Should You Be Jumping More Rope?

Way back in the 80’s, Sylvester Stallone made a jump rope look really cool. You can picture that training vignettes where the Italian Stallion was training like a madman. Part of this training included busting out the good old fashioned rope. After binging these boxing classes, it got me to thinking, how useful is jumping rope, as part of a training regimen. Let’s learn together, as I bring to you the benefits of using a jump rope. Jumping rope is going to be perfect for anyone looking to add more cardio exercises into their routine. If you’ve never witnessed it, you get your work in by jumping repeatedly. I remember having to do some program in school, that required our entire gym class to have a big jump rope competition. Being that I was much skinnier back then, than I am now, I always enjoyed that special week.

If you were to stand two people, one using weights and the other using a jump rope, you would think that it would be safe to assume which one is straining themselves harder, however, looks can be deceiving. With the continued leaping you will be doing, it makes sense to think what toll this exercise is taking on your knees. Although it doesn’t appear so, jumping a rope is a very low-impact exercise for the legs, yet it still is awesome for burning off your caloric intake. As we all worry about how big our muscles are, we forget the main player in keeping us going, the heart.


Being a kind of command center, our hearts need to be exercised to stay in the best condition possible. While the heart is vital, when in our corner, when it isn’t getting treated in a good manner, it will let you know right away. If you are on board with trying some rearranging of your current sets, you’ll help to shock the body into adapting to this new event. Once you have learned how to properly jump rope (not something we all practiced), start out at a slower pace.

Don’t feel embarrassed if you aren’t able to keep that rope going for more than a minute, there is always time to improve and you will. I’ve found that the standard of what a jump rope is has changed, compared to what I grew up with. It’s news to me, but I’ve even seen metal jump ropes. To me, having something tossed around, while jumping in the air, seems like that is an accident waiting to happen. Wouldn’t you be upset if someone whipped a long metal rope into your eye, while you were walking to a juice stand? I rarely run into anyone using a jump rope while I’m visiting my fitness place that I go to, it’s as if the jump rope is from a by gone era.

I have to admit, within the confines of my own garage, I will still proudly jump rope. I don’t have to set aside an hour to get things going, like it would be if I hit the weights. While the rope I have, does collect dust from time to time, I still enjoy hopping up and down, just like my heart does! I’ll be insanely jealous of you if you learn that trick, where the rope goes from side to side, I’ve always found that exercise fascinating!


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