The Battle Against DMAA: What Happened to This Ingredient?

DMAA: The Start of A Super Popular Ingredient


If you have been using any kind of workout supplements for the past few years, you have probably heard about the big DMAA news that rocked the entire fitness world. Recently, DMAA had been a common ingredient in many different types of pre workout products. I am pretty sure that even the whole world of fat burners started to get taken over by this ingredient as well. It was for a long time that you would get so used to seeing this ingredient in certain supplements, that you would probably casually look right past it.

I think that this was something that we all began to do. For a couple of years, DMAA kind of had a stronghold over a big portion of the supplements that we were taking. It seemed as if there were certain people who were not so keen on using this ingredients. The various fitness forums and message boards out there were always taking about this ingredient, at one time or another. As the popularity of this supplement grew, there was trouble on the horizon.

The Controversy Begins

The controversy seemingly started out of nowhere, when it began to show up that this ingredient was popping up on sports tests. People began failing these ingredients and then the bad tide of events started rolling in from there. A few sneaky companies had even started to promote the fact that this substance was banned in sports, in order to sell more of the product. I thought that this was a pretty sneaky little move that this company did.

After that, things began to get a little bit more serious regarding this ingredient. It was reported that there were some really bad results that people were having regarding supplements containing DMAA. At first, it was being seen as more hospital visits being reported and then a couple of major news stories sealed the fate of this one time powerhouse ingredient. A few people came into serious medical trouble and this ingredient was something that they were using at the time of these various medical problems. Needless to say, it was only a short time after that, that this ingredient came under fire and was shortly banned thereafter.

Supplement companies were given a date that they were have had as much of their product containing the DMAA to be sold.  After that, you saw a bunch of really quick sales. A select few of the lucky ones online who were deal savvy were actually able to really stock up on all of this product after the ban had been announced. I, myself, am kind of disappointed that I did not stock up on this sale and this is a big issue that I face. I think it is also something that the entire supplement consumer base is facing as well.

Are the Risks Worth the Reward for Some Supplements?

Are the results that we get or the way we feel when we use a good supplement worth the potential risks that we are taking? I am not saying this is always the case, but I have to say, I think I am completely ok with taking some risks. This might not be the smartest opinion but I know that if this happened again and those sales were occurring, I would try and be the first one there to stock up!

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