Healthy Snacks to Help you Stay Skinnier

We’ve all felt the temptation of a late night snack. You can’t control when your body wants food. However, for those people trying to lose weight, hunger pangs are a losing battle. That doesn’t mean that you can’t eat snacks while trying to lose weight. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received came from my doctor.

He told me to start thinking of hunger as an internal fire. The best way to keep a fire going isn’t to smother it with flames. In many instances, a fire will end up going out from having too much wood set inside of it. On the other hand, a fire has to have something to keep it burning. If you don’t throw enough wood on a fire, you won’t have a fire because it has nothing to burn. Let’s, for a moment, think of hunger as a fire. If you overload your body with fast food and other unhealthy snacks, you are adding bad fuel to your fire. Your body will find that it can’t process a massive amount of calories which leads to gaining fat.

healthy snack choicesOne great healthy snack to have is beef jerky. I usually purchase a generic brand of jerky if I can find it. In many cases, the generic jerky will be awesome and you will save a little bit of money. Beef jerky can be an expensive item to purchase. Some people buy a device that allows you to make your own jerky. Due to a bad mishap I’ve had trying to make my own ice cream, I’ll leave the jerky making process to someone smarter than me.

Trail mix is another great snack to have. Once again, you can make your own trail mix if you have time and a few ingredients. I prefer to make my own trail mix because I choice what goes into it. I’m a very picky eater which means I’m annoying. I like to have my meals set aside and prepared with the ingredients that I want. As you can imagine, I do a lot of cooking for myself. I find that including pieces of dried fruit within trail mix helps to beat the urges I have for candy. You will want to ensure you are using trail mix that has your nutritional goals in mind. Certain trail mixes contain large amounts of sugar so be careful that you choose the right one.

Lunch meat is another great choice to bring along with you for a filling snack. You will find that lunch meat needs to be refrigerated which can make it difficult to have in all daily situations. However, if where you work has a company fridge, you can store your lunch meat in there. Be sure to label anything you toss in a work fridge. I’ve lived through way too many co-workers stealing my food, it does happen. There are a wide variety of lunch meats to choose from at a typical store. You will usually find ham, turkey, and roast beef are popular lunch meat choices. You might want to skip the sandwich bread if you are attempting to lose weight.

Taking the previously mentioned foods with you throughout the day should be more than enough to help you lose weight. Each food selected in this list was chosen because they are high protein snacks. Protein is essential for helping you to feel full.