Vitamin D Shown to Improve Certain Conditions

There are endless stories about the debate on whether or not vitamins are good for you. There has been new research done that shows that vitamin D can, in fact, protect you against respiratory conditions. While adults may be able to fight off a nasty infection, it can be much worse for children and the elderly. This study was done in England where there is already a strong lack of vitamin D in this country.

There is rarely a study that proves with 100% accuracy that a supplement will work. However, the evidence that has been collected in this recent vitamin D study goes to show some of the strongest evidence yet that this vitamin is awesome. Usually, vitamin D has been used because of how it is able to promote general health. However, there has not been that much research done to prove this vitamin D could help protect against respiratory conditions. One amazing result of this study was that it more people reported being sick and needing this vitamin in the winter. During winter months, the sun is out far less which could mean that a vitamin had more of a role in healing us than we thought. If you are looking for vitamin D, you can get it from exposure to the sun.

There are also many supplements that contain the recommended daily amount of vitamin D. While this study was done in London, the participants for this report were from all around the world. The information contained in the report is quite a read, I highly suggest checking it out. Of course, those documents can be a long read so feel free to skim through. I suppose that the creators of this study didn’t want to have just one location singled, smart choice. The implications of the findings would be very good news for anyone using vitamin D. Do you use a vitamin D supplement? Have you noticed that the instances of you being sick have reduced? If so, leave a comment below letting us know which vitamin D product you prefer. I know that I will definitely be making sure that I am stocked with vitamin D once the weather cools down again!

Reasons a Supplement Might Get Recalled

Each year more people begin using a supplement, only to have their worlds torn apart when they find out an important piece of information. This information would be a recall and it happens to supplements all of the time. However, it’s important that you understand just why these recalls happen. Finding that you’ve been using something that is deemed unsafe for shelves is a bad feeling to have. However, a recall doesn’t always mean that you particular supplement is affected. Let’s go over various reasons that supplements can be recalled.

Reason 1 – Unsafe Ingredients

This one is a biggie and the most often reason that a supplement gets recalled. There are times when a company unknowingly uses an ingredient that is found to be unsafe. As you know, getting a supplement ready for market can take a long time and involve many steps. A supplement company may have created a product that was perfectly safe months ago but once it hits the shelves, it must be recalled. Actions are being taken to ensure that supplements are currently being made with more transparency concerning their ingredients.

Reason 2 – Manufacturer Voluntarily Recalls

informed decisions

This situation isn’t always alarming as a recall for unsafe ingredients. In most situations where a manufacturer voluntarily recalls a supplement it is because a small contamination has been found. Only a few supplement batches could be affected but it’s a smart move for companies to recall large portions of potentially affected batches. If you have a supplement that has this kind of recall on it, it still isn’t recommended that you keep using said product.

Reason 3 – Company Goes Under

If, for whatever reason, a company closes their doors, you can rest assured that their supplements will leave shelves. Sometimes, if a company knows that it is going out of business, you can find really good sales on their products. However, it’s essential to remember that buying these supplements will probably be the last time that you do it. Considering that most supplements do expire, it isn’t wise to buy more than a year’s supply. Also, you’ll need to realize that, since this company is going out of business, don’t expect to get through to a customer service department for return purposes.

Overall, having a supplement that is currently be recalled can be a scary time. A nationwide recall can occur if unsafe ingredients were found in a supplement. However, unsafe ingredients aren’t always intentional it is just that supplement companies may have used an unsafe ingredient when it was previously allowed. If you’ve seen a supplement disappear, only to come back a month or two later, it is usually because the ingredients have been changed.

There are also times when a small scale recall can occur because of a smaller outbreak. These recalls won’t necessarily affect every single supplement and may only concern a smaller batch. If a company goes out of business, their entire product line will soon be gone from store shelves. Since a company going out of business doesn’t really equal a recall, this is a safer situation to stock up on these supplements. Recalls are an unfortunate part of the supplement world. However, these recalls are always happening and it is something that everyone must be prepared for.  Keep your eyes out for the latest alerts and use your supplements in a much smarter way.