Why Starving Yourself Isn’t that Great

It seems like an easy trap to fall into, if you stay busy enough, you can just not eat and be fine, which is totally wrong. I get it, we are all busy people and sometimes sitting down for a meal is just not in the cards. I’m not one to preach about anything, as I am one of the worst people, when it comes to scheduling my meals. My problem comes down to focus, when I am working on something, it is almost like I can’t rest until I know the project is done. Being that I am naturally on the hyper side, I tend to develop a lot of projects that need to be worked on, throughout the day. Sure, I will never miss a dinner but sometimes lunch and breakfast are meals that I have to admit I skip. I’ll be sure that I quit making those past mistakes, after reading about just how bad starving yourself can be. I want to note real quick that I am talking about occasional missing of meals, if you have a condition that is worse than this, please consider talking to someone and getting help.

stop starving

Anorexia can be a really dangerous disease to have but it can always be beaten! Back to the task at hand, when you do not eat those all important meals, your brain can suffer from lack of fuel. Like you wouldn’t get into a car and drive to work on an empty tank, you shouldn’t be starting your day out in a state of nutritional deficiency! Have you ever been aware of feeling like you were in a fog on days that you skipped some meals? It wasn’t just your brain playing tricks on you, not having enough food can keep you in a state that is less than what it would be, had you been properly fueled. For anyone that spends their time building up muscles, not eating can actually eat away your muscles, not just fat.

I’ve ran into so many different weightlifters that thought the perfect way to lose fat, since they weren’t doing any cardio, was to eat less, big mistake. When you choose to not eat, as opposed to eating a small portion of something healthy, you are jeopardizing your health, slowly but surely. What happens when you decide that you don’t want to eat breakfast is that vital nutrients that your body wants, they don’t end up getting. When the body revolts against this is through keeping you not on the top of your game, it’s a trade type of situation where no one wins. I know that after finding out just how bad it is, I won’t be missing out on any important meals, with only the sound of a growling stomach to keep me comfort. In a situation where you aren’t eating, there isn’t anything bad with keeping your favorite foods around, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of your habits. Sometimes, having your favorite meal nearby could be the only way that you are going to eat that breakfast. Take some time to find out what foods you really love over the rest and get to eating them so that you stay healthy. Just make sure that you aren’t resorting to constantly skipping out on meals, as this can lead to bigger issues down the line.

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