitness class has their own options, and it’s off to an amazing start. Originally, Sound Off created headphones that would allow a large group of people to listen to music at the same time.

Primarily, this technology took off big time in dance clubs all across the world. I’ve been dancing only a few times in my life and what always led me to call it an early night was the loud music, so obnoxious. Sound Off is not just creating a quiet environment for the outside world, the headphones also allow users to set their own volume. Not being at the mercy of a sound engineer who doesn’t know the meaning of turn it down, this is a blessing for people like me. Making things even cooler, the headphones are able to transmit the instructors commands entirely through the headset. I could see fitness centers wanting this technology, which would leave their rooms a lot quieter. There is nothing more annoying than trying to workout when the room next to you is blasting music that you don’t care for.

I think that the Sound Off headwear would be great for those who have sensitive hearing, as well. If I had any type of hearing sensitivity, you wouldn’t catch me in one of those loud workout classes, my ears couldn’t handle it. Headphones are great for tuning out outside distractions which is great for when you’re standing in a room with a bunch of other people. You don’t want to hear every productive cough that the sick person class is having. As someone with a weak gag reflex, if I hear someone coughing too hard, I’ll start gagging. Having the headphones on my ears to tune those lovely sounds out sounds like a dream come true. Considering how introverted I am, I would also enjoy these headphones because I wouldn’t have to make that awkward small talk while I am exercising. You know you’ve stood next to that one person who wants to tell you their life story when you just want to get a little exercise happening, very annoying! I know that, if given the option, I would be grabbing a pair of headphones in my next fitness class so fast that it would make your head spin. Not having to ever worry about missing the instructions is another big perk that I think is going to have many people demanding their gym start using this technology.

Aerial Yoga Bringing New Flexibility

If you are a fan of the singer Pink, you’ve likely see one of her amazing concerts. Why am I speaking about this amazing musician, on a website that is supposed to be about fitness? One aspect of her amazing live performances is flying across the audience, suspended by a sash-type material. It was only until I was looking at a new workout class that I wanted to attend that I learned what she was doing, a form of aerial yoga. Picturing this form of yoga, you might imagine people flying all around the air, miles above the ground. While it is easy to picture something insane, the roots of aerial yoga will have you more grounded than you think. With aerial yoga, you still get the well-known perks of yoga including: stress relief, increased mobility, and much more! As someone who gets uneasy climbing a step ladder, I’m not sure I am the best candidate to try out aerial yoga but from hearing about it from my friends, it sounds like a cool experience.

You will have to check your local fitness spots to see if they offer any aerial yoga and provided you aren’t shaken up my lifting off the ground, you will most likely love it. Unlike Pink, you won’t be flying around, hundreds of feet in the air but you may feel like the superstar, once you are risen up a few feet, just don’t start singing! The biggest help that you will receive from aerial yoga is almost in the name, gravity takes care of most the effort. If you’ve seen any recent infomercials, there are plenty of products that use suspension as a way to relive body pain. For those that don’t want to spend the better part of an hour doing those same old stretches you’ve seen in every yoga class, the inclusion of being aerial does add quite a twist to this age old from of exercise. One aspect of aerial yoga that I truly enjoy is that it allows beginners to quickly advance their knowledge. Being suspended in the air allows you to move more freely, without the limitations of having the ground directly below you. These classes will have you upside down here and there so be sure that you eat lightly before attending a class. The last thing that you want to do is yoga on a full stomach, I’ve made that mistake before and I had to leave the class early. I really expect to see more aerial yoga classes starting to appear, all across the country.

in the air It’s important to realize that aerial yoga is still something that is newer but that doesn’t seem to have any of their classes being empty. I live in more a smaller town but in the large city that I live by and frequently visit, I see billboards for these classes all of the time. One friend that has done the aerial yoga loves it so much that she continues to go to her class every single week and she leads a busy life, if that tells you how essential some are finding this experience to be. Don’t sit and wait around at ground level, if you want to hop on to one of those yoga ropes, it seems like classes are filling up by the minute.