What is Natural and What Isn’t in the Sports Nutrition World?

Sometimes in the world of sports nutrition you’ll see a trend. The recent trend has been for all companies to go natural. This could be due to escalating scares in the health world that has brought some sports nutrition companies a bad rep. Many companies are now claiming that their products are more natural or are introducing all knew all natural supplements to the world. This could be a clever marketing scheme or it could be an indicator that times are changing in the supplement world.

To hear that this is going on, is really no surprise. Most companies have, in recent years, gone the way of a more natural product or products.  What does this mean for the future of sports nutrition? I think that, first and foremost, it means that there will be overall improvements in the world of sports nutrition. However, not all people feel this way. Some people think that by using more natural ingredients and supplements, that they will be getting products that are under-dosed or not as effective.

I think that this is coming from people or groups of people who are afraid of change, which I do understand. However it is important to note that these newer products with the more natural ingredient base have been getting great feedback.

For example, there have been many new protein bars and energy gels that people are raving about across the body building community.  So, when looking at strictly sports nutrition products, things seem to be going well. However, as we look into more supplements that are designed for weightlifting and more intense workouts, we find varying satisfaction with these new natural products.

I think that as these first line of all natural products roll out, they will be met with some discontent and a slight backlash. However, as more people use the supplements and get used to them I think that the feedback will get greater overtime. It is always important to note who is complaining about the supplements and sports nutrition products and who has actually tried them and whose opinion is valid in the situation.

Another popular option in the sports nutrition world is for something to be made with all natural ingredients. However, some use this all-natural branding when only some of the ingredients are actually natural and the rest are artificial. Just be sure to check the ingredient labels or check online if you were unsure if your product is truly all natural or not. As more and more all natural sports nutrition products enter the market, it will be interesting to see what changes truly come from this.

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