A Brief History of Trenbolone

The beginnings of trenbolone are a bit morbid. However, many steroid did come from some odd beginnings. Trenbolone results were first found through cows. An early from of trenbolone came through giving this steroid to increase lean muscle tissue. The results showed that this steroid was able to build muscle quickly which would become very important. After trenbolone reviews were done to see how much mass the animals gained, the results were shocking.

It is very easy to build muscle while using trenbolone. Many people began to use this steroid within the gym to achieve massive muscle. However, it didn’t take long before their was a massive ban that involved trebolone. Many felt that it was the end of trenbolone. However, a few scientists began to take things back to their roots in order to come up with something different. In the world of supplements, there are companies always taking risks. Sometimes, the risks pay off and sometimes they don’t. Supplement companies knew that they needed to come up with their own versions of trenbolone.

Trenbolone Side Effects – The Basics

One thing that was a major drawback to this steroid were the side effects. One major side effect to watch for with trenbolone is increased water retention. Retaining water won’t look well if you are a bodybuilder needing to go stage. However, for many of us retaining a bit of water won’t matter when it compares to gaining muscle. Trenbolone has been known to increase the rate at which someone loses hair. How fast you normally lose hair depends on many factors one of which is genetics. Therefore, trenbolone may not be the reason someone loses their hair but it could accelerate the entire process.

Another side effect to watch out for is the increase in cholesterol. It’s wise to avoid fatty foods while on any kind of trenbolone cycle. One way that trenbolone helps you is by allowing to have more muscular energy. It’s best to use this energy to help you while on the treadmill. Overall, the changes that trenbolone made to the bodybuilding community have been huge. You should never try to find actual trenbolone as it is banned in most, if not all, major parts of the world. The main positives of trenbolone results are increased energy and faster muscle growth. You can achieve similar results by using the right supplements.

Which Bodybuilding Supplements are Safe for Diabetics?

Deciding which supplements are safe for your particular conditions is vital. Having an adverse reaction to a supplement can range from slight discomfort to a fate far worse. Diabetes is a medical condition that affects millions of people. Those who are diabetic have special dietary needs, related to their intake of insulin. If a diabetic person experiences skyrocketing glucose levels, important vitamins could be depleted. Therefore, finding the right supplements for diabetics is essential, as their dietary needs are different from others. One of the main supplements that a diabetic person must have is a multivitamin. If diabetics do not meet certain conditions, they can greatly increase their risk of experiencing deficiencies. One of the most common symptoms that diabetics experience is nerve pain.

There are B vitamins that can greatly help diabetic people experience less painful days. It is imperative that diabetics live in a world where they don’t have to hurt. Any supplements that can reduce sugar in the body is great. It isn’t well known but sugar can indeed collect within the body over time. Normal people won’t suffer as much from sugar because it will eventually be released from within the body. However, diabetics who are living with excess sugar levels risk far more damage being done to them. One supplement that is great for reducing sugar is vitamin C. You can often get vitamin C from orange juice or whole fruits. It is imperative that you do not go over the recommend daily limit of vitamin C. For example, if you drink orange juice and take a vitamin C supplement, you could be overdoing it. If you want the option with the least amount of hassle, I would recommend a multivitamin. You will want to get with your healthcare representative in order to find out if they have any recommendations. In the event that you have a condition or allergy to what is in a multivitamin, they can create a specialized vitamin regimen for you.

Another issue that can come up with diabetic is that of the pre-workout. Diabetic have to watch their intake of sugars. However, most of the energizing effects in pre-workouts come from caffeine, not sugar. It is important that you monitor how you feel and blood sugar levels while using any supplement, especially a pre-workout. You will also want to ensure that you are drinking a lot of water while using any pre-workout supplements. If you are diabetic and don’t really want to be at risk of any adverse effects, try to look for stim-free supplements.

Stim-free supplements, many of which are pre-workouts, are ones that contain no caffeine or other stimulating ingredients. These supplements ensure that you get the most our of your workout without having to worry about caffeine. In closing, there are supplements that are great for diabetics, provided they offer helpful ways to manage their condition. You can choose a multivitamin that helps ensure your nutritional decencies are well managed. Vitamin C is another great diabetic aid in that it will help to release sugar that has been stored in the body. Combining these supplements are great, as long as you are not overdoing it for any of the previously mentioned ingredients. People with diabetics have to live with enough challenges, it is comforting to know that they don’t have to live in a world where they can not use any supplements.

Weight Training Can Make You Happier

Having had dark thoughts that have been a regrettable part of my past, I never thought I would find a happy life. It sounds a little over dramatic but for anyone who has depression, you know it seems like a battle that is extremely tough to win. I know that depression is going to come back, it will likely never fully leave my side but I now have systems to manage it. You name it and I likely tried it, just to make me feel happy but it was difficult to find something that consistently alleviated those dark feelings. What I had found was that the more I would go and workout, the happier my brain felt. I had to liken it to watching myself undergo a task and seeing myself complete it brought me joy. After I had got done setting out to lift what I wanted to, it was like telling my depression that it couldn’t keep me down.

Each morning that I awoke to go and exercise was another time that I shut down those depressing thoughts, before they could even enter my mind. In times where I had the least to do was when I often felt that depression kick in, the more I noticed it the less of a coincidence it seemed to be. If you are prone to depression, having a lot of time to yourself can be a double edged blade.

You’ll think that with absolutely no obligations that this is where you would find happiness. In my life, not having a task to complete or a goal to focus on would leave me bedridden, waiting for what was around the corner. It was during those darker times where I would be lying in bed, in the middle of the afternoon that I looked for what my story would become. When you do live with depressions, often your own thoughts will start to try and wedge their way in front of your goals. I remember many days where it felt like there was an invisible force keeping me away from enjoying the world. I never try to cater only one method of coping with and beating depression, this is only what I have had success with. I am not of the profession to be making medical recommendations that you should follow every word of.

Depression is a fickle beast, whatever helps you combat it is what you need to keep doing. Don’t take up lifting weights because you are sure it will end being depressed, only choose to start that up if it sounds like an interesting way to fill your time. I found solace in weightlifting because it kept me busy, brought new self-confidence, and led me to meet people who I have called friends and family for the larger part of the past decade. A good weightlifting routine will have you continually pushing yourself past your limits. If done properly, you should be able to lift heavier barbells, proving that you are rebuilding yourself, a big feat in its own right! I’ve had the pleasure of watching me transform into a man I never thought I could be. I went from avoiding every mirror I would pass to occasionally being caught checking my own reflection out, I’m not proud of it! If the depression you have comes from loneliness, working out can introduce you to new people and get you some attention from the gender you like!

Natural Ways to Increase Your Eating Rate

Wanting to provide some advice to chew on this weekend, here is how you can better release your inner hungry beast. You might have heard one of these techniques before but put your best foot forward and get ready to start eating like there’s no tomorrow. These three techniques that I’ll show you have been what has gotten me past the initial blockades that come with trying to eat more. I’ve been in those dark times and thinking that you can just change habits that have been formed for years instantly isn’t what I’m here for. I’m a big supporter of continual progression, after learning the importance it from exercising as long as I have been.

1. Working Out
I know some will think that I’m making it up, just to try and get you to start taking up exercising but it’s true. To help drive this point home, I’ll tell you about when I had only started exercising. I was never a guy who had a really good appetite. In the past, I would be your average eater, nothing past the usual three meals. It was like someone had flipped a switch because, after I took up weight training, my hunger skyrocketed. I remember that, for a brief amount of time, no one liked eating with me because of how long it took me to finish my plate. Stopping short of licking the plate clean, I never left any scrap bits.

2. Browsing images of your favorite foods
This sounds weird, but hear me out, go to the page of your favorite restaurant. It won’t matter if you are currently hungry or not, just spend a couple of minutes checking out the site. After seeing a few nice menu pictures, do you feel that your stomach is starting to growl? It has been proven that even seeing pictures of food, or smelling a favorite meal being cooked can stimulate new feelings of hunger. Chances are, if those food pictures are engaging your visual sense, other senses will pick up on this, stimulating hunger.

3. Eating earlier in the morning
earlyI’ve often shunned breakfast, until hearing from someone complaining about how hungry they always were. This was someone that I would sit by all day, I could practically prepare their meals for them, that’s how close we were. One fine day, I had to inquire how she was able to have an appetite. As any guy can attest to, you have to really choose your approach when asking a woman how they are eating so much!

Fortunately for me, I had built up quite the rapport up with this woman, she told me since she had begun eating hard boiled eggs in the morning, it felt like she would have to keep eating all day and couldn’t understand why. When you starve yourself, whether intentionally or not, the body has no new source of food so it starts going after anything in sight. If you’re a breakfast hater like I used to be, getting past the initial feeling of rejecting eating so early and it will go away on its own.

Summoning the hunger that we all need to get by should never be impossible. The mind is capable of amazing things when we focus all of our energy towards an achievement. If you take the techniques and apply them to your day, you will be clocking in more meals incredibly soon.

5 Gym Bag Must-Haves for Good Arrangements

Do you have a gym bag? If you say no, I am judging you. Having a bag to bring with you can make all of the difference in the world. Do you want to pay the high costs of needing to get a simple drink? I didn’t think so, best of all, these bags are easy to find. I would choose a bag with more durable straps, but that is just my opinion, they seem to make it easier for carrying around. If you do choose flimsier straps, the moment that your bag flies free and smashes on the floor, everyone will know it.

Being in a busy part of the subway, only to have sweats and supplement fly everywhere is agonizing. Getting a gym bag that is as strong as you, with think sturdy shoulder straps will keep all contents contained. If you are pickier than others, choosing to get a bag that has more compartments for carrying would serve you well. For those who have to customize every item of apparel that they come into contact with, there are an insane color and pattern choices for you to make. Women may want to get gym bags that are floral patterned and pink, while the men could pick a bag that is plain, with no girly patterns. Once you have said bag all empty and ready to be taken care of, here is what I would put into mine, as listed ahead.

1. Water Bottle -This is more of a safety tip but you should also have this in your bag because it’s just good for you. Don’t go cheap with the bottle/cup that you use. I have gotten deals on a cheaply-made shaker cup, only to have it leak in my bag, ruining all of my clothes.

2. An Extra Set of Clothes – What would happen, if you were needing to be somewhere, only to be stranded because you have nothing to dress up in? Bringing an extra shirt and pair of shorts can get you out of many tricky situations. Have you ever spilled a smoothie you got, after hopping into your car? Another scenario that you don’t want to run into is being stuck with only the stinky clothes you had from the previous outing. Especially if you are wanting to impress someone special while you are exercising, you can kiss that goodbye in clothes that are riddled with the smell of body odor. I will be told that I’m weird for wanting to have an extra change of clothes, it doesn’t bother me. I’d much rather be prepared in case of a spill, than sitting in stained workout wear.

3. Extra Set of Headphones – The earpiece, something that you will be left without, at the worst possible time. Fear not, get a cheap backup pair of headphones and you can ensure that you will never have to exercise in silence.

4. Deodorizer – Albeit, not the easy selection to make, as it doesn’t have much to do with your actual training, having a substance to keep your bag smelling fresh should always be a priority. Smells can take over your bag and their odor can linger into your car and house.

5. Extra Bag Straps – I’ve covered this one earlier but I need to stress how important that it is. Always carry another set of straps for your bag, if the old one goes, it could potentially ruin everything that is inside.

strapping solution

Influential Fitness Names that are True Greats

Sifting through all of the dirt that gets dug up on the famous stars, it is a welcome change of pace to hear a more positive side to life. I want to bring that to you with some big time names that have performed some monumental tasks, all in the name of charity. These great and nice people should be a reminder to all of us as to what is truly important in life. With all of the wild things that are happening right now, we could all use a bit of their spirit.

I wanted to make sure that the three names you are about to see aren’t ones that you would expect. I tried my best to highlight the people that I thought would fit this little list perfectly.

Dolph Lundgren

Not only does he possess an extremely high IQ, he also has a massive amount of kindness in his heart. Known for hosting various big time charity events for various causes, he is a great example of the fit people still having time to take out of their day for causes that have a different degree of personal importance.

John Cena

Cena has been a big figure in promoting just how kind the world can be. Almost since the beginning of his career, Cena has become someone that the younger generation looks up to. I don’t know how he does it but John Cena has fulfilled more Make a Wish requests than any other prominent figure. If the previous example isn’t an example of an awesome guy, I don’t know what is! With over 500 wishes granted for those in the program, I can’t say enough good words about this man, what an inspiration. True story, about ten years me and a few buddies were eating at a restaurant in Oklahoma and John Cena was a table or two down from us. My friend had to make a run over and get his autograph and said that Cena was super nice and friendly, even while eating, I couldn’t say the same for me in that situation.

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone is an icon in the world of film, with a legendary physique, as can both be seen by watching any of his blockbuster films. Stallone is a frequent contributor to many charities and has also auctioned off movie memorabilia of his, with the proceeds going to charities. If these giant names can take time to provide help to others that could be less fortunate, shouldn’t we all try and do the same?

Being Vegan and Still Meeting Requirements

Even if you are avoiding eating any kind of meat, that doesn’t mean that you won’t gain as much muscle as the carnivores. I am not a vegan, personally, but I do know many folks that are, and I am all for it. Truthfully, I have seen some of my vegan friends working out at a pace that I can barely keep up with. The old sayings that you have to eat meat to be anywhere close to being a good weightlifter are full of you know what. Looking into the eating habits of a vegan, your selection will be limited. One aspect where the vegans of the world gain ground over the meat eaters is that their food choices will be safer. I love meat as much as the next person but we carnivores have to agree, meat isn’t always the food that is best for you. I honestly wish that I could go back in time and become a vegan but I know that I am too far gone. I simply enjoy eating meat, even though it isn’t the smartest option for my long-term health. Although the food selection, among vegans, is somewhat limited, there are plenty of foods to utilize in growing muscle and keeping your body in working condition.

First, we have lentils. I had not tried a lentil until I was already an adult and I wished I had started eating them sooner. Don’t be fooled by their smaller size, this food packs a nutritious punch and is amazing for any weightlifter to try. Loaded with both protein and fiber, you can easily down some lentils after a workout to ensure that your muscles are eating right. One big drawback that I get from people who don’t want to be vegan is that they would miss out on their all-important milk fix. This attitude against not wanting to make a change was all well and good decades ago, but let’s get with the times and learn about an awesome vegan option, where you can still enjoy milk. Soy milk is what I would suggest trying, loaded with the same nutrients that any aspiring exerciser needs, the vegans have a great option to get some faux dairy.

I had known someone who was lactose intolerant and would later become vegan, this person showed me what I was missing out on, by not incorporating soy milk into my diet. If you still need more convincing that you have to consume meat to get truly large, look at some of the leading vegan bodybuilders out there. Whether they be huge international superstars or some local bodybuilders vying for their big break, you don’t have to look far to get that vegan doesn’t have to mean small. If you are thinking about starting a vegan lifestyle, you can still combine those new choices with the same old workout program that you have been using. Maybe my parents were right when they always preached about the importance of vegetables. Even after trying to blend a little more vegetables on my dinner plate, I have lost about 10 pounds of fat. I have always heard about people talking about eating healthier and feeling better and I never thought that could be true. It could be the weight that I have lost but I do have to say that vegetables are really making me feel much better and more energized. Who knows, perhaps one day I could see myself becoming vegan?

Will Good Nutrition Beat Any Supplement?

Clean or not clean, you have heard debates on both sides of this long-standing internet battle. Some of us don’t want to take anything that isn’t natural or an actual food. Others want to have a couple of aces up their sleeves, so to speak, and use supplements, along with the food that they already eat. I don’t want what I’m about to say to be taken the wrong way but so much of your success in exercising boils down to willpower. If you have started a fitness program and stopped, I’m not saying that you are weak, you just haven’t found the right system yet.

food or supps

People call out various supplements for being risky and getting recalled, while the same thing happens with food we eat. Sure, the supplement industry is under a ton of heat, currently but it doesn’t mean that every piece of food that you eat is safe. To be honest, I have gotten food poisoning three miserable times in my life. That being said, I have never been seriously ill at the hands of a supplement. Perhaps, I made smarter decisions and did my homework when it came to getting the latter, or maybe I was just lucky.

The debate between what is a clean workout program and what doesn’t meet those qualifications will always be a highly contested series of arguments. I would always put food first, above using supplements, for many reasons. For one, food is almost always going to be cheaper and you have a lot more options. Being seemingly endless, there will always be a food that you haven’t tried. I would also have to tip the scales in favor of food for sustenance because it is going to taste better. There is a big difference between being full and feeling full, one is healthy and normal and the other could end up damaging you permanently. Looking at the other side of the argument, supplements (only the best ones) will be far more effective than a cheeseburger.

I think that a healthy combination of food and supplements will keep anyone on the right sports nutrition track. When discussing the use of supplements, even though not as many as food would have, you will still notice that there are an astounding number of options. I recommend using D-Bal for immediate strength gains. Below is a video of a reviewer who actually takes the time to tell you WHY it works, instead of just trying to talk about how strong he is and wasting time.

What is Up with All of the Recalls?

I have been spending a lot of time talking about, and trying to defend the world of supplements. Lately, it seems like something is being removed or is in finding itself in hot water. I have to wonder what is going on with this, I have been lifting weights for about ten years. I rarely remember hearing so many news reports condemning supplements and what they have done to people, what has changed from that point until this most recent year? Rising almost exponentially, more reports come in, with a recent report claiming that it lowers blood pressure to dangerously low numbers, especially when old people get a hold of the recalled products.

I keep hoping that we will see change happen but I am starting to lose hope. I want to see things go back to the way that they were about ten years ago. It is sad when I am scared to try as much new stuff, certainly not without doing my proper research on it. I also don’t enjoy feeling worried right after I try a new pre workout, fearing that I might be having an adverse reaction to another in a long line of mystery blends.

The FDA continues to bring about new regulations on business and I am ready for them to really get started on supplements, there has got to be measure of safety enacted that prevents the fearful stories we keep tell all of you. There has to be voices heard to stand up and say you can not get away with sneaking ingredients that are shady into your supplements. I don’t care if it takes me longer to lift weights, I would rather be safe than have to fear that I could end up throwing up or something gross. I also fear that too and I don’t believe that this fear is going to fully go away until I know that we have eliminated all or most of the shady products, it has to be tough to keep them all from popping up.

What really struck a chord with most of us was when some big name supplement companies start to draw the ire of the public. After that, we all became scared to fully invest our trust within the big name brands out there. After the major companies started to follow suit and take better precautions to show the public what they were doing, we all thought that it was safe. The mom and pop manufacturers were where a new challenge began to emerge, as they were being able to hide under a smaller brand.

Now, it is almost as if supplements were in the Wild West days again where it tough to find a proper law figure to strike down the hammer on the companies. The future does looks bright, as the FDA is bringing in more regulations to businesses like these that operate under practices that are causing dangers to the public, regardless of who is doing it. It is far too hard to pinpoint one business, this way the public can completely rest safe.  I miss the more boring days where it was hard to even find recent news about supplements, where you felt like you were in your own special little club. Nowadays, people are turning their nose up at people like us, who enjoy taking what we do to get results that others dream of. However, we continue to keep our head up.

Could Barcoding Lead to New Findings?

Scientists have been working hard on telling us what exactly is in the foods and supplements that we ingest. Normally, these barcodes were used to track food. The very thought of tracking food could sound kind of weird but there are important reasons that this would need to be done. For one, food is a product that makes companies money. The food made by these manufacturers is how their business turns a profit, so it makes sense why tracking of said product would be so widely used. However, it is getting to the point where we can not only track where food goes but also what is in it.

The latter part of what food tracking can be used for has some companies in upheaval. Even some consumers are giving a resounding no to this idea. As you look at some drawbacks to this technology, I can see why some are against this kind of tracking. First, the DNA barcoding system isn’t just a thing that you can peel off, like you would a sticker on your favorite fruit. Tests have determined that the barcoded food could be tracked, even after it was used to be only a base component of a mixed food product. As an example, this would be like putting a tracker into an apple and still being able to track it, after it had left another plant as an ingredient within a frozen apple pie! I personally think that we all we hear about contamination stories, we have all most likely ingested worse than a DNA tracker. I still think that certain groups of people will be up in arms over having edible tracking devices in their food.

Why there are opponents of this safety measure

I am still learning about all of this but I can’t imagine that they would stay in the system. I have to imagine that any kind of DNA barcode would pass through the system, as naturally as the food would. On a positive note, this could also bring about the end of supplement companies lying to the public about either: what is in their product or what their product can REALLY do for the user. There is still not enough concrete evidence to be able to tell what the final verdict on these tracking devices will be. It would definitely have a huge impact on both the food and supplement industry, it is just a matter of getting everyone to agree with making these changes actually happen. Personally, I wouldn’t mind worrying about consuming something made to track food, if it meant that I could know what I was getting. I have been fooled numerous times, especially when getting supplements, that I feel some liability should be of importance. This technology, in my opinion, will be about as big of a shock to me as those laser-etched codes on fruit and vegetables. We live in a world where we can go to one building and buy all of the food that we need, from sources all over the world.

Come on, is a little tracker really worth getting so upset over? Be thankful for all of the privileges that we have in the modern world, if we have our food changed a little bit, it isn’t the end of the world. If we take into consideration all of the conveniences we have, at this current point in time, dealing with a little change will not hurt anyone.