The Debate on Sports Nutrition in Varsity Sporting Events

Growing up in a smaller town, our high school sports team was the main attraction throughout the year. Every week you could find our high school stadium packed, as it was the thing to do on a Friday night during the warmer months. Being that we were surrounded by many other small towns, the football scene was the most popular one of the whole year. You would commonly see everyone in their respective little town full of pride for their local team, not that there is anything wrong with that at all. I think that sports in school programs are great. I, personally learned so many lessons while practicing and in games that I could never have quite learned in a classroom. With the will to win that small town people have, as far as sports are concerned, has arisen an issue. The issue that I wanted to discuss was that of how much those students are pushed to succeed, and therefore might make the wrong choices to gain the approval and victory that they want.

This will to succeed is, for the most part, just wanting the players to all do well. For some players, this desire to want to see their team win and carry that glory and accomplishment that comes with victory may have them getting real serious about their training. In most cases, this will be nothing more harmful than a proud person wanting to get that edge over the competition. In other cases, this can lead to the students getting supplements made to help them play better. I can definitely remember seeing someone on the football team in my high school weightlifting class and I couldn’t believe how much he was lifting. The funny thing is, he wasn’t even that big of a guy!

So the question becomes, should supplements be such a hot topic issue among varsity sports players. One thing I think that should be mentioned is that most of these products are not to be used by anyone under the right age. Sadly, most of the athletes that would be using any of the supplements that are under such debate should even be using. If you look into those players who are of the proper age, I think that they should be allowed to use CERTAIN products, if they want to. I don’t see anything wrong with a quarterback taking something to give him some more energy before a game. If this was such a big deal, the same thing could be said for anyone going to the gas station and getting an energy drink.

Looking forward, I think that the main issue should be how people who are not of the right age are getting their hands on sports supplements to begin with! Something is going very wrong when younger people are using things that they have no business with to impress their local schoolmates. As anyone who has used a before workout product knows, it isn’t going to give you superhuman strength, or anything close to that. Mostly, these kinds of nutrition products give me a strong boost of energy that comes and goes in about 45 minutes. Sure, you might be a little bit stronger than normal and have more energy, but I would not consider anyone using these in a football or basketball game to be cheating.

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