Oregon Football Players Know How to Eat Right

When I played high school football, I thought we had it made. With an awesome weight room and a nice little practice field, me and my fellow football players felt like champions. However, that was quite a few years ago and after reading about Oregon’s amazing collegiate eating program, I think we were ripped off all those years ago. Recently, Oregon faced a problem concerning which players are needed for which positions. As you know, offensive players are usually much smaller than their defensive counterparts. Needing to bulk up the offensive players fast, the state had a few tricks up their sleeve for how to get this accomplished.

Oregon knew something had to be done and they got into the budget to do it, with a huge sum of money at their disposal, they started an amazing program for their athletes. Looking like something out of a movie stars plan to look good for a new superhero role, the team had nutritionists to help keep the players on a meal plan. Also, at their disposal, was a group of cooks whose job it was to prepare meals for the players. If you had asked any of the players, I’m sure the consensus would be that this program is working well. The first players that I would ask would be the offensive players that I spoke about earlier who needed to become defensive players, due to conflicting player plans.

eat this way

This might as well be Oregon’s new meal plan!

As it turns out, these offensive players had no problem at all with being able to bulk up to meet the defensive requirements. Back when I played football, this is not something that was so easily done. We had no budget for food outside of our own money and certainly no nutritionist to help create meal plans tailored to our bodies. I do have to say that I love their current mentality, when it comes to their meal regimens. Their plan is simply to eat and this is one reason why I think simple plans always work best because their easiest to remember. People who are looking to have that body that they dream about would do well to take this advice, do like the Oregon team does and just eat. You don’t have to bust your belly every time you go sit down for a meal but come up with a plan and increase the amount of food that you eat gradually.

I promise you, the small improvements that are made to increase gradually will end up working out for you. Timing your meals and setting them to a schedule is another great component to any successful diet plan. By planning out your meals and setting alarm timers to them, you will condition yourself to follow this diet with complete accuracy. Back in the day, some low-budget pizza party would be as close as we could get to our school paying for our food, needing to grow a team of football players. I think that a lot of other schools had the same sort of plan in place as well, it looks as if Oregon’s is something seen as a revolution for its players. With so many people looking to have donations in place for uniforms and field maintenance, maybe we should be putting that money into some sort of meal budget for our players!

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