How Essential Proper Nutrition is When it Comes to Weightlifting

This is a question that I would have answered a couple of years ago with not very. It has occurred to me since that time when I really smartened up with my training and nutrition how wrong I was in the past. I see some of you out there who really don’t think the nutrition is important and as long as you eat a lot and lift weights you’ll gain muscle, right? Unfortunately, you may be a little bit wrong on that one. Sure, you can gain weight by lifting weights and scarfing down every food in sight but you’re also going to pack on some fat.

nutrition infographic

I always thought that I wouldn’t have enough time to be able to track a diet like some of my favorite bodybuilders I’ve seen and I was wrong there as well. Once I began to really tried my diet and watch what I ate, my results skyrocketed. For one thing, I looked much bigger after workout than I usually would. Another cool thing that I noticed was that I was actually leaning out a bit meaning that I was losing fat. My body when I did not follow this and thought nutrition was not important a couple years ago was what would be called skinny fat. Skinny fat is a term used for people who don’t have enough muscular development in some areas and have an over development of fat in the others, making them skinny/fat. For one big thing, you’re going to be robbing yourself of all of that hard work and time you put in at the gym. If you were not getting your body they required nutrients that it needs after I work out, you are not going to grow as much as you could have, plain and simple.

It is because of this but I think so many people out there take a long time to see results in the gym after they work out. I had a pretty bad diet and it took me months and months before I really started gaining muscle. I remember constantly looking in the mirror to see if I had gotten any bigger, I was even comparing old pictures that I would take. It seem like the results were so hard to come by that I really thought about quitting weightlifting altogether, I just felt that it wasn’t worth it. Little did I know, how worth it it was, I was just not using the proper measures to track what I was eating every day. Once I began tracking my nutrition, I was really shocked at the results. First of all, my carb intake was through the roof every day which made it easy to see why I was a little bit more chubbier than I should’ve been. Also, my protein intake was way lower than I thought. This is something that will shock people the first time they really start tracking their diet when they see how bad it is. I thought for sure that I was able to get enough protein that I needed throughout the day and maybe I was a couple grams under. The results said different as I was getting less than half of the protein that I needed to gain weight. So, don’t be like me and think that nutrition does not play a big part in your fitness, it absolutely does. There are a ton of free fitness trackers or calorie tracker is out there, I highly suggest you check one out and find a good one.

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