Could Pickle Juice End Muscle Cramps?

Don’t be sour, we are only speaking about a connection between pickles and cramping, achy and sore muscles. I am someone who had their first pickle at 28, if you can believe that! I can’t believe that I was missing out on such a tasty and healthy food this whole time. As someone who likes doing research (as you can probably tell by now), I wanted to learn more about what kinds of pickle flavors were out there. It was during this hunt, I found some mini bottles of pickle juice, said to be some kind of instant relief for muscle cramps. Looking further into this cure, there were even pickle flavored ice pops that were offering that same relief. Recently, my father was very ill and became dehydrated.

Thankfully, he is doing well now but, when the sickness got bad, his legs and fingers would violently cramp up. I believe that, due to the lack of water he was drinking, his muscles did not have what they needed to function properly. He has always loved drinking pickle juice and tried some to help alleviate what had become a scary symptom of his illness. One big bonus to using pickle juice to treat muscle cramps is not having to worry about extra calories and sugars, as pickle juice is usually calorie free.

pickles in bowl

As I have recently learned, the juice of pickles is high in electrolytes, essential for giving your entire body ready to stay moving. Certain brands will even contain higher amounts of electrolytes than many of the big sports drinks you will find. I have seen the mini bottles of pickle juice available online, although I wonder if it would just be cheaper to buy a big jar pf pickles and save the juice. If you are someone who suffers from muscle cramps, having a big jar of pickles nearby could get rid of that pain quickly. Before all of the information was released about pickle juice being such a sought after option for protection from aches and pains, I had another use for this wonder drink. Suffering from headaches, that often will progress into migraines, you know that I have tried many different home remedies.

Whereas most of these remedies couldn’t do too much to touch my headache, pour out the juice from some pickles that were in my fridge knocked out the pain in about ten minutes. If I hadn’t known better, I would have falsely assumed that this craze of pickle juice was all a bunch of hype. You aren’t just reading about one man’s discovery that pickles are great for anyone who is always on the go, science backs up these claims. It has been shown, in many different studies, that pickle brine is great for a remedy from sore and aching muscles, often resulting in painful cramps. If you are like I was for most of my life and have never tried a pickle before, be warned, it could be an acquired taste. One thing is for certain, you have got to be prepared that you will not be drinking a sugary sweet type beverage. If you do reach for a pickle flavored beverage to cure your cramps, be ready for a salty and sour tasting product that is best when drank quickly. You don’t have to be under the weather to enjoy this sort of treat, it will carry the most value for long-distance runners and hikers but can be used by just about anyone.

Certain Nature Valley Bars Have Been Recalled

Hey, it’s me again with another update on a recall that is going on that I needed to tell you about. There are a couple of varieties of Nature Valley bars that are currently being recalled due to possible Listeria being contained within them. This is a type of recall where the manufacturers are doing everything possible to fill in the public on this so that we can all be safe. I have been a big fan of the Nature Valley bars for quite some time and know that these recalls aren’t the best thing but they do happen. Don’t give up on the company itself because of something that was most likely out of their control. As far as I know, this recall is only affecting certain flavors of the Simply Nut and Protein chewy line.

Don’t Let a recall sour you, try these other flavors

If I hear any additional information about other kinds of bars being recalled, I will post it here for you. After all of the recall speculation dies down, I wanted to present some information about the bar flavors that I like, as you might end up enjoying them too! I will often grab some of the oat and honey variety of these bars, as you can get a variety pack for pretty cheap and they taste awesome. Nature Valley even offers a sweet and spicy chili bar, I am not quite adventurous enough to give those a shot. If you have had the chance to try the sweet and spicy chili granola bar, let me know how that tastes.

I know that a recent trend of chocolate being added to peppers has become popular but I don’t have the guts to combine sweet and hot, it’s just not a taste that I would be into. Adding to that, they are loaded with fiber and protein, which are two essential ingredients that anyone who cares about nutrition should be getting enough of throughout the day. Don’t let one story like this one, sour you from trying anything from this company. I have been purchasing these nutrition bars from the store, since around ten years ago and have never had so much as a single problem after I have eaten them. I also know that any company who puts the recall information out there, to be on the safe side, that this is a company that you can trust and stand behind.

I have heard it mentioned that the Clif bars have also been under a similar type of recall. I would have to say that the same is true of the Clif bars, as well as the Nature Valley bars, both companies make delicious and healthy options for those of us who need that on the go type of nutrition. I have seen some people go about making their own granola bars at home but this seems too tricky for me to attempt, I am just not that good of a cook.

yummy granola

I’m not as good as the pros!

I had actually tried making these bars in the past and I failed miserably at it. It was funny because the final results of my homemade granola bars looked like something out of a science fiction film, like an alien!  Let’s all put the pitchforks down and let these companies get this recall resolved and we can all go back to enjoying those delicious and nutritious treats before we know it!

Herbalife Grows Regardless of Claims

Herbalife is one of the most popular supplement brands out there, at the moment. This slow but steady rise to the top was not always something that would’ve been seen for this company. I remember some people going business-to-business trying to sell things from a catalog that had all kinds of Herbalife products in it. I didn’t take the bait, at first, and wondered what would become of this brand. I hadn’t heard anything about this company for a little while, until recently when I began to see a new supplement store pop up in my hometown. The store seemed different than other supplement stores, it was one that made smoothies ready to drink at their location. I noticed that they didn’t have a lot of products but most everything there was something that you could get on the go.

It took me a couple minutes to put two and two together but when I did I realized that this was a Herbalife store. Mostly, I had heard of them doing orders online or through catalogs and then never seen an actual store for this business before. As it turns out, Herbalife may be onto something as there has been another store pop up about 10 miles away from the first store that I talked about. The two stores, as far as I know, seem to be relatively successful. However, that doesn’t mean that there are not others who are so supportive of Herbalife. Questions were raised recently weather Herbalife was all it says it is when someone had accused it of being a scam. The future doesn’t look as bleak as you might think for Herbalife, as shares are actually starting to increase for the company. I believe this is due to more of the physical locations, as this is a big step forward for the company.

My Thoughts after trying their meal replacement

My wife had actually bought some of the supplements before and I had a chance to try them. I wasn’t really blown away by anything but I did like the protein powder. I have no idea what the prices were so I can’t really say if it was a good deal or not but being that my wife likes to hide things regarding finances from me, I’m not surprised. As Herbalife continues to grow, while facing such harsh allegations, the future for them still looks good. As years go by, we will be able to get a more accurate picture over how Herbalife plans to hold their own in a market filled with other supplement companies. I can’t speak for everything that they have but I really enjoyed the cookies and cream meal replacement shakes. I’m still not sold on them being my favorite supplement company, far from it, but I am curious to see what the future of Herbalife will be.

I think that if they can beat the allegations against them and continue to build more stores, they could really have a foothold in the supplement world. As more people continue to try out the increasingly large line of Herbalife products, we will have a better idea of the overall satisfaction of the people. I think that if you are a supplement company how people perceive your brand is one of the most important things that you can work on. Where do you stand on the issue of Herbalife, currently?

Oregon Football Players Know How to Eat Right

When I played high school football, I thought we had it made. With an awesome weight room and a nice little practice field, me and my fellow football players felt like champions. However, that was quite a few years ago and after reading about Oregon’s amazing collegiate eating program, I think we were ripped off all those years ago. Recently, Oregon faced a problem concerning which players are needed for which positions. As you know, offensive players are usually much smaller than their defensive counterparts. Needing to bulk up the offensive players fast, the state had a few tricks up their sleeve for how to get this accomplished.

Oregon knew something had to be done and they got into the budget to do it, with a huge sum of money at their disposal, they started an amazing program for their athletes. Looking like something out of a movie stars plan to look good for a new superhero role, the team had nutritionists to help keep the players on a meal plan. Also, at their disposal, was a group of cooks whose job it was to prepare meals for the players. If you had asked any of the players, I’m sure the consensus would be that this program is working well. The first players that I would ask would be the offensive players that I spoke about earlier who needed to become defensive players, due to conflicting player plans.

eat this way

This might as well be Oregon’s new meal plan!

As it turns out, these offensive players had no problem at all with being able to bulk up to meet the defensive requirements. Back when I played football, this is not something that was so easily done. We had no budget for food outside of our own money and certainly no nutritionist to help create meal plans tailored to our bodies. I do have to say that I love their current mentality, when it comes to their meal regimens. Their plan is simply to eat and this is one reason why I think simple plans always work best because their easiest to remember. People who are looking to have that body that they dream about would do well to take this advice, do like the Oregon team does and just eat. You don’t have to bust your belly every time you go sit down for a meal but come up with a plan and increase the amount of food that you eat gradually.

I promise you, the small improvements that are made to increase gradually will end up working out for you. Timing your meals and setting them to a schedule is another great component to any successful diet plan. By planning out your meals and setting alarm timers to them, you will condition yourself to follow this diet with complete accuracy. Back in the day, some low-budget pizza party would be as close as we could get to our school paying for our food, needing to grow a team of football players. I think that a lot of other schools had the same sort of plan in place as well, it looks as if Oregon’s is something seen as a revolution for its players. With so many people looking to have donations in place for uniforms and field maintenance, maybe we should be putting that money into some sort of meal budget for our players!

Tuna Cakes: A Great Bulking Snack

The name might not sound the most appealing, but if you give this meal a try, your muscles will be thanking you! Tuna is a bodybuilding superfood, there is no doubt about that. However, for someone who has been eating tuna for most of adult life, it gets a bit boring. I went ahead and bought some different spices and sauces to make this food more palatable but I would always find myself sick of it by the third helping. I am not even someone who started off hating tuna, like some will say. I have enjoyed this food for most of my life, let it be known that a bodybuilding diet will test just how much you really love a food. Eating something like chicken for dinner once a week is one thing but when you have to eat it 2-3 times a day, that favorite food could end up being a chore.

It’s time to break up the monotony of preparing another boring can of tuna with this recipe for tuna cakes, a great way to load up on protein throughout the day.

How I Personally Make this Meal:

Here is my take on this Tuna Cake Recipe, what you will need:

  • 2 cans of tuna
  • 2 eggs
  • Panko bread crumbs (1 cup)
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • Spices, various (I recommend a pinch of salt and pepper)

All you will need to do is mix all of the ingredients into a bowl. After that, make smaller sized patties, this recipe will probably make 4-6 good sized patties. From there, turn on your stove to medium and put those patties onto the pan, cooking for about four to five minutes, on each side. You should now have golden brown tuna cakes, congratulations!

Loaded with about 40 grams of protein, depending upon the size of the patties, you now have an easy to make snack that will bust down those daily protein limits. If you aren’t a big fan of tuna, which I wouldn’t blame you on, substitute that meat with another, like salmon or crab. Don’t expect this recipe to end up making you a fan of tuna, if you don’t like it right now, but it certainly will beat eating tuna out of a can! One way that I found to make these cakes easier to eat would be to add a dipping sauce. You don’t want to undo all of your hard work by picking something high in fat, like ranch. I would recommend using ketchup, if possible, as it is lower in calories and fat than most other dipping choices. If you do want to put a little less slack on your sauce choices, try Miracle Whip or tartar sauce.

There you have it, a quick way to prepare a protein-packed snack that will kick those cravings to the curb. As long as you pack some mints with you, there should be no problems with this snack that is loaded with the good kind of nutrition that an exercise enthusiast will love. The only drawback to this recipe is getting out that old and rusty can opener, think of it as a pre-meal workout! The next time that you are struggling to eat enough calories to effectively meet the requirements that you have to have, reach for a tuna cake. This food is quick to prepare, great for daily food cravings, and is very good for you!

How Strength Training Can Improve Lives of Diabetics

Being diabetic can be tough work. For one, you have to constantly monitor your blood sugar. Also, getting used to getting shots will become a thing of the past because you administer your own, on a daily basis! Dealing with eating certain foods and the amounts that you have portion out can be a lot of work. Symptoms of being diabetic are well known by the people that have this disease, but there is some hope, as a new study shows. As it turns out, there is something to be done that can help manage everything that comes with being diabetic and that is weightlifting. Having the right levels of blood sugar is the main issue that those with diabetes suffer from. The old way of managing these levels was to draw your own blood and get more insulin into it. The amount of glucose that is taken throughout the body has got to be closely monitored, to ensure that the diabetic person keeps their levels in check.

When you are lifting weights, levels of glucose and insulin start to stabilize and stay where they need to be. Weight gain, not the good kind, is something that diabetics can have happen to them. It is sad when this happens because, most of the time, this gained weight comes on suddenly, even if eating habits stay the same. A byproduct of doing something where you are going to sweat, like exercising, can cause people to shed body fat. This rapid sort of weight loss that comes from being new to exercising can really clear up the majority of diabetic symptoms. Not being a complete cure for this disease, it is good to know that it improves quality of life, generally speaking. I remember, when I first started exercising, the rate at which fat would drop off of my frame. I was never anyone who started out being obese but I was a little bit pudgy and it showed, when I looked at my face.

I had puffy cheeks that had always been bothersome to me, it made me looked like I weighed more than I really did. I was so excited to see my face finally start to thin out. As some weight that can be retained could be primarily made up of water, sweating can help to reduce water bloat, like what can happen with anyone who suffers from diabetes. Having a family member who is diabetic, I know the toll that it can take on your daily life. You can also be at a higher risk for other, more serious diseases from being diabetic for a long amount of time. This plays into another reason why you should be picking up a weight, lifting weights is known as a way to reduce those other diseases that can come from being a diabetic. I have heard from people that eating too much candy can bring about diabetes, I don’t think that this is the only factor.

Changing your eating habits becomes easier once you have a reason to do it. To see that your body shows off all of the effort that you have put into it, this is a great reason to watch your intake of sweets. I used to want to eat candy all of the time, until I started hitting the gym. The funny thing was that it wasn’t even that hard to change my eating habits, it just kind of came with the territory of living in a better way.

Fish Oil Supplements Not Nutritious for Muscle Building

Fish oil burps, one of the most disgusting things a supplement newbie will endure. If you hate having to deal with those nasty smelling belches affecting you, this news could change all of that. Some have been using fish oil supplements to build a higher rate of muscle, which could be giving them mixed results. I had always been of the impression that this supplement could help your muscles become less sore and had never heard of it being an actual muscle builder. I know for a fact that, when I did use one of these supplements that I would feel less soreness, both in duration and intensity. I am guessing that there will be people who will be stunned that this oil doesn’t do much to bring real lean muscle, but not me. I don’t know how misinformation can be spread among so many and be so believed about what this supplement can do. First, I can often find these capsules for super cheap at almost any general store. If fish oil was such a big muscle builder, do you think that it would still be so cheap? I am certain that there would be companies coming out of the woodwork to capitalize on these revolutionary findings. The thing is, that is not going to happen because this kind of oil isn’t something to rely on for sheer growth. If you care about the condition of your skin, there is a use for that which can be tied to fish oil.

truth about fish oil capsulesThis supplement can also do wonders for giving you energy but there is nothing to support any claims that you will grow new muscle with using fish oil. You should dig up that bottle of this supplement that you might have tossed into the dumpster because there are still many things that this stuff does well for you. Known to reduce instances of many common disorders, there should still be a place in your cabinet for this wonder of science. Since this supplement flies under the radar of many, not enough is talked about regarding the many things that fish oil does correctly. Perhaps the misconception that has become the subject of this post has started because of how often lifters talk about fish oil like it is gold. I have read the message boards when I was new to supplements and it seemed like every other new thread was about the wonders of these kinds of supplements. Whenever someone new would ask what supplements were to be recommended for a new lifter, about 75% of them would inform the world all about fish oil.

I have nothing against this wonder of the workout world, I just think that we could all dial it back a bit when gushing over what this stuff can ACTUALLY do versus what everyone tells us it will. Try to stay within the guidelines of the 1,000 mg limit. Unless told to do so by a medical professional, there is no real reason to go overboard with how of this oil that you use. Nothing that was released from these findings was new to me, it is still important the beginners become aware of this news. In the future, we could still discuss, as a community, how beneficial this fish supplement can be for you. We should watch what we say when it comes to this stuff being any kind of supplement to use for obtaining new muscle or growing what you already have.

Nutritional Supplements May Slow Hearing Loss

This isn’t always what we want to hear but your hearing is gradually going. Don’t be nervous about it, though, it is part of the aging process. There is hope, as studies are being shown that show certain supplements can actually slow the onslaught of hearing loss. Don’t go reaching out to blast that iPod on full volume just yet, this information has to do with those who are suffering from deafness. If you have anyone in your family tree that had a form of deafness, this report is bringing some positive advancements in that field of study. I have had a very mild form of being deaf, since I can remember. Going back to when they would have those hearing tests, I always panicked. I would break out in cold sweats, fearing that I might with of those all too famous beeps.

Everything is still in the early stages, so there isn’t much more to be said for what these findings hold. If it doesn’t quite bring about a cure for deafness, there are supplements to help slow it down and that is what counts. The degree to which this will numb the progression of loss of hearing will still remain to be seen. Being that one instance of this test seemed to have the opposite findings, still draws some questions. I look forward to finding out more about how this can change how more ailments can be slowed, while not getting rid of them, these are still huge findings.

It is comforting to read about supplements that are doing more good than harm. Learning about new ways supplements are advancing to prevent diseases gives me hope for the industry, overall. This could even end up preventing this hearing issue for a long while, if advancements start in early stages. The right nutritional choices should not just be made to appease guidelines, make them to enjoy life in a whole new way. Furthermore, check out the video down there that discusses more finding being made to use a supplement to help reduce degeneration of hearing, we are living in truly meaningful and astonishing times.

A Way to See What is In Your Nutritional Products

Whenever you choose to get something online, you could end up running into an issue with counterfeit products. This is something that has plagued the world of online supplements for quite a while. Something has been created that could help people realize if they have been duped or not. This innovation is a portable device that can actually detect if food or a supplement is bad. This could spell out trouble for companies that are in an industry where not much is currently being regulated.

There are no set plans for when this product will be released to the public. Being this early in development, it is also unknown what the price for this device will be. In the case where this device could potentially end up being affordable, I would think that supplement companies around the world would be collectively biting their nails. As we have heard, nutrition companies are facing tighter restrictions as more accounts of bad product are being told to the world.

This is a huge victory for those that don’t trust what companies say is in their product. Rather than having the budget and time to actually take something to get tested, now it can be done within the privacy of one’s own home. This invention has the potential to grow into a whole other level of popularity. With all of the latest technology, us being able to find more about what we take in has become astounding. Whether it be an application or what we wear, we are finding easier ways of knowing additional details about what makes up the food that we eat.

foodtracker29riWhat This Invention Means for You

The plans for this product to be used among consumers will be a little further down the line. Right now, the main emphasis for this invention is to be more used with businesses, on a larger scale. This does not mean that people will have to wait decades before the potential for it to be used in homes everywhere. Imagine being able to have technology within the palm of your own hand, literally, could change not just the way we eat, but the way that we live! I am very excited about hearing of this amazing innovation, so I wanted to let you all know about it too! Having the ability to take a couple of seconds to scan your food could also have an impact on various stores around the nation. One good thing about this news is that they too, just like the supplement companies, could come under closer scrutiny over the food items that they sell. We could even start catching recalls sooner than we do now. If someone could run their food through this device, it is very possible that any widespread contamination could be caught before it gets out of hand.

What do you think about the news of this new technology? Do you think that this will be something that you can’t wait to have? Or, on the other hand, do you believe that this is an inconvenience that will only grow to get on your nerves? No matter what you might think, be sure to let me know, I would love to get the opinions from all of you awesome people about this matter. As more information is released about this product, I will be here to fill you in on all of the cool updates that we will continue to see.