Natural Ways to Increase Your Eating Rate

Wanting to provide some advice to chew on this weekend, here is how you can better release your inner hungry beast. You might have heard one of these techniques before but put your best foot forward and get ready to start eating like there’s no tomorrow. These three techniques that I’ll show you have been what has gotten me past the initial blockades that come with trying to eat more. I’ve been in those dark times and thinking that you can just change habits that have been formed for years instantly isn’t what I’m here for. I’m a big supporter of continual progression, after learning the importance it from exercising as long as I have been.

1. Working Out
I know some will think that I’m making it up, just to try and get you to start taking up exercising but it’s true. To help drive this point home, I’ll tell you about when I had only started exercising. I was never a guy who had a really good appetite. In the past, I would be your average eater, nothing past the usual three meals. It was like someone had flipped a switch because, after I took up weight training, my hunger skyrocketed. I remember that, for a brief amount of time, no one liked eating with me because of how long it took me to finish my plate. Stopping short of licking the plate clean, I never left any scrap bits.

2. Browsing images of your favorite foods
This sounds weird, but hear me out, go to the page of your favorite restaurant. It won’t matter if you are currently hungry or not, just spend a couple of minutes checking out the site. After seeing a few nice menu pictures, do you feel that your stomach is starting to growl? It has been proven that even seeing pictures of food, or smelling a favorite meal being cooked can stimulate new feelings of hunger. Chances are, if those food pictures are engaging your visual sense, other senses will pick up on this, stimulating hunger.

3. Eating earlier in the morning
earlyI’ve often shunned breakfast, until hearing from someone complaining about how hungry they always were. This was someone that I would sit by all day, I could practically prepare their meals for them, that’s how close we were. One fine day, I had to inquire how she was able to have an appetite. As any guy can attest to, you have to really choose your approach when asking a woman how they are eating so much!

Fortunately for me, I had built up quite the rapport up with this woman, she told me since she had begun eating hard boiled eggs in the morning, it felt like she would have to keep eating all day and couldn’t understand why. When you starve yourself, whether intentionally or not, the body has no new source of food so it starts going after anything in sight. If you’re a breakfast hater like I used to be, getting past the initial feeling of rejecting eating so early and it will go away on its own.

Summoning the hunger that we all need to get by should never be impossible. The mind is capable of amazing things when we focus all of our energy towards an achievement. If you take the techniques and apply them to your day, you will be clocking in more meals incredibly soon.

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