The Vegetables That an Active Individual Needs Most

potatoes on a tablePotatoes are a sports nutrition superfood. Loaded with healthier carbs, the potato has long been a staple of many diets, for good reason. The carbohydrates that are in potatoes are healthy ones. So many of us freak out whenever we see a carb in our nutritional values that we look at, but do not worry. The carbs contained within potatoes are much better for adding more in the way of muscle, versus more in the way of belly fat. If you are someone who doesn’t like potatoes, opt for sweet potatoes next time that you go buy food. I had fun trying the sweeter version of this food and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious they were. For anyone else uninitiated with sweet potatoes, they aren’t as sweet as you think, but they do add a different taste than most potatoes that you have tried before. Although dreams of a big bowl of mashed potatoes loaded with cheese, butter, and sour cream is a delicious way to eat potatoes, it isn’t the most healthy way.

Somewhat akin to the potato, the next great choice would be yams. Yams are loaded with a laundry list full of beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Yams are all about delivering carbohydrates to your body in a nice and slow fashion. This steady release into your system is why you will avoid significant weight gain, as opposed to faster digesting carbs that are absorbed all at once. Containing a good amount of fiber, this is great to help counterbalance the high amounts of protein that you will be consuming by this point.


I will begin to sound like a parent with this next one, but you have to mention broccoli. I know that broccoli probably holds a not-so-special place in most of our hearts, due to being forced these when we were younger. However, mom and dad may have been onto something with this vegetable. Broccoli is actually quite high in calcium, something that is not often mentioned. I honestly wasn’t aware of much else that could give you such a nice amount of calcium, especially since it isn’t even in the dairy section! One of the best things that you can give to your bones, calcium is a must, not just for the fit crowd but everyone.

You don’t want to spend the upcoming months in bed being sick, that is never fun. Vitamin C has been said to help reduce those symptoms. I want to briefly speak about the recent findings brought to my attention about scientists finding out that the C might not be as much of a healer of the cold than we previously thought. Regardless of the degree that it helps with being sick, it is good to try to fight off any bugs or illnesses, in any way that you can. If you want to boost that immune system, you can go with the classic orange, but we are talking about veggies here! Peppers are where you can skip the fruit and still get a pretty good amount of your daily vitamin C requirement. Calcium from broccoli and vitamin C from peppers, strange but actually true!

As it turns out, our parents were telling us what we needed to hear growing up, vegetables are really good for you. Growing into an adult more and more each week, I still realize new things that they were always right about!

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