Shocking New Information About Salt in Our Diets

Quite some time ago, it was always though that salt is something that is depleted from our bodies. Naturally, it makes sense that we would need to have more salt. Without salt, it is common to feel hungry, right? As it turns out, what we all have been told for many years could be wrong, according to new research. What this research is showing is that salt may actually cause us to become more hungry. One study found that salt actually led an increase of breakdown in muscle tissue. I am seriously shocked by the results of this study.

I love eating salty foods. However, knowing that salt is destroying muscle tissue doesn’t really make that ingredient a big selling point. Of course, I want to wait until more is confirmed as this is just one study. The results of the study do make you think about how strange it is that salt could be doing the reverse of what we’ve thought it did for hundreds of years. It is still amazing to think that these results were only found now. I wonder what other information about ingredients that we love will come out changing soon enough. What I would want to know is how this affects different activity levels. For example, someone who is running quite often would need to replenish more their salt than someone who did not.

Salt still leaves the body, I don’t want anyone thinking that this study means salt stays in your body literally forever. There is another part of this study that I wanted to go into because it gets weirder. Imagine that you are eating a salty food maybe chips, crackers, or something similar. Chances are, you will be reaching for your drink very quickly after eating salty foods. However, this study, which was done on Russian cosmonauts, shows that salt actually made them less thirsty. I’m still looking into more on this study but the results so far are astounding. Who would have ever thought that salt could make someone less thirsty. I admit that I am a big soda drinker and I always thought that salt was there for the taste. It stands to reason that you should try to adhere to daily recommendations. I would think that you don’t want to cut out salt entirely but you don’t want to only eat salty foods.