Reducing HDL and LDL Chloesterol Gradually Today

Recently, I had a big scare happen to me, when I found out that someone I cared for very much had low HDL cholesterol numbers. I had been under the assumption that lower cholesterol numbers were great, incorrect! As it turns out, the bad cholesterol, which is the LDL, is the kind that you want to keep an eye on, making sure it doesn’t get too high. However, there is a good type of cholesterol to be aware of and, as I’ve learned, you can end up needing to add more of it. Freaking out over the weekend, I started to learn about what can be done to raise that good cholesterol. If you are having this happen right now, you do have my utmost respect and sympathy. Seeing the side effects that can be caused by something that seems so treatable has been a grind, to say the least. I wanted to bring you the two main recommendations, when it comes down to getting those HDL numbers where they need to be.

The range for what is considered to be a good HDL number is anywhere from 45, into the thousands. Here are some foods that you implement into your week, all great for increasing your HDL (high-density lipoprotein). Fruits are great for many reasons but for anyone suffering with low HDL, select ones will get those levels back to where they need to be. Apples, namely, are loaded with good sugars and fibers, also. While being great for weightlifters, flax seed is another critical food to include into your diet, if you want to see those that HDL spring up and into action. Besides foods, exercise is usually recommended, to help lower the LDL in your system. The exercises that you do don’t have to be anything that is strenuous, you won’t have to start some ridiculous program that wears you out constantly. If you live in a decent neighborhood, open up that front door, and get to walking.

hdl and ldl comparsions

It is said that even a small investment of time in aerobic exercise, like starting out for only ten to fifteen minutes will help to get rid of LDL, and bring the better cholesterol into your body. Sadly, there isn’t just one fix-all that will eliminate all of that bad cholesterol, however, there are many options that, when done together, can bring your labs to more normal levels. Not wanting to forget some extra foods that you eat to re-align your cholesterol numbers, now we are getting into the meat of this topic. Sorry for the cheesy and lame pun, let’s cover the meats that you will want to implement, for those with not enough low-density lipoprotein. Fish is great for getting those omega 3 fatty acids, one of the best consumables you could find.

You can still go to the average supermarket and walk away with a nice selection of fish, without having to feel the pain of an empty wallet. If you are in a monetary pinch, check your frozen freezer section for any sales on fish. To me, frozen fish tastes great, just like it would if I were to have purchased it fresh. Although, you may choose to get frozen meats, the essential byproducts of lowering cholesterol will still be contained within the food. Don’t think that this kind of cholesterol issue is your fault, it isn’t. We all have our own battles to fight and this is one that I know you will win. Sure, it will come with some changes but those small inconveniences will be much better than suffering.

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