Crock Pot: Preferred Method of Bodybuilding Meal Prep

I have been wearing out my own slow cooker, not wanting to stand over a hot grill. The more manly men of us will love getting outdoors and feeling the heat of the warm sun on their necks, not me. Give me a cool air conditioned home with a cooker that I can turn on and leave alone. If you find that preparing a bodybuilder’s diet to be daunting, let me change your mind and show you just how easy eating for muscle can be when you use a crockpot.

One of the simpler to prepare meals would be a kind of spicy chicken meal that can do double duty, either as lunch or dinner. Only needing three ingredients, the preparation of this chicken dish won’t have to needing to write out a long list. Simply get some chicken (frozen or thawed, 2-4 lbs) and put it into your slow cooker. Along with the meat, pour in 2 containers of your favorite brand of picante sauce and add two cups of water. I will set my slow cooker to high and cook it for four to six hours, depending on how hungry I am. I drew an odd stare from my dinner guests, after the meal, when I answered a question of how simple the food was to prepare.

Chicken doesn’t have an extremely long shelf life, once in the refrigerator, you’ll want to consume this within two to three days. What I’ve found to pair well with the spiciness of this chicken dish is a nice chocolate dessert. Now, the strictest diet requirements of some will not make this a meal that can be had by anyone, it isn’t going to be a healthy choice, by any stretch of the imagination. However, this is great for getting in extra calories, as this crock pot chocolate cake will have you wanting seconds. There are more ingredients that you will need for this dessert but the sweet aroma that will linger throughout your home will more than make up for the ingredients list.

For this sweet treat, you’ll need to get cake and pudding mix and basically prepare them individually, before pouring into the slow cooker. As far as cooking times go, you won’t want to forget a bread dish, which is what this cake consists of. I prepare the cake on low for about 4 hours, with monitoring times where I get up and open the lid about every thirty minutes to an hour. If you are bored with bland meals, repeated endlessly, this dinner and dessert combo is a great way to knock some life into your meal planning. Men and women, this can also be used as a great way to impress a date, let them think that you are a master chef when it only took you minutes of preparation. The last meal is one that I hold very near and dear to my heart and not one that I give out easily.

For the last recipe, you will need a store bought ham, made ready to eat, brown sugar, water, and spices of your choosing. Throw that hefty ham in the crock pot, with the rubs and brown sugar on low for as long as your nose can stand it. Another simplified take that, with a slow cooker, can be done in hours while you sit and relax. I don’t lie when I tell those I know that my crock pot is the most used kitchen gadget in my home. You can’t beat the simplicity of being able to throw your food into a slow cooker and being able to go on about your business.

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