Which Supplements are the Best in the Sports Nutrition World?

Our Shout Outs for Best Products in the Sports Nutrition World

Like many of you, you’re probably wondering which supplements will help you the best, we want to help you out with that which is why we put together a list of some of our favorite supplements. By the way, the supplements are not ranked in any particular order, we just wanted to show you our favorite ones.
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Number One – Optimum Nutrition Protein

If you are looking for a great and easy way to add some more protein in your diet, and you should be, you really need to check out this line of protein powders. They are priced great, I have tried most of the flavors and most taste great, and it is specially made to give your muscles the most protein and gains as possible.  The flavors that I recommend are the vanilla and chocolate. I have tried the strawberry in the past and I didn’t really enjoy it but I have heard that many other people do, so take that for what you will.

Number Two – Pre-Workout Powder – Magnum Serum

If there ever was a category that has many different products in it, it is this one. The pre-workout supplement area has been overrun with many different supplements for years making it harder to find a good one a midst all the others. Serum by magnum is our favorite pre-workout supplement because it meets all of our criteria. It is easy to mix, tastes great, and gives you explosive energy. You will definitely be setting records in the gym and having energy to do more after you leave the gym. Overall, this is an awesome pre-workout supplement that really delivers in all departments.

Number Three – Best Supplement for Building More Muscle – Dianobal

We wanted to include a supplement that will help for building muscle that really didn’t fit into the other categories. Dianobal is just that supplement it is a strong wrong mix of ingredients designed to boost your overall muscle and help you get stronger. This one might not seem very popular, but around the Internet there are a ton of good reviews. Some websites even list these products as some of the best out there!

Number Four – Intra-Workout Supplement – RecoverPro

Now, some people don’t really take intra-workout supplements and that’s a shame. They actually keep you more ready for your workout than just drinking water, or worse, a sports drink.  This product is made by AI sports nutrition, one of the most popular supplement brands out there for quite a while. I have tried the lemon and raspberry flavor and although they take a bit of getting used to, once you do get used to them they work really well and taste pretty darn good.

Number Five – Multivitamin – Animal Pak

This category pretty much speaks for itself, but if you don’t know, Animal Pak is a multivitamin made by the Animal company. The crazy thing about this one is how you never get sick while taking it, seriously. It is really crazy to think about and it’s a way that you know that this ultimate multivitamin works great, it is also pretty cheap too!

To sum it up, all of these supplements are legal. We don’t mess with anything on the wrong side of the law. One reason is because of this great read, ESPN has a ton of information over the subject of illegal supplements used in sports. After reading this series, we are going to definitely continue to stay away from all of that!