Being Vegan and Still Meeting Requirements

Even if you are avoiding eating any kind of meat, that doesn’t mean that you won’t gain as much muscle as the carnivores. I am not a vegan, personally, but I do know many folks that are, and I am all for it. Truthfully, I have seen some of my vegan friends working out at a pace that I can barely keep up with. The old sayings that you have to eat meat to be anywhere close to being a good weightlifter are full of you know what. Looking into the eating habits of a vegan, your selection will be limited. One aspect where the vegans of the world gain ground over the meat eaters is that their food choices will be safer. I love meat as much as the next person but we carnivores have to agree, meat isn’t always the food that is best for you. I honestly wish that I could go back in time and become a vegan but I know that I am too far gone. I simply enjoy eating meat, even though it isn’t the smartest option for my long-term health. Although the food selection, among vegans, is somewhat limited, there are plenty of foods to utilize in growing muscle and keeping your body in working condition.

First, we have lentils. I had not tried a lentil until I was already an adult and I wished I had started eating them sooner. Don’t be fooled by their smaller size, this food packs a nutritious punch and is amazing for any weightlifter to try. Loaded with both protein and fiber, you can easily down some lentils after a workout to ensure that your muscles are eating right. One big drawback that I get from people who don’t want to be vegan is that they would miss out on their all-important milk fix. This attitude against not wanting to make a change was all well and good decades ago, but let’s get with the times and learn about an awesome vegan option, where you can still enjoy milk. Soy milk is what I would suggest trying, loaded with the same nutrients that any aspiring exerciser needs, the vegans have a great option to get some faux dairy.

I had known someone who was lactose intolerant and would later become vegan, this person showed me what I was missing out on, by not incorporating soy milk into my diet. If you still need more convincing that you have to consume meat to get truly large, look at some of the leading vegan bodybuilders out there. Whether they be huge international superstars or some local bodybuilders vying for their big break, you don’t have to look far to get that vegan doesn’t have to mean small. If you are thinking about starting a vegan lifestyle, you can still combine those new choices with the same old workout program that you have been using. Maybe my parents were right when they always preached about the importance of vegetables. Even after trying to blend a little more vegetables on my dinner plate, I have lost about 10 pounds of fat. I have always heard about people talking about eating healthier and feeling better and I never thought that could be true. It could be the weight that I have lost but I do have to say that vegetables are really making me feel much better and more energized. Who knows, perhaps one day I could see myself becoming vegan?

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