What Benefits Does Kettlebell Training Offer?

Looking like something out of an old-time bodybuilding book, the kettlebell is one of the most underrated ways to really feel the burn. Sure, they look like what an old cartoon villain might use to the old fashioned hero but get the preconceived notions out of your head and you might find a new way to strength train. Why we see so many shy away from proper kettlebell training, as part of ones lifting regimen is because of a big misunderstanding. I’ll speak from my perspective, I never even thought of using a kettlebell because I didn’t know how to. I mean, I can look at this device and see how to hold it but from there, I never really knew how to perform the actual kettlebell exercises.

kettlebell pair

Beyond that, I was far too experienced of a lifter, in my own mind, to ever ask someone around me for their knowledge. I wished that I didn’t have that attitude and would just learn that it is normal to ask someone for help, a mistake that had me missing out on using a kettlebell for years. I thought that using something like a kettlebell was so overwhelmingly confusing that I would never see myself sticking to using it regularly. Another point that I made to myself was that some of the exercises I would see people use the kettlebell for looked downright painful. Later on, I realized there was really no pain associated with lifting with kettlebells, another irrational fear that I had created for myself. Core training is one of the most essential types of strength to have, it is sad how many of us don’t utilize it in our own training.

More than just a hype train!

I used to think that training your core was some silly gimmick made to sell magazines, I was wrong about that. Not just for the elite, core training is a type of muscle groups that, when targeted, can reap benefits for almost every other muscle that you train. If you are one of the macho men that rule out training with a kettlebell as too “out there” for you, you really are missing out on a fun change in pace to the same old mundane workout. Versatility keeps folks coming back for more of the type of training that is old school, while still offering so many different movements to carry out. A drawback of traditional weightlifting with using a barbell is that it is hard to move around. I have lost track of the times that I would have to bend down and take all of the weight off of a big and bulky dumbbell, only to end up bumping into a wall or machine, how embarrassing! With a kettlebell, it is still heavy enough to where it takes a bit of elbow grease and sweat to move it but you don’t feel as tied down, like you would with a long barbell.

The next time that you are perusing a sporting goods store, in desperate need of something to reignite your love for training, check out a kettlebell. Take the time needed to learn how to do some of the exercises that are specially made for this underrated piece of workout equipment, you will be happy that you did. There are some great books that detail all of the ways that you mix up different kettlebell methods, to get the most of this classic way of training that has been building champions for decades.

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