Review of Cotton Candy PR Breaker Supplement

A personal record is something that when you get it, you want everyone to know it. At least, that’s how I feel whenever I smash a new record. You might be more humble than I am about your achievements. There is a supplement that might be able to help you with your personal records. This supplement is called Materia and it’s made by the PR Breaker company. I don’t know who is behind all of these cotton candy supplements being available lately but I love it. I found that this supplement was one I could have drank a lot more of. However, for safety reasons, I stuck with the recommended serving size. Let’s also look at what ingredients are in this supplement. I often feel that knowing what is in a supplement will lead to a lot less questions, should any side effects occur. You will find citrulline malate in Materia, at a two to one ratio. There are 5000 milligrams of Creapure creatine in Materia as well. Creatine is an essential part of muscle growth.

Creatine is typically found in most meat products. However, vegetarians can have a tough time getting something that is so often found in meat. Having creatine within your preworkout means you are definitely starting off on a good foot. There is 3200 milligrams of beta alanine per serving of Materia. I love beta alanine because it is responsible for reducing acid build up in your muscles. There are 300 milligrams per serving of caffeine in Materia. I think that 300 milligrams should be more than enough for all serious lifters.

It is recommended that you only use this supplement on days that you will be lifting weights. If you take this supplement and miss a workout, you will have a bunch of extra energy for nothing. What this supplement works well for is decreasing fatigue. In addition, Materia can also help to bring about new muscle tissue growth. Those who lift weights for weeks on end will notice that it can be tougher to create new muscle. However, the ingredients in Materia combined with how well it energizes you should help those who have a tough time gaining sufficient muscle.

Tyrosine isn’t as often mentioned but it is an essential ingredient for a good pre workout. What this ingredient helps to do is to create dopamine. Dopamine is essential for you to function like you normally should. All in all, I think that PR Breaker has created a seriously good pre workout with Materia. I had not yet heard of this company before trying this supplement and let me say that I am impressed.

I will definitely be looking over the other products in the PR Breaker line very shortly. One thing is for sure PR Breaker takes pre-workout nutrition extremely seriously. This company has created one of the better supplements I’ve taken in a while. I almost forgot to mention the taste of cotton candy Materia. I thought that Materia was a great replication of the cotton candy that I have loved so much my entire life.

Picking A Box for the Fitness Enthusiast in Your Life

If you don’t know much about them, the subscription box has taken off like wildfire. At first, I only remember seeing these monthly boxes of goodies being catered to the nerdy crowd, of which I proudly consider myself. Now, there are boxes and crates loaded with monthly goodies for just about every subject you could think of and probably some none of us could imagine. While I could spend all day talking about the different kinds of subscription boxes, I want to get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the fitness themed boxes, that is what we are here for, after all. With that in mind, I’ve picked my personal three favorite boxes for you to have a look at. I chose the three picks below mainly due to the quality of the products, pricing, and different options that were being offered. Women, stick around as I have selected a special box for all of you below.
1st pick – Jacked Pack
One drawback of most of the subscription boxes out there would be the price. Sure, there are many different subscription services that offer their customers goodies at a reasonable price but many have me wondering if I want to pay that price every month, not the Jacked Pack, as it is very well priced. You’ll only have to spend about $15, in order to get 5-10 samples, provided by some very big named supplement companies. It’s important to note that all supplements will be sample sized, usually good enough for one or two servings. However, you are allowed to select which flavors of supplements you prefer, which is great, plus you also get to tell them what your fitness goals are. By knowing your goals, you won’t be getting supplements that don’t help you but products that are tailored to your goals.
2nd Pick – Strength Crate
If you have more of a budget to work with, you could want to go with the Strength Crate. While this box does carry a larger monthly price tag, you also get more with this crate. The first crate starts out at $59.95. The first crate that we mentioned had everything to do with supplements, the strength crate does offer a wider variety of products for you, not just limited to supplements. In one example crate that a friend of mine got, there was some really nice merchandise within it. You’ll have to forgive but not knowing much about Crossfit, some of the items were a mystery to me.
3rd – Barbella Box
As promised, for the women there is the Barbella Box. Loaded with monthly items that are only made for women to use, this gives all fitness-minded females awesome stuff delivered straight to them each month. What I really liked was that there were certain options made to where you could know the contents of your box, before receiving it. The biggest complaint that I see with certain subscription box companies is getting bad product or stuff that you don’t want. With the system put in place by the Barbella Box, you shouldn’t have to worry about what you’re going to get and if it will be good! Women all across the country don’t need to keep scrounging around, hoping to find something for them in stores, when you can use the Barbella Box and get cool stuff delivered right to your front door.

Review of Pre-Gro by iSatori

I’m so happy to be bringing you a new review of a pre-workout made by iSatori. Known as pre-gro, this supplement is primarily designed to be used before a work out. As far as I know, there are two flavors currently available for this product, one is mixed berry and the other is blue raspberry. I was able to try the mixed berry option and I’ll now present to you why I really thought of it. What nearly brought me to the floor, when I took my first drink of the pre-gro, was how close it had tasted to a certain red beverage that I had grown up with. I’m speaking of red cool-aid and I felt that the mixed berry pre-grow really seem to hit the nail on the head, as far as taste accuracy is concerned. Upon further mixing of the pre-gro, the supplement did seem to thicken up a bit in my cup which made the beverage less runny. When it comes down to energy, this one about knocked my socks off! I wasn’t sure if the quick hit of sudden energy would ever fully wear off, which it did in about four hours. The energy slowly tapered off, aligning perfectly so that I could still get to sleep that night.

The energy that I felt with pre-gro kicked in at about the 30-minute mark and didn’t let up for hours growafterwards, even after completing an intense bout of weightlifting! Talk about tunnel vision, as a testament to how potent this pre-workout is, I’ll tell you a quick story about what happened when I took it. When I was getting ready to start my work out I had felt like I could handle anything that was thrown at me. When I was doing some barbell rows, I felt so compelled to finish this lift that I had worked out through a song that normally I would’ve turned off right away. Although the previous sentence, may seem like a small perk to taking the supplement, I’m always checking what song is on so the fact that it was able to help me zoned out that much is heaping praise for pre-gro. Previously, I had never checked out many of the iSatori supplements and I now regret it because of how head over heels I am about pre-gro.

I’ve not gotten to check out the blue raspberry flavor yet but from what I’ve heard it is very delicious and I look forward to being able to try it soon. Apparently, it is said that the blue raspberry flavor tastes like a snowcone and I’m a big fan of those! One other item that I really want to brag on, as far as pre-grow is formulated, is that I had no crash after taking that supplement. After checking out the ingredient profile and seeing how much caffeine was in this supplement, I was nervous that I might end up calling it an early night but I was able to push on throughout the rest of my day, hours after my workout. I couldn’t quite decipher which berries were more apparent in the pre-grow product but the flavor was delicious. If you miss the days of having a nice glass of cool-aid, as an adult that isn’t always something happens very often, reach for a container of pre-gro. You won’t have a giant red man burst through your door but you may become bigger due to trying this supplement.

Should You Be Jumping More Rope?

Way back in the 80’s, Sylvester Stallone made a jump rope look really cool. You can picture that training vignettes where the Italian Stallion was training like a madman. Part of this training included busting out the good old fashioned rope. After binging these boxing classes, it got me to thinking, how useful is jumping rope, as part of a training regimen. Let’s learn together, as I bring to you the benefits of using a jump rope. Jumping rope is going to be perfect for anyone looking to add more cardio exercises into their routine. If you’ve never witnessed it, you get your work in by jumping repeatedly. I remember having to do some program in school, that required our entire gym class to have a big jump rope competition. Being that I was much skinnier back then, than I am now, I always enjoyed that special week.

If you were to stand two people, one using weights and the other using a jump rope, you would think that it would be safe to assume which one is straining themselves harder, however, looks can be deceiving. With the continued leaping you will be doing, it makes sense to think what toll this exercise is taking on your knees. Although it doesn’t appear so, jumping a rope is a very low-impact exercise for the legs, yet it still is awesome for burning off your caloric intake. As we all worry about how big our muscles are, we forget the main player in keeping us going, the heart.


Being a kind of command center, our hearts need to be exercised to stay in the best condition possible. While the heart is vital, when in our corner, when it isn’t getting treated in a good manner, it will let you know right away. If you are on board with trying some rearranging of your current sets, you’ll help to shock the body into adapting to this new event. Once you have learned how to properly jump rope (not something we all practiced), start out at a slower pace.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you aren’t able to keep that rope going for more than a minute, there is always time to improve and you will. I’ve found that the standard of what a jump rope is has changed, compared to what I grew up with. It’s news to me, but I’ve even seen metal jump ropes. To me, having something tossed around, while jumping in the air, seems like that is an accident waiting to happen. Wouldn’t you be upset if someone whipped a long metal rope into your eye, while you were walking to a juice stand? I rarely run into anyone using a jump rope while I’m visiting my fitness place that I go to, it’s as if the jump rope is from a by gone era.

I have to admit, within the confines of my own garage, I will still proudly jump rope. I don’t have to set aside an hour to get things going, like it would be if I hit the weights. While the rope I have, does collect dust from time to time, I still enjoy hopping up and down, just like my heart does! I’ll be insanely jealous of you if you learn that trick, where the rope goes from side to side, I’ve always found that exercise fascinating!


Crock Pot: Preferred Method of Bodybuilding Meal Prep

I have been wearing out my own slow cooker, not wanting to stand over a hot grill. The more manly men of us will love getting outdoors and feeling the heat of the warm sun on their necks, not me. Give me a cool air conditioned home with a cooker that I can turn on and leave alone. If you find that preparing a bodybuilder’s diet to be daunting, let me change your mind and show you just how easy eating for muscle can be when you use a crockpot.

One of the simpler to prepare meals would be a kind of spicy chicken meal that can do double duty, either as lunch or dinner. Only needing three ingredients, the preparation of this chicken dish won’t have to needing to write out a long list. Simply get some chicken (frozen or thawed, 2-4 lbs) and put it into your slow cooker. Along with the meat, pour in 2 containers of your favorite brand of picante sauce and add two cups of water. I will set my slow cooker to high and cook it for four to six hours, depending on how hungry I am. I drew an odd stare from my dinner guests, after the meal, when I answered a question of how simple the food was to prepare.

Chicken doesn’t have an extremely long shelf life, once in the refrigerator, you’ll want to consume this within two to three days. What I’ve found to pair well with the spiciness of this chicken dish is a nice chocolate dessert. Now, the strictest diet requirements of some will not make this a meal that can be had by anyone, it isn’t going to be a healthy choice, by any stretch of the imagination. However, this is great for getting in extra calories, as this crock pot chocolate cake will have you wanting seconds. There are more ingredients that you will need for this dessert but the sweet aroma that will linger throughout your home will more than make up for the ingredients list.

For this sweet treat, you’ll need to get cake and pudding mix and basically prepare them individually, before pouring into the slow cooker. As far as cooking times go, you won’t want to forget a bread dish, which is what this cake consists of. I prepare the cake on low for about 4 hours, with monitoring times where I get up and open the lid about every thirty minutes to an hour. If you are bored with bland meals, repeated endlessly, this dinner and dessert combo is a great way to knock some life into your meal planning. Men and women, this can also be used as a great way to impress a date, let them think that you are a master chef when it only took you minutes of preparation. The last meal is one that I hold very near and dear to my heart and not one that I give out easily.

For the last recipe, you will need a store bought ham, made ready to eat, brown sugar, water, and spices of your choosing. Throw that hefty ham in the crock pot, with the rubs and brown sugar on low for as long as your nose can stand it. Another simplified take that, with a slow cooker, can be done in hours while you sit and relax. I don’t lie when I tell those I know that my crock pot is the most used kitchen gadget in my home. You can’t beat the simplicity of being able to throw your food into a slow cooker and being able to go on about your business.

New Food Management Apps I’ve Been Using

Even though, talk of various fitness apps have been spoken of, don’t you agree that there are always new apps for better lbschanges being made? It is crazy to remind myself that, not even ten years ago, a cell phone played no real part in exercise. I can recall seeing signs hanging up, wherever I would go that wouldn’t even allow cell phones to be on your person, while around equipment. Fast forward to today, where the cellular phone is now the king of how we live our life. From checking your emails, texting, you name it and there is probably an app made for any purpose. We don’t want to know about every app ever made throughout the history of time, we want to know what will be true aids in your corner.

The first app I have to mention is called Buddy, well that is how it is pronounced anyway. To be more proper, the Bvddy app will help you to get you a friend, woo hoo! Not really my cup of tea but I could see the usefulness of this application, matching you with like-minded fitness enthusiasts. I can remember times where I had wished for this app, while I was lifting on an odd schedule, with no one around to spot me. What makes this app unique is that matches are based on different criteria. For example, wouldn’t it be awkward to meet up with another person, but neither of you even do the same exercises. Matching up a bicyclist to train with a 20+ year weightlifting veteran is a situation where those two probably wouldn’t have a lot in common. Flipping things around, if you match up two runners, you already have a major hobby locked down. Even going as far as to match based on workout experience levels, the company behind Buddy should be seeing a larger following. Use this app to get partnered up with a person who knows that they concentrate on their diet, no risk of going out for fast food.

Next, is an app that offers a transformative approach, being called Couch to 5k. As you can guess, the concept behind this app is to turn anyone from a couch potato to being able to compete in a 5k run. Not primarily running, I have only just now started to use this program and it is great at being able to work with any fitness level. I hate when trying to run different running applications, only to be feeling like I was being silently judged. Remember developers, sometimes beginner really does mean that one could be just first beginning to attempt a way of fitness because of downloading your app. I really have a greater sense of what I am capable of, when I am provided with the kind of detail that Couch to 5k has. Integrated are impressive trackers, a big plus of this app is that works with all levels of familiarity with this hobby. Over the course of time that I have spent with this program, it does start to seem like you have your own personal trainer. Goals are attainable and I never feel like I am being pushed too hard or having it all be too light, just the perfect blend of variety for me. Keeping your diet in check can also start to be accomplished with this app, which you know I am all about.

With these awesome programs, you shouldn’t be in short supply of interesting updates to implement to your next update. Be on the lookout for more notifications on how innovations continue to give us the joy of easier (almost effortless) management of all the activities that we do.



What Benefits Does Kettlebell Training Offer?

Looking like something out of an old-time bodybuilding book, the kettlebell is one of the most underrated ways to really feel the burn. Sure, they look like what an old cartoon villain might use to the old fashioned hero but get the preconceived notions out of your head and you might find a new way to strength train. Why we see so many shy away from proper kettlebell training, as part of ones lifting regimen is because of a big misunderstanding. I’ll speak from my perspective, I never even thought of using a kettlebell because I didn’t know how to. I mean, I can look at this device and see how to hold it but from there, I never really knew how to perform the actual kettlebell exercises.

kettlebell pair

Beyond that, I was far too experienced of a lifter, in my own mind, to ever ask someone around me for their knowledge. I wished that I didn’t have that attitude and would just learn that it is normal to ask someone for help, a mistake that had me missing out on using a kettlebell for years. I thought that using something like a kettlebell was so overwhelmingly confusing that I would never see myself sticking to using it regularly. Another point that I made to myself was that some of the exercises I would see people use the kettlebell for looked downright painful. Later on, I realized there was really no pain associated with lifting with kettlebells, another irrational fear that I had created for myself. Core training is one of the most essential types of strength to have, it is sad how many of us don’t utilize it in our own training.

More than just a hype train!

I used to think that training your core was some silly gimmick made to sell magazines, I was wrong about that. Not just for the elite, core training is a type of muscle groups that, when targeted, can reap benefits for almost every other muscle that you train. If you are one of the macho men that rule out training with a kettlebell as too “out there” for you, you really are missing out on a fun change in pace to the same old mundane workout. Versatility keeps folks coming back for more of the type of training that is old school, while still offering so many different movements to carry out. A drawback of traditional weightlifting with using a barbell is that it is hard to move around. I have lost track of the times that I would have to bend down and take all of the weight off of a big and bulky dumbbell, only to end up bumping into a wall or machine, how embarrassing! With a kettlebell, it is still heavy enough to where it takes a bit of elbow grease and sweat to move it but you don’t feel as tied down, like you would with a long barbell.

The next time that you are perusing a sporting goods store, in desperate need of something to reignite your love for training, check out a kettlebell. Take the time needed to learn how to do some of the exercises that are specially made for this underrated piece of workout equipment, you will be happy that you did. There are some great books that detail all of the ways that you mix up different kettlebell methods, to get the most of this classic way of training that has been building champions for decades.

Are Weightlifting Belts Really Worth Getting?

Something that always intrigued me, when I first started getting serious about training, was the belt that I saw some guys using. I thought that it looked goofy when I first saw it but I wondered if it was really helping with anything. It turns out, I am not alone on wondering if the belt that weightlifters wear is actually doing anything at all. I mean, I will put that belt on if I am doing any kind of lifting that involves any strain on my back. Other than that, it will sit out collecting dust on a chair in my garage. I had been told (incorrectly, I might add) that the primarily job of the weight belt was to help keep your back in line with the rest of you. As it turns out, this belt is actually designed for protecting your abdominal muscles from pulling or straining too much.

This got me thinking, if I use the weight belt on only back lifts, are others doing the very same thing? From what I found, most of us only look to use the belt when we are lifting at a heavier range. Those kinds of lifts where your jaws clench, you make a silly face, and a yell or two might just escape you. I was also shocked to find out what large groups do not use the belt at all. I admit, I do look and feel a little bit funny while wearing one of these around but I like not having to worry about straining anything in my stomach. One of the worst feelings you can have is an abdominal pull. I have had this happen to me and I was bedridden for about four days. You really take for granted everything that your stomach muscles help you do, once they stop helping as much. If you look at some facts and figures, pulling an abdominal muscle is one of the most common injuries that sideline sports stars from competing. However, thinking of how much they exert themselves throughout any given season, the causes for the various injuries they suffer could be brought on by a number of causes.

The best explanation that helped me the most with understanding when to use a weight belt was to wear it when lifting heavy. What happens when you wear a weightlifting belt for the entire duration of your workout is you put more emphasis on the belt itself and less on your muscles doing some of the work. This leads to a weaker core, which can be disastrous, should you put too much pressure on yourself. If you enjoy being able to add your own touch to customizing what you wear, you can easily do that with a weight belt. Although, the artistic direction that you take with your own is of your choosing, you could paint a bland belt to make it look better. Just be sure to use waterproof anything when adding some extra personality to your belt, you don’t want the sweat to make the colors bleed through onto you. Also, leaving a streak of color on whichever machine you decide to use could leave some staff members with a headache from thinking of how much cleaning up they will have to do! No matter what you choose, put a little thought into considering a weightlifting belt. You might feel that you look silly but that is nothing compared to how you would look ripping the wall of your stomach!

Recent Impressions of PEScience Erase Pro Plus

Better than sitting around and having to eat boring and plain old veggies for every meal, sometimes a supplement is just the right thing to make your life a little easier. PEScience has aimed to try and come up with something to do just that, make it easier for you to lose body fat and without the need for a big change-up of your normal diet. Reducing your cortisol levels is one way, that many have agreed, will speed up the amount of weight you lose. Erase Pro Plus has something called KSM-66, that I believe is exclusive to their product alone. What KSM-66 does is help to keep all of your hormones in a more natural state of balance. If there is too much cortisol in your system, the KSM-66 would help to get that removed, as quickly as possible.

Not everyone will want to use this, if I am being honest. There will be a certain group of people that will really benefit from it and a large number of us that won’t. That tight-knit group will be those that are more concerned with looking more conditioned. From what I have found out, Erase Pro is a supplement that can be used by itself, or stacked with the recommend products for even more shedding of fat. Whether you feel comfortable stacking this one, will be your own decision. I would try this, on its own, and see how you feel about that feeling being stronger, that will determine if you want to stack Erase Pro with something or not.

If I can go back to the KSM-66, even though this probably sounds unfamiliar, there is more to this ingredient than you might think. As it turns out, there is some really significant information that verifies just how well this ground-breaker can help balance you out. If you have already been in shape for at least a year, Erase Pro will be aimed at you. If you are obese and needing something to give you night and day results, in terms of weight loss, this will not be strong enough for you. On the other hand, if you are just wanting to make your abs a bit more pronounced for that upcoming vacation, this would be more for you. As of my most recent trip to a big bodybuilding website, they had its price as $49.99 for 60 capsules, which comes to about $1.60 per serving, which isn’t that bad. There are more cost effective options, when looking at similar products, but this one does really work better than most.

Hopefully, Erase Pro sticks around for a while. With so many newer supplements being pulled, I hope that this one avoids that kind of event. Being that it is made by a company that is definitely not new, that helped to calm me down about trying Erase Pro Plus. I look forward to seeing, what I expect to be, a ton of good reviews going to that section, which is, admittedly, quite barren right now. If any of you, like me, have tried this one early, let me know what it did for you. I know that there were no reviews to be found for this from where I got it, so I just wanted to know if anyone else had given this one a shot. I wasn’t able to get a better picture of this one, so I will have that up very soon! The amount of sunlight beaming into where I take pictures was way too bright today!

How Steroid Alternatives Really Work

When trying to find what results that you want to obtain, you have to figure out how much time you want to give to training. There will be times where you might want to see progress occur at a faster rate. While there are others who want to take more caution and don’t mind waiting a longer time for results. No matter where you stand on this issue, I am someone who would prefer to get more strength gains in a quicker amount of time. If you feel the same way that I do, there are definitely shortcuts that you can take to start packing on more muscle. The first kind of supplement that I would recommend looking into what gets good reviews and ratings. If I see something that has a bunch of one star reviews, I will typically avoid it. People are always going to say what they like and what they don’t, in this day and age, so keep that in mind. I don’t suggest that you try to take anything that is going to hurt your body in the long-term. Most of the sports nutrition products that I look for have to have some natural ingredients.

I used to not be so smart and would take almost anything if I thought that I could add muscle onto my body. After I made the switch to the best legal steroids that I tracked down, I got into way better shape. If you want to take something that will be a little bit easier on you, I would be sure to watch the food that you are eating. You would probably be surprised at just how good of shape that you can end up being by just watching what you eat. One thing that I want to point out: building muscle faster is not all done when you physically workout. A lot of people think this and is honestly one of the biggest myths out there. If you are taking in the vitamins that your body needs after a workout, you can lift weights until the sun goes down, you just won’t be able to pack on more muscle or get bigger any faster. I have heard this kind of thinking all around the gyms that I have been to over the years, and it is just rubbish. You have got to be able to give your body the energy that it needs and that will not come from just lifting really well but eating very poorly.

steroids containing legal ingredients

Making the commitment to truly change the way that your body looks is something that you will not regret doing, but no one said it would be easy. That being said, there are some awesome ways that you can really take down the time that it will take for you to really start seeing your muscle gains getting better. Stick with the plan that you choose to make in order to get stronger. If you want to use something that is going to give you quicker results, you may have to stick to a more strict regimen, as far as your supplement and nutrition choices are concerned. If you are someone, who, on the other hand, who is cool with getting your progress at a bit slower rate, I completely understand that as well. Always know that there can be many paths that you can take when it comes to becoming more fit and active, just be sure that you are choosing the right one. By doing this, you will have made your path to getting the figure that you want a much simpler and faster one!