Reasons You Should Have More Milk in a Diet

While it might not be the drink of choice for most of us, milk should be a very important piece of your food plan. I hear you saying that milk is high in calories and fats, how could it possibly help me achieve a better body? Milk is a beverage that is full of calories, this is true but looking closer at what makes up this dairy product, you will begin to see why milk is a better choice for you, than you have previously thought it was. The main reason why I love drinking as much milk as my stomach can handle is, in part, due to it being a great way to gain weight. People who say that are sick of being scrawny are likely consuming large quantities of soda, when the answer is right in front of them.

I enjoy a great cola as much as the next person but if you don’t want to be small, ditch the soda for a big glass of milk. When compared to soda, both drinks will be high in calories but milk adds protein and fat, whereas soda only adds carbs and sugars. If you don’t like the taste of regular white milk, there are many various syrups and powders you can use to make the drink taste more like something you want to have. You know about the chocolate and strawberry flavors but there are some more wild ones that I’ve seen, including: banana, cotton candy, and even blueberry! Regardless of what flavor you choose to have, what should be taking place is that you are drinking milk, in one form or another. Besides being a great way to get extra calories and an excellent source of protein, milk also contains many different vitamins.

One that I’ve heard many arguments over is Vitamin D. It almost seems like the entire public opinion has shifted, from once loving this vitamin to it now being seen as something of a troubling ingredient. I would hate to talk up a vitamin that is being studied so closely right now, so I will instead mention some other vitamins in milk that you should be getting the right amount of. Naturally, it makes sense that milk is usually recommend at a top way to get bigger. You have likely heard for years that milk will do nothing but make you fat, of course, this isn’t entirely true. To say that any food or drink will make you fat is kind of a nonsensical thing to say, anything can fatten you up, provided that you have enough of it. If you want to limit your intake of milk, that is entirely possible to do. A great thing about milk is that you won’t need to drink glass after glass to reap the benefits that it will give you, one serving does pack quite a powerful vitamin and nutrient punch! Whether you prefer as part of a shake, to help get down the taste of milk, or, if you prefer to have it straight up in a glass, either option will be great to make use of. One thing that I would suggest to those who are wanting milk but can’t stomach drinking it would be to make a milk cake. I’ve only had this delicacy once before, so I have no clue how to make it. Perhaps, the cooks that are reading this can whip up a nice little recipe. I wanted to bring up the milk cake because it tastes amazing and can be an easy way to sneak some beneficial milk into your diet.


Understanding What Niacin Truly Does

By now, niacin is certainly leading the way for many canned items that you will see at your local gas station. What isn’t as well known is that this mysterious niacin ingredient is actually a form of a B vitamin. For anyone who assumes that vitamins aren’t strong enough to fully get you ready to start the day, think again! What you should know is that you can get too much of this energy booster, it’s always important to know when you could be heading for disaster. There are many benefits that niacin is responsible for, while a vast majority of people don’t even realize how much healthier this vitamin is making them. For anyone who might want to ensure that their brain is in good shape, niacin provides increased mental clarity. I prefer sometimes using video games, as a form of improving my hand to eye coordination. There are even games that you can play now that help with only improving your brain, many of the popular ones can be found on mobile phone application stores.

Niacin can be found in a vast array of assorted food and drink products. While niacin can help you become more energized, you won’t want to end up taking too much of it. One bad side effect that can come with using pre workouts is that you get both itchy and tingly, some look to these symptoms as signs a product is effective, while others hate those feelings. You should get some small degree of comfort from knowing that not everyone using niacin will feel tingling and itchy. The last thing that you want anyone to think of you, while in the gym, is that you are someone who is bouncing off of the walls while scratching your neck. It is likely instead of the next best lifter, you’ll appear more like Tyrone from Chappelle’s show. It is nearly impossible to fight off such urges to want to scratch at phantom itches that come up quickly, you need a good brand of niacin to use to avoid all of that.

feelings when you have niacin

Tyrone can lift anything!

What I would advise you to do is to look for a niacin supplement that is time-released, you don’t want a full dosage of niacin to rush into your body. In other cases, it is perfectly acceptable to need a supplement that is going to hit the body at a fast rate. You could be shocked to learn that vitamin B3 is just another name for niacin. You can put down those energy shots, as you can get actual vitamin B3 from many foods. It is always wise to take a close look at what you are eating daily right now, this way you can ensure that adding more vitamin b3 into your regimen will be safe for you. The last thing that you want to do is end up getting way more niacin that what is required for proper daily functioning.

Most of the capsules that contain niacin will be completely vegetarian safe but it is important to double check your labels, always take heed that you are not going to compromise your own personal beliefs, all in the name of being energized. Be aware that another effect of too much niacin will be headaches, sometimes ranging from slightly troublesome that can lead to full on migraines. Provided you watch what you’re doing, you are likely to gain the ability to tackle tasks with niacin.

Symprove is Destined to Take Over

It isn’t often that I speak about supplements for your skin but I figured that I can make an exception here. I’m not talking about those jars of skin cream that you likely have all over your bathroom counter. Neither am I talking about any sort of capsules that are promoted to being The best thing since sliced bread. Taking its foundation more from science and studies than it does from catchy gimmicks, Symprove is really starting to make waves in the fitness community. Primarily made for helping with stomach discomfort, this new supplement has been shown to take leaps and bounds over helping your symptoms. The wonders of Symprove don’t just end with helping your stomach feel better, there are also findings that show the supplement could have a wide array of benefits for its users.

For most supplements, we usually measure their success related to what they can add onto you. With Symprove, it’s effectiveness is solely based on the bad ailments that this product can take away. If you’ve spent any time reading about this new supplement, you’ll be aware that there are really good viewpoints being shared, in regards to the effectiveness of Symprove.

Skin issues can affect anyone, to make matters worse, they are usually something that can be hidden, especially when they are on parts of you that are seen by the entire world every day. Probiotics are an ingredient that you most likely skipped over on your yogurt container but these forms of bacteria are actually good for you. What are usually see in probiotic supplements is that they are made to make digestion become much easier. Symprove has stepped up to the plate by including not just one, but four forms of bacteria and it’s ingredients, making it pack quite the probiotic punch. Many people have to bear the brunt of the blow of having stomach digestion problems.

It is hard for someone to find a good balance of eating the right foods and staying happy, when you throw digestive issues into the mix. I remember that I used to have an odd problem with being able to digest my food that left it coming up in the form of vomit. After having some unbearable mornings, where I would be having food come up that I had him last night, I knew something needed to be done. Ever since those fateful mornings where I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, I found probiotics and I have enjoyed being able to have normal mornings.

What If I Need other ways to heal myself?

If you find that you are a bit strapped for cash, I would still recommend just getting the probiotics from a container of yogurt. However, if you feel that you need to take your digestive problems to the next level and get them fixed, you could easily noticed that Symprove could improve your life. Especially as we have just all taking our Thanksgiving time to spend with our family and friends, having a good probiotic in your bag could make you feel extremely pleased. Having a supplement that will regulate, not just how you digest, but the way you mentally feel is truly a sight to behold. In the past, I have shrugged off probiotics as a fad that would soon pass. Now, I find that I cannot go a day without enjoying how much easier I am able to digest my food, thanks to wonderful probiotics.

Being Everyone’s Favorite Gym Goer!

So, you’ve just been asked to go to the gym with someone you know and are panicking. Follow these rules and everyone else that goes to that fitness center will be loving you in no time! I’ll often see how to spot someone get very confused. The key to being an effective spotter is that you’re helping the person and not doing all of the work for them. It can be very tough on anyone’s morale to not be able to push the way that they need to, but knowing where strength and balance lie and it is a big part of effectively creating new strength.

When it comes time to spot someone, place your hands around the weight so that you’re ready to take it from the other person, at a moment’s notice. However, you don’t want to push or pull the weight for the other person, giving them a false sense of strength. I’ve seen bad spotter backfire quickly, once they leave and the person has to put up the strength for themselves. Needless to say, it wouldn’t take long before you heard weights clanging around and someone was in a panic because they needed help getting a heavy barbell of their chest. If you’ve got someone you know who is putting up the weight that you’re not sure you will, alone, could accurately spot and recruit other gym members to help out.

Likely, many will understand the situation that you are in as no one wants to see any kind of serious injuries occur. Another rule that I wish more gym members would follow is this one, even if you’re not with anyone else, help those around you/ I know that I’ve had to ask for help, and few awkward situation, while most have been generous to help, I’ve also had a few look at me like a deer in headlights. Last time I checked, we’re all here to try and get bigger so I figure that we might as well help each other during the process. You always want to encourage every lift that your partner completes, it’s really great to help keep them motivated.

Also, it is likely that when it comes time for you to do your lifting, that somebody will be able to motivate you to go further than before. This next role sounds a little bit idiotic but you would be amazed at the people I’ve dealt with before, make a schedule that works for other gym goers. You won’t get too much done, when dealing with a person that can’t commit to meeting you at a set time and date.

I used to work out with someone who would constantly run late or not even show up, often doing both without so much as a courtesy phone call. It really aggravated me to be dealing with someone that could not keep up with such simple commitments, if you can’t follow a simple schedule and you really don’t want to commit to the other person. What will likely happen is that too many commitments will come up and it will likely end up causing some damage to a friendship that could’ve been avoided just by being honest with the other person. if you are a good gym goer, it will create more instances where other people follow the good example that you’ve set. It’s likely your buddy is really excited that you have chosen to go and exercise with them, so you should definitely be a supportive friend. Finally, be happy about making the gym trip with a friend, you don’t want to hurt their feelings but acting like they are putting you out by asking a simple favor.

Which Meal Plan Matches Your Sport?

No matter if you are someone who plays sports, merely for fun, or an experienced professional athlete, what you eat is what you fuel your body. As vastly different as one sport can be from another one, you have to make sure that you are following the right meal plan.

Let’s use football, for example, the defensive players will need a high amount of both protein and calories in their meal plans. Most defensive will want to gain as much weight as possible, provided that they can still run for a fair amount of time and don’t get winded easily. Things change a little bit when we look at the offensive line. Offensive players will do more running across the field, and will need to change their meals accordingly. Defensive players will want to mix protein and carbs in a way that they have enough energy to not burn off their muscle, but not eating so much that they gain fat and start getting slower.

You can start to figure out the base plan of what you need to take in, just by looking at popular athletes and their respective sports. Basketball players are almost always leaner than people in most other sports. Basketball players will not be tacking anyone (at least they shouldn’t be), and their diet will consist more of carbs and have less fats and protein. If you were under the impression that swimmers don’t need to eat very much to do well in their sport, take a look at Michael Phelps (pictured below).


If you haven’t heard about it yet, go and have a look at his diet while he was preparing for the Olympics. Phelps was on an infamous diet that consisted of around 10,000 calories a day! This is because swimming, while being one of the best exercises you can do, works so well because it burns a ton of calories. Throw in the fact that Phelps was competition at the highest level possible, and you can see why he needed the calories that he did! It is important to know that not everyone who consumes a mass amount of calories matches the image that might come to your mind. The image of some overweight person who has a food addiction cannot be more far from the truth. Due to the activity level that some athletic types can be under, they will always need a larger amount of calories, in order to maintain their shape versus the average person that really doesn’t exude the effort needed to burn off said calories. If we look at amateur wrestling, this is a sport where the wrestler will need to stay at a set weight level.


For this, you have to really take note of almost every calorie, especially before a match is set to happen. I actually knew someone that was a star in high school wrestling, he would actually wear hoodies in the summer if he needed to cut weight. Some of the methods that he used to make weight were more than a little bit extreme, so I can’t say that I want to mention too many of them, in case someone read this and wanted to try them. No matter what sport that you could be competing in, set yourself up for success by picking a meal routine that is matched up well for the sport that you choose.

Big Nutrition Changes Coming to the EU

In the United States, there seems to be steps being taken that lean towards increased regulations nearly all of the time. One big way that people were getting nutrition products that they wouldn’t normally get in America was to break the rules and get it through another country. Although it does happen, it is not something that I would advise that anyone go about doing, especially now. Usually, people would hop on their computer and get something from Europe. Well, it looks like that, for anyone who is brave enough to take those risks, that may soon be coming to an end. We have heard different things all across the board about the recent bad press that the nutrition world has endured. I would have thought that we world see changes elsewhere, but nevertheless, they have finally arrived in Europe.


Recently, there has been talk of getting around to increased regulations for Europe. Now, it looks like what is starting to take place is more than just talk. This does seem like something that could really start giving the average consumer more reliable information over what they are taking, but it does hurt a small group of people and that would be the store owners that sell these kinds of products. With these new laws going into effect, they really change the way that a supplement can be advertised. For example, certain products will have little to no regulation over what can be said about them. However, other products, like intra-workout products, will have to be highly restricted altogether about what can be said for them.

I think that these tighter regulations will be a good decision. Although, I do understand that some stores may have to adjust to this, for everyone else we start to get more truth. There have been so many different kinds of products that just do not do whatever they are saying that they claim to. From the odd before and after shots to the amount of weight you will lose within a week, it is easy to see why something had to be done. I also think that this is just the beginning of what will come as far as the changes to be made by Europe. Also, this could be just the start of other countries tightening up what will continue to happen in the supplement world. I look forward to us really being able to achieve total transparency for the world.

One reason that it is to be said that these regulations are occurring might not be the reason that you think. It turns out, that some are feeling that athletes being heavily injured could be a cause for concern. I would not think that this could be something that was such a main factor in these regulation increases. There have been so many cases of people suffering from long-term side effects that I was almost positive that this would be the main reasoning behind these decisions. No matter what might have been said to lead to the decisions that were made, I am happy that they have occurred. Hopefully this will be the year that the number of unnecessary hospitalizations and worse fates occur. If you want to find out more about what is going on be sure to check the website of your proper department to check what regulations are relative to where you live.

The Battle Against DMAA: What Happened to This Ingredient?

DMAA: The Start of A Super Popular Ingredient


If you have been using any kind of workout supplements for the past few years, you have probably heard about the big DMAA news that rocked the entire fitness world. Recently, DMAA had been a common ingredient in many different types of pre workout products. I am pretty sure that even the whole world of fat burners started to get taken over by this ingredient as well. It was for a long time that you would get so used to seeing this ingredient in certain supplements, that you would probably casually look right past it.

I think that this was something that we all began to do. For a couple of years, DMAA kind of had a stronghold over a big portion of the supplements that we were taking. It seemed as if there were certain people who were not so keen on using this ingredients. The various fitness forums and message boards out there were always taking about this ingredient, at one time or another. As the popularity of this supplement grew, there was trouble on the horizon.

The Controversy Begins

The controversy seemingly started out of nowhere, when it began to show up that this ingredient was popping up on sports tests. People began failing these ingredients and then the bad tide of events started rolling in from there. A few sneaky companies had even started to promote the fact that this substance was banned in sports, in order to sell more of the product. I thought that this was a pretty sneaky little move that this company did.

After that, things began to get a little bit more serious regarding this ingredient. It was reported that there were some really bad results that people were having regarding supplements containing DMAA. At first, it was being seen as more hospital visits being reported and then a couple of major news stories sealed the fate of this one time powerhouse ingredient. A few people came into serious medical trouble and this ingredient was something that they were using at the time of these various medical problems. Needless to say, it was only a short time after that, that this ingredient came under fire and was shortly banned thereafter.

Supplement companies were given a date that they were have had as much of their product containing the DMAA to be sold.  After that, you saw a bunch of really quick sales. A select few of the lucky ones online who were deal savvy were actually able to really stock up on all of this product after the ban had been announced. I, myself, am kind of disappointed that I did not stock up on this sale and this is a big issue that I face. I think it is also something that the entire supplement consumer base is facing as well.

Are the Risks Worth the Reward for Some Supplements?

Are the results that we get or the way we feel when we use a good supplement worth the potential risks that we are taking? I am not saying this is always the case, but I have to say, I think I am completely ok with taking some risks. This might not be the smartest opinion but I know that if this happened again and those sales were occurring, I would try and be the first one there to stock up!