Could Barcoding Lead to New Findings?

Scientists have been working hard on telling us what exactly is in the foods and supplements that we ingest. Normally, these barcodes were used to track food. The very thought of tracking food could sound kind of weird but there are important reasons that this would need to be done. For one, food is a product that makes companies money. The food made by these manufacturers is how their business turns a profit, so it makes sense why tracking of said product would be so widely used. However, it is getting to the point where we can not only track where food goes but also what is in it.

The latter part of what food tracking can be used for has some companies in upheaval. Even some consumers are giving a resounding no to this idea. As you look at some drawbacks to this technology, I can see why some are against this kind of tracking. First, the DNA barcoding system isn’t just a thing that you can peel off, like you would a sticker on your favorite fruit. Tests have determined that the barcoded food could be tracked, even after it was used to be only a base component of a mixed food product. As an example, this would be like putting a tracker into an apple and still being able to track it, after it had left another plant as an ingredient within a frozen apple pie! I personally think that we all we hear about contamination stories, we have all most likely ingested worse than a DNA tracker. I still think that certain groups of people will be up in arms over having edible tracking devices in their food.

Why there are opponents of this safety measure

I am still learning about all of this but I can’t imagine that they would stay in the system. I have to imagine that any kind of DNA barcode would pass through the system, as naturally as the food would. On a positive note, this could also bring about the end of supplement companies lying to the public about either: what is in their product or what their product can REALLY do for the user. There is still not enough concrete evidence to be able to tell what the final verdict on these tracking devices will be. It would definitely have a huge impact on both the food and supplement industry, it is just a matter of getting everyone to agree with making these changes actually happen. Personally, I wouldn’t mind worrying about consuming something made to track food, if it meant that I could know what I was getting. I have been fooled numerous times, especially when getting supplements, that I feel some liability should be of importance. This technology, in my opinion, will be about as big of a shock to me as those laser-etched codes on fruit and vegetables. We live in a world where we can go to one building and buy all of the food that we need, from sources all over the world.

Come on, is a little tracker really worth getting so upset over? Be thankful for all of the privileges that we have in the modern world, if we have our food changed a little bit, it isn’t the end of the world. If we take into consideration all of the conveniences we have, at this current point in time, dealing with a little change will not hurt anyone.

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