What is Up with All of the Recalls?

I have been spending a lot of time talking about, and trying to defend the world of supplements. Lately, it seems like something is being removed or is in finding itself in hot water. I have to wonder what is going on with this, I have been lifting weights for about ten years. I rarely remember hearing so many news reports condemning supplements and what they have done to people, what has changed from that point until this most recent year? Rising almost exponentially, more reports come in, with a recent report claiming that it lowers blood pressure to dangerously low numbers, especially when old people get a hold of the recalled products.

I keep hoping that we will see change happen but I am starting to lose hope. I want to see things go back to the way that they were about ten years ago. It is sad when I am scared to try as much new stuff, certainly not without doing my proper research on it. I also don’t enjoy feeling worried right after I try a new pre workout, fearing that I might be having an adverse reaction to another in a long line of mystery blends.

The FDA continues to bring about new regulations on business and I am ready for them to really get started on supplements, there has got to be measure of safety enacted that prevents the fearful stories we keep tell all of you. There has to be voices heard to stand up and say you can not get away with sneaking ingredients that are shady into your supplements. I don’t care if it takes me longer to lift weights, I would rather be safe than have to fear that I could end up throwing up or something gross. I also fear that too and I don’t believe that this fear is going to fully go away until I know that we have eliminated all or most of the shady products, it has to be tough to keep them all from popping up.

What really struck a chord with most of us was when some big name supplement companies start to draw the ire of the public. After that, we all became scared to fully invest our trust within the big name brands out there. After the major companies started to follow suit and take better precautions to show the public what they were doing, we all thought that it was safe. The mom and pop manufacturers were where a new challenge began to emerge, as they were being able to hide under a smaller brand.

Now, it is almost as if supplements were in the Wild West days again where it tough to find a proper law figure to strike down the hammer on the companies. The future does looks bright, as the FDA is bringing in more regulations to businesses like these that operate under practices that are causing dangers to the public, regardless of who is doing it. It is far too hard to pinpoint one business, this way the public can completely rest safe.  I miss the more boring days where it was hard to even find recent news about supplements, where you felt like you were in your own special little club. Nowadays, people are turning their nose up at people like us, who enjoy taking what we do to get results that others dream of. However, we continue to keep our head up.

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