Another Sports Nutrition Company Bites the Dust

If you have been keeping up with recent news you have no doubt heard about a big company getting into some hot water over not disclosing perks and expenses that the company has made recently.
not having perks
I have to say that over all this comes as no surprise. I have or I guess I should say had been a fan of the company in the past because they offered great products. Once they begin to get a big portion of the limelight, this is where things turn sour for me, as a consumer.

What was once a company that really seem to care about the customer began to change. Things started to change as they got more and more endorsement deals and began in gaining more and more popularity. The first big thing I noticed was the rapid increase in price for their products that have been cheaper in the past. Gone are the old labels and the underdog style and it was changed into a more flashier and trendier overall design.

The more expensive price tag still do not hinder me from using their products, preferably their pre-workout powder that I was always a big fan of. I should have known when I saw reviews for the product on the big bodybuilding website started to drop and it’s overall rating had decreased. I was still determined to give it a shot so I went ahead and bought a tub. Gone was the intense caffeine rush that I had felt before and the ability to push me beyond my limits in the gym. It did not seem like those same feelings were happening while I tried this product after the new re-branding.

So when I read the story about this company not properly disclosing their perks, it was a small shock but something that I should have seen coming a while back. Do I think that this is the end of the company or that they will get into any trouble with their loyal following? Probably not, but it is important to note that things have been changing behind the scenes of this company compared to where they were in the past.

Upon hearing of this whole story, I had to check it out and see what the results were. I found out that they were actually charged officially with these disclosure violations. I hope that this truly becomes a turning point for this company and maybe as these things are happening, this could be an inspiration for them to return to their more grassroots approach to supplements.

I know I will not be the only one who would look forward to that.

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