Protein Week: Best Picks for Any Budget

We are going to be discussing protein week this week and this will consist of various types of content regarding protein and its importance in the world of sports nutrition. We know this is a little bit different but we wanted to take a second to kind of do different things to see how well they are audience likes it.

For those on a tight budget:

ballin on a budget

Let’s first discuss someone who is on a somewhat tight budget when it comes to shopping for protein. Now if you do have enough money, you will have more options of course. But we’re going to start with people his options may be a little bit limited. This is not a big deal, as there are actually some very affordable ways to get send me into your diet. It is not as burdensome of the purchase as most people would think. For the first item, let’s first talk about canned tuna.

Now, depending on where you live, tuna really shouldn’t be that expensive of a purchase. Where I live it is around a dollar per can and it does pack a lot of protein and will keep you full for a while after you eat it. There are tons of ways you can experiment get creative with tuna in order to find something that you really like. I know some people out there do not like the idea of having to just eat it out of the can.
Next, is hamburger meat. You can purchase hamburger meat in bulk and if you’re not too worried about the fat content, I can actually get a really good deal. You can usually get the bigger maybe 3 to 5 pound chunks of hamburger meat for around $10 where I live. By doing this, you can cook it all and freeze what you’re not going to use at the moment and it can really stretch out Babe then food budget. If you’re looking for any kind of chicken or seafood, I recommend going frozen. By going frozen, you will save money and be able to keep the remaining portions frozen, therefore cutting down on food waste.

For those with a more flexible protein budget:

Now for the next part of this I want to going to detail for people who have a semi larger food budget it’s going to the grocery store doesn’t instill any kind of financial loan you, congratulations. For your budget, you made me want to stick with good lean meats like chicken and fish. What do you get them from the butcher, frozen, or fresh find a good fish that you like and keep on grilling that chicken, buddy!

For the ones with baller budgets:

fat cats protein

For the people who have the biggest budgets of all. Honestly, steak is a great and delicious way to get all of the protein that you will need. This is best for those who are both cruise as the fat in the state will also help to pack size on you as opposed to just lean muscle alone. To summarize, no matter what your budget is, there are always ways that you can get the protein that you need. Whether you like to live cheaply Or no expense is too high, there are ways that you can put on some mass in bulk up by eating the required amount of protein throughout the day. Also, remember protein doesn’t just have to come from me. For the next discussion, we will be talking about other ways that you can get protein, including some that might really surprise you, stay tuned!

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