Which Meal Plan Matches Your Sport?

No matter if you are someone who plays sports, merely for fun, or an experienced professional athlete, what you eat is what you fuel your body. As vastly different as one sport can be from another one, you have to make sure that you are following the right meal plan.

Let’s use football, for example, the defensive players will need a high amount of both protein and calories in their meal plans. Most defensive will want to gain as much weight as possible, provided that they can still run for a fair amount of time and don’t get winded easily. Things change a little bit when we look at the offensive line. Offensive players will do more running across the field, and will need to change their meals accordingly. Defensive players will want to mix protein and carbs in a way that they have enough energy to not burn off their muscle, but not eating so much that they gain fat and start getting slower.

You can start to figure out the base plan of what you need to take in, just by looking at popular athletes and their respective sports. Basketball players are almost always leaner than people in most other sports. Basketball players will not be tacking anyone (at least they shouldn’t be), and their diet will consist more of carbs and have less fats and protein. If you were under the impression that swimmers don’t need to eat very much to do well in their sport, take a look at Michael Phelps (pictured below).


If you haven’t heard about it yet, go and have a look at his diet while he was preparing for the Olympics. Phelps was on an infamous diet that consisted of around 10,000 calories a day! This is because swimming, while being one of the best exercises you can do, works so well because it burns a ton of calories. Throw in the fact that Phelps was competition at the highest level possible, and you can see why he needed the calories that he did! It is important to know that not everyone who consumes a mass amount of calories matches the image that might come to your mind. The image of some overweight person who has a food addiction cannot be more far from the truth. Due to the activity level that some athletic types can be under, they will always need a larger amount of calories, in order to maintain their shape versus the average person that really doesn’t exude the effort needed to burn off said calories. If we look at amateur wrestling, this is a sport where the wrestler will need to stay at a set weight level.


For this, you have to really take note of almost every calorie, especially before a match is set to happen. I actually knew someone that was a star in high school wrestling, he would actually wear hoodies in the summer if he needed to cut weight. Some of the methods that he used to make weight were more than a little bit extreme, so I can’t say that I want to mention too many of them, in case someone read this and wanted to try them. No matter what sport that you could be competing in, set yourself up for success by picking a meal routine that is matched up well for the sport that you choose.

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