Resourceful Ways to Use Pre-Workout Powders

Are you sitting there with a tub of a pre workout product that you don’t think that you will ever get through? Even worse, do you have some supplements laying around that you don’t like because of their taste? I have found some ways that you can still use these powders and it isn’t just for workouts. I have to say, before we get started, that you assume all risk when using a pre-workout for anything other than what it is intended for. Also, these tasks need to be done on a non-workout day. I have mistakenly taken two servings of Jack3d in one day and the queasiness and dizziness that I suffered from taught me to never do that again! Lastly, do not exceed the recommended dosage, the info on the products are there for a reason, to be followed!

  1. Cleaning A House When You Don’t Want To

I am not what you would call a clean freak. Actually, I would say that I clean my house about once a week. On those cleaning days where my place looks like an absolute wreck and I know I don’t have the time I need to finish the job, I make myself a pre-workout beverage. Within about thirty minutes, I am starting on the housework and, like Taz, I become a cleaning whirlwind. Doing this is great for tackling a dirty house when you find that you are pressed for time.

  1. Handling A Looming Deadline

Whether you need to make a good grade on your final exam, or a big work project is looming around the corner, a good supplement can give you the energy needed to tackle these tasks. If you are in the middle of a week where you feel overwhelmed, an energy supplement could very well be the thing to get you through it! I would mix up an energy drink about thirty minutes before any work was to be done, in order to let the ingredients get to where they need to be.

  1. Pulling an All-Nightertoo sleepy

Who wants to work all of the time? Perhaps, you want to go out and have some fun but can’t because your normal sleep schedule has you in bed before 10. There could even be a situation in which you are going to be, let’s say, driving somewhere well into the wee hours of the morning. If you have no other options and sleeping is not something that you will be allowed, a pre-workout would give you the energy needed to power through the sleepy feelings.

Everyone will react in a different way to a supplement. If you do find yourself in any of the above situations, it would not be wise to use anything but what you know gives you the most energy. Some pre-workouts are known to cause a crash, meaning your energy plummets after the ingredients have left your system. Stay away from anything that you know has even a small chance of making you crash afterwards. The smartest choice would be to not get yourself into any kind of events where staying up so long is essential. I wouldn’t say that these products are any kind of replacement for some good old fashioned rest. However, if you are in dire need of something to help keep you awake or to motivate you for a long day of tackling a big task, mix up a pre-workout and kick that to do list to the curb!

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