Reasons a Supplement Might Get Recalled

Each year more people begin using a supplement, only to have their worlds torn apart when they find out an important piece of information. This information would be a recall and it happens to supplements all of the time. However, it’s important that you understand just why these recalls happen. Finding that you’ve been using something that is deemed unsafe for shelves is a bad feeling to have. However, a recall doesn’t always mean that you particular supplement is affected. Let’s go over various reasons that supplements can be recalled.

Reason 1 – Unsafe Ingredients

This one is a biggie and the most often reason that a supplement gets recalled. There are times when a company unknowingly uses an ingredient that is found to be unsafe. As you know, getting a supplement ready for market can take a long time and involve many steps. A supplement company may have created a product that was perfectly safe months ago but once it hits the shelves, it must be recalled. Actions are being taken to ensure that supplements are currently being made with more transparency concerning their ingredients.

Reason 2 – Manufacturer Voluntarily Recalls

informed decisions

This situation isn’t always alarming as a recall for unsafe ingredients. In most situations where a manufacturer voluntarily recalls a supplement it is because a small contamination has been found. Only a few supplement batches could be affected but it’s a smart move for companies to recall large portions of potentially affected batches. If you have a supplement that has this kind of recall on it, it still isn’t recommended that you keep using said product.

Reason 3 – Company Goes Under

If, for whatever reason, a company closes their doors, you can rest assured that their supplements will leave shelves. Sometimes, if a company knows that it is going out of business, you can find really good sales on their products. However, it’s essential to remember that buying these supplements will probably be the last time that you do it. Considering that most supplements do expire, it isn’t wise to buy more than a year’s supply. Also, you’ll need to realize that, since this company is going out of business, don’t expect to get through to a customer service department for return purposes.

Overall, having a supplement that is currently be recalled can be a scary time. A nationwide recall can occur if unsafe ingredients were found in a supplement. However, unsafe ingredients aren’t always intentional it is just that supplement companies may have used an unsafe ingredient when it was previously allowed. If you’ve seen a supplement disappear, only to come back a month or two later, it is usually because the ingredients have been changed.

There are also times when a small scale recall can occur because of a smaller outbreak. These recalls won’t necessarily affect every single supplement and may only concern a smaller batch. If a company goes out of business, their entire product line will soon be gone from store shelves. Since a company going out of business doesn’t really equal a recall, this is a safer situation to stock up on these supplements. Recalls are an unfortunate part of the supplement world. However, these recalls are always happening and it is something that everyone must be prepared for.  Keep your eyes out for the latest alerts and use your supplements in a much smarter way.



Reducing HDL and LDL Chloesterol Gradually Today

Recently, I had a big scare happen to me, when I found out that someone I cared for very much had low HDL cholesterol numbers. I had been under the assumption that lower cholesterol numbers were great, incorrect! As it turns out, the bad cholesterol, which is the LDL, is the kind that you want to keep an eye on, making sure it doesn’t get too high. However, there is a good type of cholesterol to be aware of and, as I’ve learned, you can end up needing to add more of it. Freaking out over the weekend, I started to learn about what can be done to raise that good cholesterol. If you are having this happen right now, you do have my utmost respect and sympathy. Seeing the side effects that can be caused by something that seems so treatable has been a grind, to say the least. I wanted to bring you the two main recommendations, when it comes down to getting those HDL numbers where they need to be.

The range for what is considered to be a good HDL number is anywhere from 45, into the thousands. Here are some foods that you implement into your week, all great for increasing your HDL (high-density lipoprotein). Fruits are great for many reasons but for anyone suffering with low HDL, select ones will get those levels back to where they need to be. Apples, namely, are loaded with good sugars and fibers, also. While being great for weightlifters, flax seed is another critical food to include into your diet, if you want to see those that HDL spring up and into action. Besides foods, exercise is usually recommended, to help lower the LDL in your system. The exercises that you do don’t have to be anything that is strenuous, you won’t have to start some ridiculous program that wears you out constantly. If you live in a decent neighborhood, open up that front door, and get to walking.

hdl and ldl comparsions

It is said that even a small investment of time in aerobic exercise, like starting out for only ten to fifteen minutes will help to get rid of LDL, and bring the better cholesterol into your body. Sadly, there isn’t just one fix-all that will eliminate all of that bad cholesterol, however, there are many options that, when done together, can bring your labs to more normal levels. Not wanting to forget some extra foods that you eat to re-align your cholesterol numbers, now we are getting into the meat of this topic. Sorry for the cheesy and lame pun, let’s cover the meats that you will want to implement, for those with not enough low-density lipoprotein. Fish is great for getting those omega 3 fatty acids, one of the best consumables you could find.

You can still go to the average supermarket and walk away with a nice selection of fish, without having to feel the pain of an empty wallet. If you are in a monetary pinch, check your frozen freezer section for any sales on fish. To me, frozen fish tastes great, just like it would if I were to have purchased it fresh. Although, you may choose to get frozen meats, the essential byproducts of lowering cholesterol will still be contained within the food. Don’t think that this kind of cholesterol issue is your fault, it isn’t. We all have our own battles to fight and this is one that I know you will win. Sure, it will come with some changes but those small inconveniences will be much better than suffering.

No, You Don’t Have A Fast Metabolism

Having been under the impression that I had an easy way out, I was a long-time proponent of someone that thought he was being sabotaged. As it turns out, many others think that they have a metabolism that is too fast for them to gain weight. While a small percentage of human beings have fast metabolisms, all the rest of us have to deal with a normal metabolism and a forgetful mind. I mention forgetfulness because it is the number one reason why aspiring weightlifters aren’t packing on the pounds. If I asked you to recall to me, every food and beverage that you consumed over the course of yesterday, you would probably have a difficult time reciting that information back to me. There is an old saying that talk about doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome, as being the root of insanity. It is important to remember that meals will have to reflect upon your new lifestyle choices. When needing excess calories, try making an awesome shake that will add around 1,400 extra calories. Best of all, just supplementing this shake as a breakfast will add a hefty amount of fats and carbs to your morning. By choosing to gulp down a specialized shake early in the day, you set yourself up for victory because you now have extra nutrition to carry you through. If your stomach can handle it, try blending a shake to consume more than once per day. Here is the recipe for a mass gainer shake that is cost-effective and easy to make:

4 tablespoons of peanut butter
2 scoops of whey protein
1 scoop, vanilla ice cream
1 cup of rolled oats
2 cups of milk

You are going to need a blender for this shake, as the consistency will be very thick. When speaking about how the finished product, I do need to say that this shake will not be like the ones you would purchase at an ice cream shop. The taste is good enough to drink but the mixture will be hard to chug down, at first. You are going to need to summon willpower to get down to the last drop of this drink, not because it has an unpleasant taste but how dense and full you will feel.

scalefile002As a last ditch effort, if you have problems with textures of drinks, try freezing the contents of this shake to make an edible treat. No matter how you choose to consume these ingredients, you will have a base of five of the highest calories foods, necessities for gaining weight. I left a couple of ingredients a bit vague but that is only because there is a lot of room for experimentation with this shake. For example, you can choose whichever flavor of protein powder and ice cream you would like to. If I am feeling sick of vanilla, I can switch it up and get chocolate or strawberry flavors to shake up how I gain the weight that I need to.

Versatility is how you adjust to having to meet new requirements. What makes this shake great for needing to gain fat is that you can adjust flavors. Grab the ingredients needed, load up the blender, and drink your way to slowing down a fast metabolism. To all beginners trying this shake, it is not a race, you should sip slowly as not to irritate your stomach from such a heavy meal.

Why Women Are Worried to Workout

There has long been some information being handed out around the world that is just not accurate. My girlfriend has heard this information and it made her hesitant to want to start getting into shape. I didn’t know what to tell her. I knew that, whatever I said, I was going to be walking a pretty fine line. After looking around to see where this myth had started, I found out more and more about why she was so worried to start lifting weights.

What she said was that she had heard that if women lift weights, they will change their body far too much. She also mentioned that she was scared that she might lose some of her features. I had to let her know that this simply was not true. This would be like saying that all men that workout would start to turn into looking like pro bodybuilders within a very short time. I am sure that there would be a lot more men in the gym if this were true, but it is not. The same holds true when we discuss the female gender. The women that do look like bodybuilders only look this way because they have spent a long time putting in the hard work needed to create that appearance.

I have never seen any kind of case where a woman picks up a dumbbell and instantly turns into some sort of muscled up giant, it just does not happen. I think the problem would be that women usually concentrate on the results of working out. However, the results that they are looking for are the ones that pull up women who are at the height of the muscle that can be built in their body. Women, if you decide to workout I can assure you that you will not end up looking like a female bodybuilder by just lifting for a couple of weeks or months. What you will notice, though, is that you will lose fat and tone up. Toning up is something that happens when your fat is reduced and you are able to see more of the muscle that is underneath.

I could see how women can draw confusion between toning up and looking like you should be on the new cover of a bodybuilding magazine. The truth of the matter is that it will take you years and years before you when come close to looking like a female bodybuilder. Some women will get immense joy out of reading that last sentence, while others might be in need of those very goals. If you are wanting to get into bodybuilding as a female, there has never been a better time. Luckily, the fitness community has been very welcoming to having females compete for all kinds of big weightlifting titles in the world.

Again, I want any of my female readers to rest easy in knowing that it is perfectly fine to be lifting weights and that you will not change your body in the beginning. For the women who are wanting to get much more strong and reach their peak levels of physical fitness, it will take some time. However, this is something that even the guys have to accept and come to terms with. If you are looking for a specific kind of look that you want to obtain, check out some workout routines of someone famous that you like!

Counting Calories: When to Draw the Line

By reading the title above, you may have already had a slight pain in your stomach. Counting calories has been something that many of us fight with doing. It can be quite annoying to have to watch everything that you take in. By knowing the exact amount of calories you are taking in, you can really setup a great way to watch your meal plans and see how your body adjusts to those changes. The people that will most want to track their calories will be professional bodybuilders. If your job and income depends on how well you look, tracking everything down to the last calorie can be something that could be a necessity. For most of us, we aren’t going to try to win any Mr. Olympias, we can still track them but to a lesser extent. You can usually take a rounded approach to what you eat and end up being well within the boundaries that you need to be in. If you want to track down every single calorie that you eat, that is great! However, most people are just not going to want to put in that much work and math (myself included). There are some great ways that you can do this in the modern era that we live in, which makes it easier than the old school way of doing it, but I just can’t find it any more fun. The idea, as a whole, just does not appeal to me.

Maybe if I was looking to change it up and really focus on how I looked, I would track everything. However, I can figure out that the can of tuna that I could eat is going to be better for my end game than a big container of ice cream. It is just way too easy to become obsessed and go overboard with counting calories, but this all depends on the person. I am someone who has more of an addictive personality, so by tracking everything, it becomes an obsession that takes up way too much of my time. Most of us lead busy lives and adding the need to add up everything that we eat and drink (have to track that too) can really eat up a huge chunk of time. One other thing that can go wrong when you are tracking what eat, based on calorie amounts alone, can lead to you making some blunders. For example, you will want to also think about the density of what you are ingesting. It is easy to find foods high in calories that will have you feeling hungry within an hour. By doing this, you are going to have meals that are spread to far apart to keep you feeling full.

If you are not feeling full, you will more likely than not, feel the need to have a snack. If you keep doing this and weeks and months go by, that one small snack can start to add up! If you are eating calorie dense foods, you will feel full for longer, which can make changing up what you eat so much easier! To sum it up, it is highly encouraged that you watch what you eat. That being said, there are instances where this can be become an obsession, one that you probably don’t want to go through. Ever since we were children, we have been told what foods are good and bad for you. Sure, some foods might fall in the middle of those two extremes, but we already have a pretty good built in sense for what help us and what will hinder us.

How Essential Proper Nutrition is When it Comes to Weightlifting

This is a question that I would have answered a couple of years ago with not very. It has occurred to me since that time when I really smartened up with my training and nutrition how wrong I was in the past. I see some of you out there who really don’t think the nutrition is important and as long as you eat a lot and lift weights you’ll gain muscle, right? Unfortunately, you may be a little bit wrong on that one. Sure, you can gain weight by lifting weights and scarfing down every food in sight but you’re also going to pack on some fat.

nutrition infographic

I always thought that I wouldn’t have enough time to be able to track a diet like some of my favorite bodybuilders I’ve seen and I was wrong there as well. Once I began to really tried my diet and watch what I ate, my results skyrocketed. For one thing, I looked much bigger after workout than I usually would. Another cool thing that I noticed was that I was actually leaning out a bit meaning that I was losing fat. My body when I did not follow this and thought nutrition was not important a couple years ago was what would be called skinny fat. Skinny fat is a term used for people who don’t have enough muscular development in some areas and have an over development of fat in the others, making them skinny/fat. For one big thing, you’re going to be robbing yourself of all of that hard work and time you put in at the gym. If you were not getting your body they required nutrients that it needs after I work out, you are not going to grow as much as you could have, plain and simple.

It is because of this but I think so many people out there take a long time to see results in the gym after they work out. I had a pretty bad diet and it took me months and months before I really started gaining muscle. I remember constantly looking in the mirror to see if I had gotten any bigger, I was even comparing old pictures that I would take. It seem like the results were so hard to come by that I really thought about quitting weightlifting altogether, I just felt that it wasn’t worth it. Little did I know, how worth it it was, I was just not using the proper measures to track what I was eating every day. Once I began tracking my nutrition, I was really shocked at the results. First of all, my carb intake was through the roof every day which made it easy to see why I was a little bit more chubbier than I should’ve been. Also, my protein intake was way lower than I thought. This is something that will shock people the first time they really start tracking their diet when they see how bad it is. I thought for sure that I was able to get enough protein that I needed throughout the day and maybe I was a couple grams under. The results said different as I was getting less than half of the protein that I needed to gain weight. So, don’t be like me and think that nutrition does not play a big part in your fitness, it absolutely does. There are a ton of free fitness trackers or calorie tracker is out there, I highly suggest you check one out and find a good one.