Vitamin D Shown to Improve Certain Conditions

There are endless stories about the debate on whether or not vitamins are good for you. There has been new research done that shows that vitamin D can, in fact, protect you against respiratory conditions. While adults may be able to fight off a nasty infection, it can be much worse for children and the elderly. This study was done in England where there is already a strong lack of vitamin D in this country.

There is rarely a study that proves with 100% accuracy that a supplement will work. However, the evidence that has been collected in this recent vitamin D study goes to show some of the strongest evidence yet that this vitamin is awesome. Usually, vitamin D has been used because of how it is able to promote general health. However, there has not been that much research done to prove this vitamin D could help protect against respiratory conditions. One amazing result of this study was that it more people reported being sick and needing this vitamin in the winter. During winter months, the sun is out far less which could mean that a vitamin had more of a role in healing us than we thought. If you are looking for vitamin D, you can get it from exposure to the sun.

There are also many supplements that contain the recommended daily amount of vitamin D. While this study was done in London, the participants for this report were from all around the world. The information contained in the report is quite a read, I highly suggest checking it out. Of course, those documents can be a long read so feel free to skim through. I suppose that the creators of this study didn’t want to have just one location singled, smart choice. The implications of the findings would be very good news for anyone using vitamin D. Do you use a vitamin D supplement? Have you noticed that the instances of you being sick have reduced? If so, leave a comment below letting us know which vitamin D product you prefer. I know that I will definitely be making sure that I am stocked with vitamin D once the weather cools down again!

A Simple Shake to Make You Tip the Scale

One of the easiest ways to get as much nutrition as you can, would consist of a shake. First, drinks are an easier way to get the macros met that you need to, without have to prepare a meal. Being someone who is challenged, when it comes to cooking, it also helps me to avoid messing up cooking an actual meal. I have never been a great cook and preparing meals in the kitchen has always brought about difficulties. I like making shakes because they are easier to make and take less time, another important issue. I don’t do well when I have different things to be cooked at once and am infamous for burning one thing, while the other sits undercooked. Let’s just say that my family certainly doesn’t call my phone to prepare any big holiday meals!

mass gaining homemade shake

Being that I don’t have a great track record and will never be a chef, I love whipping up these shakes when I am in a bind. For starters, grab a jug of protein powder, this will be a key ingredient into these shakes bulking you up. There are countless options, if you choose to go about getting the powder online or you can even attain some in a store, whichever you prefer. As for flavor options, go with what you know that you like. If you have never drank a protein drink but know that you are buying chocolate ice cream, choose the chocolate flavor. Some are turned away from buying these powders because they are worried about the taste. Normally, this would be a big deal but when you mix them within these shakes, they will taste awesome, no matter what! As far as blenders go, you don’t have to break the budget to get one. I would just recommend picking up a cheaper model, as long you have the basic buttons, you should be in good shape. You will also want to get some fruits, whether from frozen or fresh, is your choice. Everyone will have different tastes, so I wanted to put a foundation in place. By following this, you can feel free to substitute whichever fruits, juices, and proteins that you would like.

How Do You Make it?

Here is an example recipe, that you can adjust at your choosing:

12 ounces of your preferred juice flavor (Example: Orange juice)

½ cup of yogurt (any is good, Greek is preferred but can be pricier)

2 scoops of protein powder (Example: Double Chocolate)

1 heaping scoop of peanut butter is always good

If we aren’t being strict on our diet and you REALLY want to bulk it on up, throw in a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream!

This is just a guideline to follow, the beauty of recipes is that you can change them to your taste. If you want to get everything organic, go for it! If you aren’t as obsessed with tracking every calorie, grab what is on sale. The crucial thing that has got to happen is that you stop reading and start doing. Mix up one of these shakes, even if you don’t like it first time, make some adjustments and fine tune that bad boy. While not being the most ideal shake for gaining every pound that you can, it is simple enough to do two things that we avoid by not cooking all of the time. First, this shake won’t have you scrambling to the store with a huge list. Also, you won’t have to spend an extra ten minutes just getting everything into the blender.

Protein Week: Best Picks for Any Budget

We are going to be discussing protein week this week and this will consist of various types of content regarding protein and its importance in the world of sports nutrition. We know this is a little bit different but we wanted to take a second to kind of do different things to see how well they are audience likes it.

For those on a tight budget:

ballin on a budget

Let’s first discuss someone who is on a somewhat tight budget when it comes to shopping for protein. Now if you do have enough money, you will have more options of course. But we’re going to start with people his options may be a little bit limited. This is not a big deal, as there are actually some very affordable ways to get send me into your diet. It is not as burdensome of the purchase as most people would think. For the first item, let’s first talk about canned tuna.

Now, depending on where you live, tuna really shouldn’t be that expensive of a purchase. Where I live it is around a dollar per can and it does pack a lot of protein and will keep you full for a while after you eat it. There are tons of ways you can experiment get creative with tuna in order to find something that you really like. I know some people out there do not like the idea of having to just eat it out of the can.
Next, is hamburger meat. You can purchase hamburger meat in bulk and if you’re not too worried about the fat content, I can actually get a really good deal. You can usually get the bigger maybe 3 to 5 pound chunks of hamburger meat for around $10 where I live. By doing this, you can cook it all and freeze what you’re not going to use at the moment and it can really stretch out Babe then food budget. If you’re looking for any kind of chicken or seafood, I recommend going frozen. By going frozen, you will save money and be able to keep the remaining portions frozen, therefore cutting down on food waste.

For those with a more flexible protein budget:

Now for the next part of this I want to going to detail for people who have a semi larger food budget it’s going to the grocery store doesn’t instill any kind of financial loan you, congratulations. For your budget, you made me want to stick with good lean meats like chicken and fish. What do you get them from the butcher, frozen, or fresh find a good fish that you like and keep on grilling that chicken, buddy!

For the ones with baller budgets:

fat cats protein

For the people who have the biggest budgets of all. Honestly, steak is a great and delicious way to get all of the protein that you will need. This is best for those who are both cruise as the fat in the state will also help to pack size on you as opposed to just lean muscle alone. To summarize, no matter what your budget is, there are always ways that you can get the protein that you need. Whether you like to live cheaply Or no expense is too high, there are ways that you can put on some mass in bulk up by eating the required amount of protein throughout the day. Also, remember protein doesn’t just have to come from me. For the next discussion, we will be talking about other ways that you can get protein, including some that might really surprise you, stay tuned!

The Sports Nutrition Guide Book: A Fantastic Read

This post might seem a little bit out of the loop, but hear me out. If you are in any way, shape, or form on some sort of diet, this guidebook really comes in handy. It is easy to carry around and can always help you learn more and more about how to properly maintain your nutrition being someone who is active. It doesn’t matter if you were using CrossFit, cardio, weightlifting, or a combination of all of them, this book can really help you to make better choices and every diet aspect of your life. You can really find out how to get the most out of the food that you eat and I will help you so much and building the body that you need, whether your goals be fat loss, muscle gain, or something else, it is sure that it can be found in this book, available at Amazon (at least that is where I got my copy)!

First off, the author, Nancy Clark, has been a big time genius in the sports nutrition field and her work has added so much value to the entire industry. She has an amazing track record and is the perfect voice for this book really is a great contributor throughout. I have learned a little bit before taking my different nutrition courses about dieting but it was just bits and pieces of information scattered throughout the web.

Worst of all, there were so many Internet arguments of contradictions that I began to wonder if any of it was true at all. During one of my college courses this actual book was something that we were required to use them at the course. I thought it would be like any other college textbook that I endured in the past but I was very happy to be proven wrong. As someone that was really beginning to truly get serious about bodybuilding and weightlifting, I couldn’t put this book down. I was able to learn so much and it seems like the more that I read it the better results that I got in the gym because I was really working on for my nutrition levels.

review of this great book about nutrition

Something else that helped me, being a college student at the time the first reading this book, were the recipes. Her recipes are simple and it really allowed me the ability to cook more and more and take more risks in the kitchen. As we know, if you’re really planning about getting serious with your diet, you’re going to have to learn to cook if that means getting thrown in the deep end, so be it. Even after my college courses I held onto this book  and I feel that it is fared me very well throughout my life.

Be it from the recipes, the information, or the book as a whole, this is something that anyone who is really serious about dieting needs to check out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed and will constantly be learning new information to help better your goals. Without nutrition, all that work you do in the gym was really not have as much of an effect. It is important to remember this and if you’re interested, I highly suggest you give this book a try.

Another Sports Nutrition Company Bites the Dust

If you have been keeping up with recent news you have no doubt heard about a big company getting into some hot water over not disclosing perks and expenses that the company has made recently.
not having perks
I have to say that over all this comes as no surprise. I have or I guess I should say had been a fan of the company in the past because they offered great products. Once they begin to get a big portion of the limelight, this is where things turn sour for me, as a consumer.

What was once a company that really seem to care about the customer began to change. Things started to change as they got more and more endorsement deals and began in gaining more and more popularity. The first big thing I noticed was the rapid increase in price for their products that have been cheaper in the past. Gone are the old labels and the underdog style and it was changed into a more flashier and trendier overall design.

The more expensive price tag still do not hinder me from using their products, preferably their pre-workout powder that I was always a big fan of. I should have known when I saw reviews for the product on the big bodybuilding website started to drop and it’s overall rating had decreased. I was still determined to give it a shot so I went ahead and bought a tub. Gone was the intense caffeine rush that I had felt before and the ability to push me beyond my limits in the gym. It did not seem like those same feelings were happening while I tried this product after the new re-branding.

So when I read the story about this company not properly disclosing their perks, it was a small shock but something that I should have seen coming a while back. Do I think that this is the end of the company or that they will get into any trouble with their loyal following? Probably not, but it is important to note that things have been changing behind the scenes of this company compared to where they were in the past.

Upon hearing of this whole story, I had to check it out and see what the results were. I found out that they were actually charged officially with these disclosure violations. I hope that this truly becomes a turning point for this company and maybe as these things are happening, this could be an inspiration for them to return to their more grassroots approach to supplements.

I know I will not be the only one who would look forward to that.

What is Natural and What Isn’t in the Sports Nutrition World?

Sometimes in the world of sports nutrition you’ll see a trend. The recent trend has been for all companies to go natural. This could be due to escalating scares in the health world that has brought some sports nutrition companies a bad rep. Many companies are now claiming that their products are more natural or are introducing all knew all natural supplements to the world. This could be a clever marketing scheme or it could be an indicator that times are changing in the supplement world.

To hear that this is going on, is really no surprise. Most companies have, in recent years, gone the way of a more natural product or products.  What does this mean for the future of sports nutrition? I think that, first and foremost, it means that there will be overall improvements in the world of sports nutrition. However, not all people feel this way. Some people think that by using more natural ingredients and supplements, that they will be getting products that are under-dosed or not as effective.

I think that this is coming from people or groups of people who are afraid of change, which I do understand. However it is important to note that these newer products with the more natural ingredient base have been getting great feedback.

For example, there have been many new protein bars and energy gels that people are raving about across the body building community.  So, when looking at strictly sports nutrition products, things seem to be going well. However, as we look into more supplements that are designed for weightlifting and more intense workouts, we find varying satisfaction with these new natural products.

I think that as these first line of all natural products roll out, they will be met with some discontent and a slight backlash. However, as more people use the supplements and get used to them I think that the feedback will get greater overtime. It is always important to note who is complaining about the supplements and sports nutrition products and who has actually tried them and whose opinion is valid in the situation.

Another popular option in the sports nutrition world is for something to be made with all natural ingredients. However, some use this all-natural branding when only some of the ingredients are actually natural and the rest are artificial. Just be sure to check the ingredient labels or check online if you were unsure if your product is truly all natural or not. As more and more all natural sports nutrition products enter the market, it will be interesting to see what changes truly come from this.