New Food Management Apps I’ve Been Using

Even though, talk of various fitness apps have been spoken of, don’t you agree that there are always new apps for better lbschanges being made? It is crazy to remind myself that, not even ten years ago, a cell phone played no real part in exercise. I can recall seeing signs hanging up, wherever I would go that wouldn’t even allow cell phones to be on your person, while around equipment. Fast forward to today, where the cellular phone is now the king of how we live our life. From checking your emails, texting, you name it and there is probably an app made for any purpose. We don’t want to know about every app ever made throughout the history of time, we want to know what will be true aids in your corner.

The first app I have to mention is called Buddy, well that is how it is pronounced anyway. To be more proper, the Bvddy app will help you to get you a friend, woo hoo! Not really my cup of tea but I could see the usefulness of this application, matching you with like-minded fitness enthusiasts. I can remember times where I had wished for this app, while I was lifting on an odd schedule, with no one around to spot me. What makes this app unique is that matches are based on different criteria. For example, wouldn’t it be awkward to meet up with another person, but neither of you even do the same exercises. Matching up a bicyclist to train with a 20+ year weightlifting veteran is a situation where those two probably wouldn’t have a lot in common. Flipping things around, if you match up two runners, you already have a major hobby locked down. Even going as far as to match based on workout experience levels, the company behind Buddy should be seeing a larger following. Use this app to get partnered up with a person who knows that they concentrate on their diet, no risk of going out for fast food.

Next, is an app that offers a transformative approach, being called Couch to 5k. As you can guess, the concept behind this app is to turn anyone from a couch potato to being able to compete in a 5k run. Not primarily running, I have only just now started to use this program and it is great at being able to work with any fitness level. I hate when trying to run different running applications, only to be feeling like I was being silently judged. Remember developers, sometimes beginner really does mean that one could be just first beginning to attempt a way of fitness because of downloading your app. I really have a greater sense of what I am capable of, when I am provided with the kind of detail that Couch to 5k has. Integrated are impressive trackers, a big plus of this app is that works with all levels of familiarity with this hobby. Over the course of time that I have spent with this program, it does start to seem like you have your own personal trainer. Goals are attainable and I never feel like I am being pushed too hard or having it all be too light, just the perfect blend of variety for me. Keeping your diet in check can also start to be accomplished with this app, which you know I am all about.

With these awesome programs, you shouldn’t be in short supply of interesting updates to implement to your next update. Be on the lookout for more notifications on how innovations continue to give us the joy of easier (almost effortless) management of all the activities that we do.



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