The Sports Nutrition Guide Book: A Fantastic Read

This post might seem a little bit out of the loop, but hear me out. If you are in any way, shape, or form on some sort of diet, this guidebook really comes in handy. It is easy to carry around and can always help you learn more and more about how to properly maintain your nutrition being someone who is active. It doesn’t matter if you were using CrossFit, cardio, weightlifting, or a combination of all of them, this book can really help you to make better choices and every diet aspect of your life. You can really find out how to get the most out of the food that you eat and I will help you so much and building the body that you need, whether your goals be fat loss, muscle gain, or something else, it is sure that it can be found in this book, available at Amazon (at least that is where I got my copy)!

First off, the author, Nancy Clark, has been a big time genius in the sports nutrition field and her work has added so much value to the entire industry. She has an amazing track record and is the perfect voice for this book really is a great contributor throughout. I have learned a little bit before taking my different nutrition courses about dieting but it was just bits and pieces of information scattered throughout the web.

Worst of all, there were so many Internet arguments of contradictions that I began to wonder if any of it was true at all. During one of my college courses this actual book was something that we were required to use them at the course. I thought it would be like any other college textbook that I endured in the past but I was very happy to be proven wrong. As someone that was really beginning to truly get serious about bodybuilding and weightlifting, I couldn’t put this book down. I was able to learn so much and it seems like the more that I read it the better results that I got in the gym because I was really working on for my nutrition levels.

review of this great book about nutrition

Something else that helped me, being a college student at the time the first reading this book, were the recipes. Her recipes are simple and it really allowed me the ability to cook more and more and take more risks in the kitchen. As we know, if you’re really planning about getting serious with your diet, you’re going to have to learn to cook if that means getting thrown in the deep end, so be it. Even after my college courses I held onto this book  and I feel that it is fared me very well throughout my life.

Be it from the recipes, the information, or the book as a whole, this is something that anyone who is really serious about dieting needs to check out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed and will constantly be learning new information to help better your goals. Without nutrition, all that work you do in the gym was really not have as much of an effect. It is important to remember this and if you’re interested, I highly suggest you give this book a try.

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