Coffee and Protein Are Being Paired Together

In the mornings, there isn’t any drink that I crave more than a hot cup of coffee. The fresh aroma, mixed with the caffeine and temperature of this classic drink wakes me up like none other. A legitimate gripe that my love for coffee has given me is that it kills my appetite. Unlike normal people, I don’t just stop at my one cup, in the morning hours. Instead, I will easily drink two to three cups, just to feel like I am able to start my day! Consuming large quantities of caffeine can leave you feeling restless, with no hunger in sight. Being that my love for caffeine can play a part in me being short on protein, it is one of many struggles I face, throughout a given day.

To me, an artificial protein source that is flavored to taste like coffee won’t cut it, I would be needing to get my caffeine in, as well. My letters to a supplement Santa have seemingly been answered, as a quick check of what’s new in the lifting word, I came across a hybrid coffee and protein supplement. Being that this is actual coffee, with protein blending in with it, you get a caffeinated morning, along with a good size serving of protein. Those big cups, heaping over the top with protein powder will usually have me feeling sluggish and ready for a nap. There is something about dense foods that have me needing to sit down, I’ve always been that way. Even though I would consider it to be in the earlier stages of development, there are no shortage of manufacturers willing to slap together a coffee, layered with protein. I even saw there a commercial on, during those nighttime channel surfing sessions, that showed that 5 Hour Energy is set to add protein to their already crazy popular mini-sized drinks.

Double check, in order to realize that you need a base of coffee, not all protein that is coffee flavored, otherwise you won’t have the added energizing bonus of a caffeinated supplement. Whether it be in ice cream, blended with milk and sugar, or just about any other way you could think of, I will always be a huge coffee fan. I’m now even able to cut out certain supplement, as what I need is already in most of the coffee proteins that are available. With the protein being caffeinated, you will need to avoid going over the limit, regarding how much caffeine you are able to handle.

As long as you aren’t scooping out drinks all day, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. If you feel that you are over-caffeinated, pour out your glass and fill it up with water. Scitec Nutrition knows what makes a great combination of protein and coffee, as their aptly named Protein Coffee meets and exceeds all of the marks. I’ve been curiously awaiting what it would be like to combine the caffeine goodness that my favorite cup of joe gives me, when blended so well with protein powder. Taking getting used to, at first, this new protein-filled java has got my blood pumping and is slowly replacing that old standby coffee tin, what can I say? Once you have found that you are adjusted to cold coffee, knowing that your muscles aren’t being starved is a good enough reason to deal with it and down that protein.

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